10 Cleaning Habits of Neat People

a woman with a bucket full of spray bottles and cloth rags

10 Cleaning Habits of Neat People

By : Mikaela Perrin
Having a clean and tidy home is not only crucial to make it welcoming and comfortable, but it is necessary for living a healthy life. However, people often procrastinate cleaning and organising because it takes time and energy. Many homeowners and tenants who lack the motivation or bandwidth to clean-up hire professionals who offer a variety of deep cleaning solutions and end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast. Hiring professionals is a wise solution when you want your home thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, but for maintaining cleanliness regularly, you need to develop good cleaning habits. Here is a useful guide outlining ten cleaning habits of neat people. Have a look at them and incorporate these habits into your life.

1. Have a Cleaning Routine

Cleaning your house regularly requires you to develop a routine that works the best for you and your household members. Neatness and tidiness cannot be maintained without regularity and a schedule. You can have a cleaning routine of 10-20 minutes for the day and one for the night for sanitising your home frequently.

2. Declutter Every Day

Decluttering is an important activity to perform every day for maintaining cleanliness in your home. Start by disposing of the trash and pick-up items to dump in each room. Afterwards, pick things room by room that are creating clutter and put them in a decluttering basket.

3. Organise the Rooms

Once you have decluttered the rooms and picked up misplaced items, the next step is organising the things in your house. Organise each room by keeping things at their right place and lining them parallel and perpendicular to the walls and other things.

4. Dust Daily

Dust, debris, allergens, and minuscule particles settle on your household surfaces and keep accumulating until they are wiped. Thus to keep your home neat and free of contaminants, you need to dust all the surfaces and fixtures daily. Like the professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast, you can use microfiber cleaning products such as wipes, towels, or dusters for performing this activity.

5. Don’t Leave Dirty Dishes in the Sink

The kitchen sink is among the dirtiest places in your home, and leaving unclean dishes in it for too long is a cause for the accumulation of illness-causing bacteria, viruses and fungi. Make sure to load the dishwasher every night, and you can unload it in the morning.

6. Launder a Load Daily

Often your laundry room and the rest of the house can look messy and smell bad because of dirty laundry. It would help if you washed a load of laundry every day to resolve this situation or avoid it. This habit will help you from having a huge pile of laundry to wash every week.

7. Clean as You Spill

Don’t let stains and spills become hard to remove by letting them set. Develop the habit of cleaning immediately or as soon as you spot a stain or mess. Keep cleaning supplies on-hand to clean at any time necessary.

8. Sweep and Mop Floors Every Day

Dust, debris, and pollutants fall on the floors, and these areas become dirtier than walls, countertops, fixtures etc. more swiftly and easily. Therefore, they should be swept and mopped every day to keep your house neat and tidy. These activities can be performed in the morning or night depending on availability of time.

9. Seek Assistance of Professionals

Even with regular cleaning, your house can have hard to remove spots, dirty carpets, and unclean areas. Most people, who care about hygiene and health of household members, seek the assistance of professionals who perform deep cleaning and end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast. They hire expert cleaners to get their homes deep cleaned regularly. Getting your house sanitised by professionals is a good habit, and you should develop it to keep your home neat and tidy all year round.

10. Clean and Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces/Objects

One of the best habits to develop for keeping your house neat and household members healthy is to frequently clean and disinfect high touch surfaces and objects. These areas and items can be any of the following.
  • Switches, plugs, remote controls, and gadgets
  • Countertops, slabs, tables, armrests, and commonly shared surfaces
  • Doors, handles, and knobs
  • Kitchen appliances, utensils, equipment etc.

The Bottom Line

Keeping your home spotless is essential to have good indoor air quality and to maintain the hygiene of your property. One way to ensure your home remains clean and sanitary at all times is to take the assistance of professionals by booking them via a reputed end of lease cleaning company in Gold Coast. Additionally, learn the habits of neat people mentioned above. By developing these habits, you can keep your house clean and organized and make it look good and inviting all the time.