10 Must-Have Key Features In A Robotic Vacuum

10 Must-Have Key Features In A Robotic Vacuum

By : Mikaela Perrin

Integrating automated home devices has made our lives easier and more productive. Robotic vacuum cleaners are one such impactful gadget that has brought a cleaning revolution worldwide.

The new-age robot vacuums are beyond collecting dust, dirt and debris. They are more advanced, proficient and feature-packed to help maintain a healthy and hygienic home environment. From vacuuming to mopping and self-charging, these handy robots can do everything without human intervention. The advanced features can make cleaning more efficient and convenient for busy individuals.

However, choosing the right robotic vacuum cleaner can be challenging because of the varied options available in the market. But don’t worry—we have compiled a list of 10 must-have key features in an ideal robotic vacuum. Consider these aspects and buy a fully-featured robotic vacuum for your home on the Gold Coast.

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1. Top-Notch Navigation Technology & Obstacle Detection

Navigation technology is one of the key features of new-age robotic vacuums. The mapping capabilities enable a device to navigate your home and pick up dust and debris without any obstacles.

There are three major types of navigation:

  • LiDAr-based: It uses lasers to scan and navigate rooms, ensuring high efficiency and precision.
  • Camera-based navigation: It uses in-built optical cameras to create a visual map of your home. However, it may not work efficiently in dim lights.
  • Sensor-Based Technology: This is one of the most advanced and technology-savvy features. It allows the vacuum to identify obstacles while sweeping and mopping floors, but it can miss hard-to-reach spots.

So, consider this feature because efficient navigation and mapping capabilities ensure detailed cleaning while protecting the device from damaging items like furniture and walls.

According to bond cleaning Gold Coast experts, you can invest in ECOVACUS, which uses AIVI 3D and TrueMapping technologies that effectively detect obstacles and conduct precise mapping even in dim lighting.

2. Optimum Suction Power: Eliminate Pesky Dust and Dirt

The suction power of robotic vacuums plays a pivotal role in maintaining clean and shiny floors. It determines the appliance’s optimum efficiency and strength.

The suction power is measured in Pa (Pascals). The higher the Pa, the more dirt it can fetch from the surface. Of course, different flooring types need different suction levels but make sure your robotic vacuum boasts at least 3,000 to 6,000Pa suction. This will help the gadget collect pet hair, dust particles, and tiny grime from the floors in a breeze.

3. A Longer Battery Life

The battery life of a robotic vacuum is crucial as it decides how long the gadget can work without recharging. Investing in a robot with a longer battery life enables it to vacuum and mop floors for longer periods, making it more efficient and productive in cleaning chores.

The best part is that some new-age robotic vacuum cleaners have a dock station to support a self-charging feature. It means your smart machine will return to the dock and charge itself automatically.

4. Varied Cleaning Modes: Ensure Effective Sprucing

woman using a vacuum cleaner

Smart vacuums come with multiple cleaning modes that can be managed via the mobile application. The ‘auto’ cleaning mode is for everyday use, while the ‘spot’ mode focuses on selected areas, such as high-traffic areas, kitchen floors, etc.

It also comes with the ‘edge’ mode to clean tight spaces and hard-to-reach spots in your house. Selecting the right mode can help you achieve the desired cleaning results.

However, if you are preparing an entire rental property for the final inspection, contact experts for a cheap bond cleaning Gold Coast and let them spruce up all nooks and crannies with perfection.

5. Detailed Mopping

The best part about technology-driven vacuums is that they have a mopping feature. This makes your gadget beyond lifting visible dirt and dust particles. You can also use the mopping mode to remove spills, splatters and other stains, leaving your floor spotless.

This feature is ideal if you are a working professional or a busy individual who rarely gets time for housekeeping chores. The gadget will vacuum, sweep and mop your floors without giving you a hint of stress.

6. High-Efficiency Filter System

Choose a robotic vacuum with a high-efficiency filter. It can fetch tiny dust particles, pesky pet hair, dead skin cells, and allergens from the surface, ensuring enhanced indoor air quality.

This feature will take your floor cleaning experience to the next level. You can do proper research and opt for the appliance that can meet your specific requirements within an estimated budget.

7. Self-Emptying Feature

Make sure your automated robotic vacuum has self-emptying features to make cleaning more convenient. Instead of emptying the bin for multiple times, you can opt for a device that automatically empties the dustbin once it gets full.

It will return to the docking station when the dustbin is full, or the battery is low. In fact, some self-emptying vacuums come with large disposable bags that last up to 60 days. After each session, the robot washes and blow-dries the mop head to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime.

8. Voice Control Integration

It is hard to believe, but only a few robotic vacuums offer voice control integration. Roborock is one of the advanced gadgets that offers various models that integrate with your smart home devices, such as Alexa.

9. Cliff Detection/Sensors

Most robotic vacuums come with cliff sensors so they won’t fall from stairs and uneven surfaces. The robot changes direction when the sensor detects dangerous spots like a cliff to prevent falling and breakage.

10. App Integration and Smart Features

Automated vacuum machines have smart features like app integration, customised cleaning scheduling, etc. The app acts as a one-stop centre to monitor and manage your robotic vacuum.

The mobile app allows you to start, pause, and even schedule tasks with a few clicks. So, what are you waiting for? Keep your floors clean and promote a healthy indoor environment even when you are not at home.

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Key Features In A Robotic Vacuum:

top features of a robotic vacuum

Wrapping up

These are some of the key features to consider when purchasing the best robotic vacuum cleaner for your home. Make sure it has navigation technology, obstacle sensors, robust suction power, self-emptying capabilities and other smart features to simplify your cleaning experience.