10 Things You Are Cleaning Too Often

Women with cleaning tools

10 Things You Are Cleaning Too Often

By : Mikaela Perrin
Microbiologists and cleaning experts often emphasise the importance of routine home cleaning. Household surfaces, items and fixtures, especially the high touch ones, become hot spots for pathogens that cause communicable and infectious diseases. You must sanitise and disinfect many things in your house frequently, but several things don’t require cleaning every day or week. Wiping or scrubbing certain surfaces or items too often can wear and tear them quickly. Besides making you pay for repairs or replacements, too much cleaning can damage things and make you lose your bond at the end of a tenancy. Hire professionals performing end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast to adequately clean your rental property for the final inspection. Furthermore, check this list of things you may be cleaning too often and know when to sanitise them.

1. Curtains

Clean curtains add aesthetic appeal to your home, and you should wash them every few months or once a year if you vacuum them in between. If you clean them more frequently, it can wear their fibres, causing tears & holes. Curtains usually don’t require too much attention during routine house cleaning because dust or dirt doesn’t fall on them as much as other household fixtures. Suppose you see any stains or spots on the curtains, treat the affected area instead of tossing the whole curtain in the washing machine.

2. Upholstery & Carpets

Many people make the mistake of vacuuming or brushing carpets and upholstered items every day. Cleaning these items too often can weaken their fibres and threading, making them appear old. To maintain the longevity and shine of the carpets and upholstery, you should get them professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Additionally, hire experienced end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast for carpet and upholstery cleaning when ending a lease agreement to get a full bond refund.

3. Oven & Microwave

If you wipe the oven or microwave with a paper towel every time after use, you don’t need to deep clean them every week. This equipment only need thorough sanitation regularly when you use them multiple times a day, and they gather substantial splatters, boilovers and grease. When ending a tenancy, you can avail of oven cleaning services from a reputed cleaning company offering end of lease cleaning solutions in Gold Coast.

4. Clothes You Wore For A Few Hours

Detergents, fabric softeners and hard water can affect the structural integrity of clothes & wear them if you wash them too often. If you have the habit of putting clothes you work for a few hours into the laundry hamper, rethink this habit. Unless the apparels become extremely sweaty, dirty and smelly, don’t put them in the washer. Instead fold clothes you wore once separately and wear them one more time.

5. Pillows

While pillow covers need weekly washing, pillows don’t. If you put these bed items too frequently in the washer, it can deflate them or clot the cotton/foam filling. Since most dust, allergens, and other physical contaminants fall on the pillow covers, you don’t need to wash pillows more than once per season.

6. Floorboards

Unlike marble, granite and tile floors, floorboards don’t need mopping every day. You can easily sanitise these surfaces with vacuum or sweeping as dry cleaning is the best method of maintaining the hygiene of floorboards. Moisture and harsh cleaners can strip the floorboards’ finish and affect their durability. Thus, avoid vigorously mopping, scrubbing or wiping floorboards and spot clean immediately in case of spills.

7. Walls & Baseboards

Horizontal surfaces in your home are more susceptible to scuff marks, dust particles and dirt build-up. Therefore, walls and baseboards remain cleaner than many other things in your home. You can keep them sanitary by spot-cleaning and wiping with a dry microfiber cloth every month. The chances of finish damage, discolouration and paint chipping are high if you wipe these surfaces every day or week with a commercial cleaner.

8. Wooden Furniture

Most wooden furniture have polish, finishes and protective sealants on them that can wear off due to regular cleaning. To maintain the shine and durability of these items, wipe them with a dry cotton rag or microfiber cloth when you see dusty spots. Avoid using store-bought cleaners often on the fixtures as they contain harsh chemicals that wear off polishes/finishes over time.

9. Mirrors & Glass Surfaces

Since mirrors and glass surfaces are delicate, they can easily develop scratches, swirls and streaks due to frequent cleaning. Therefore, you should avoid using commercial glass cleaners on them routinely. Instead, wipe them with a paper towel or a microfiber towel every few days to keep them spotless. To save time and energy while cleaning, move top to bottom, which is a professional technique experienced end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast use.

10. Bed Covers, Quilts & Blankets

Unlike bed sheets and pillow covers, comforters don’t need weekly washing. They have thicker and dust-resistant materials that don’t accumulate dead skin, allergens and dirt easily. You can get them dry cleaned by professionals seasonally and vacuum them in between cleans only if necessary.


Maintaining household hygiene is a must to have a healthy home and prevent household members from falling sick repeatedly. However, you should remain vary of cleaning the things mentioned above too often, as it is unnecessary and counterproductive. Also, don’t hesitate to seek the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast for sanitising your rental property at the end of a tenancy.