10 Tips For An Effortless Post-Holiday Cleanup

10 Tips For An Effortless Post-Holiday Cleanup

By : Mikaela Perrin
From food spills to home decoration messes, the amount of dirt and dust can give you a nightmare when you think of post-holiday cleanup. You may feel overwhelmed, but you can’t overlook cleaning chores if you maintain a clean and hygienic home environment in 2023. Do not forget to hire professionals for a precise end of lease cleaning Gold Coast if you are moving out of a rental property post-holiday. Make sure you book them in advance and empty your rooms so that they will tackle dust and grime without a hint of stress. For A DIY post-holiday cleaning, keep the following tips in mind. From de-cluttering a house to removing stubborn stains, you will discover everything in a pro way. Let’s Get Started!

1. Planning is crucial

If you don’t have enough time to clear the mess after the festive season, focus o creating a proper plan. It is good to inspect the areas that need extra attention. This may include dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing and sweeping up different areas. Creating a checklist according to your schedule can make it easy for you to complete cleaning tasks on time. For example:
  • Monday: Clean the living room
  • Tuesday: Sort your guest room and bedrooms
  • Wednesday: Clean and disinfect your kitchen, etc
  It is good to break down the tasks into more manageable and smaller chunks and stay relaxed.

2. Delegate Household Tasks

Scrubbing off the walls and tiles after the holiday season can be tiring. Instead of doing everything alone, it is good to start delegating tasks to your family members. After preparing your checklist, assign cleaning chores to your spouse and children. Consider everyone’s specific strengths and weaknesses, especially young children. Motivate your kids to assist you in different cleaning tasks, such as folding laundry, washing plastic toys, arranging books on a shelf and much more. You can also offer incentives to encourage your kids so that they can complete tasks on time. You can give an extra pocket money or let them watch their favourite cartoon money as an incentive. You can also hire professional cleaners who offer bond cleaning Gold Coast to keep the process organised if relocating after the holidays.

3. Put Away Decorative Items

Streamline the post-holiday house cleaning chore by separating your decorative items before treating dust, dirt and stains. For instance, you can put up all ferry lights in one bag or box, ornaments in another and sparkling hangings in a third bag. Get rid of broken or unnecessary ones. Note: Make sure all are packed properly and label each box.

4. Get Rid of Clutter

It is always good to remove unwanted items before starting the cleaning process. This includes old cards, clothing, decorations and gift-wrapping items. This will help you get rid of dust from your home with ease. You can also organise a garage sale or look for a local charity where you can sell or donate items that are in good condition.

5. Clean Kitchen Appliances

The microwave and oven usually get pretty dirty after all the cooking and baking processes during the festive season. You can quickly remove built-up grease, grime, oil splatters and bad smell using white vinegar, baking soda, lemon and warm water. Mix all ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl and let it heat for 4 minutes. Switch off the appliance and let steam breaks down grime and grease. You can use the same cleaning ingredient to clean your fridge inside and out.

6. Kitchen Countertops and a stovetop

These areas witness oil splatters, grease, grime and stubborn stains that need to be cleaned properly. Use baking soda paste to treat tough grime from natural stone countertops. You can also use hydrogen peroxide and magic erasers to achieve the best possible outcomes.

7. Remove Dust From Hard Surfaces

From windows to walls, blinds to floors, you can remove dust, stains and grime from hard surfaces using microfiber cloths, brushes and microfiber mops. Start from the top, such as a ceiling fan, walls, picture frames, windows and floors. Do not forget door tracks and other nooks and crannies. Use white vinegar and a warm, soapy water solution to tackle grime and grease. Proper cleaning after the holiday can help you create positive vibes at your home all year round.

8. Vacuum Carpets

Y should vacuum your dirty carpets after the holiday using a HEPA filter and brush attachment. Such machines work wonders in removing embedded dust, pollen, dirt and grime in no time. You can also hire professionals for a detailed carpet steam cleaning in Gold Coast to bring back the lost shine.

9. Pay Attention to Your Bathroom

If you want to save time, sprinkle white water solution on a shower screen, shower head, glass doors, mirrors, tiles and other surfaces and wipe using a microfiber cloth. Use hydrogen peroxide to remove stains and grime from a bathtub, sink and grout lines. Do not forget to clean and disinfect the toilet seat, bowl and faucets.

10. Hire Professional Home Cleaners

It is good to hire professionals if you want a sparkling clean and well-organised post-holiday cleaning. They can save you time and energy while transforming a dirty property into sparkling glory.


These 10 most useful tips will help you clean your house effortlessly after the festive season or holidays. It is good to stay relaxed and meditate if you are stressed out. Booking end of lease cleaning Gold Coast can help you save bond money and build your confidence.