12 Benefits Of Green Cleaning

12 Benefits Of Green Cleaning

By : Mikaela Perrin
Have you ever wondered how many toxic chemicals are present in your home? According to a study, there are over 400 chemicals present in your home on an average basis, most of which are toxic. Store-bought cleaning products are one of the biggest sources of these toxic chemicals in your home. These chemical cleaners are loaded with harmful, biodegradable and non-sustainable ingredients that ruin your health and destroy the ecosystem. Thus, it is better to switch to eco-friendly products with no toxins and chemicals that keep your indoor air quality clean. In fact, bond cleaning Gold Coast professionals also use natural and organic products when deep-cleaning homes. If you want to know more about the benefits of green cleaning for your home, read on below:

1. Do Not Contain Any Harmful Chemicals

The most important benefit of green cleaning solutions is that they do not contain toxic chemicals like carcinogens, phosphates and nitrates. When you look at the containers of your store-bought chemical cleaners, you will see a list of ingredients and warning label signs showing how harmful these products are to your health. In fact, a study found that using chemical cleaners in your home is as harmful as smoking 20 cigarettes daily. Thus, switch to natural cleaners like baking soda, vinegar, salt, lemon juice and more to keep your home chemical-free.

2. Keeps Your Children And Pets Healthy

Kids and pets are the most curious creatures that wander around your home and like to explore. So, it can be very dangerous to keep chemical cleaners around your home as your children and pets can easily find them and accidentally inhale or inject them. Chemical cleaners are one of the leading causes of poisoning in children in Australia. Thus, ditching these chemicals and keeping natural solutions that won’t harm your kids and pets is best. Tip Here are some harmful toxins in your chemical cleaners.

3. Won’t Cause Allergies Like Asthma And Skin Infections

Since your store-bought cleaners are loaded with chemicals, you and your kids will be more at risk of allergic reactions and skin infections. If your skin keeps breaking out often or your kid has breathing issues, this could be due to the cleaning solutions you are using. In such cases, it is best to switch to natural cleaning solutions that do not have harmful allergens and will reduce the chances of asthma and skin rashes. Tip Here are some cleaning tips for anyone with allergies.

4. Keeps Your Indoor Air Free Of Volatile Organic Compounds

When you use chemical cleaners in your home, you are releasing volatile organic compounds in your home like biphenyl, carbon monoxide and methane that get vaporised and stay in the air for a long period. These volatile organic compounds can cause various health issues like eye infections, loss of concentration and damage to the kidney and liver. It is best to stay safe from these toxic compounds by switching to homemade cleaners like vinegar and lemons.

5. Protects The Environment And Ecosystem

Green cleaning products not only improve your indoor air quality but also help reduce the chemicals in the environment as well. This can lower emission rates of greenhouse gases and reduce the harmful effects of climate change. By using green cleaning products, you will be improving your carbon footprint for a sustainable ecosystem.

6. Keeps Your Waterways Safe And Unpolluted

The chemical cleaners in your homes can seep into your waterways and enter the drainage system. This can eventually flow into water bodies and cause harm to marine and aquatic animals and plants. Thus, it is better to use green cleaning solutions that have no added chemicals and will not cause any harm to the water and marine life.

7. Ingredients Are Natural And Listed Properly

Due to the lack of strict rules governing cleaning products, these toxic products do not have to list all the chemicals they use. They only have to note the ingredients that are of concern. This means you have no idea what chemicals are being used in these solutions and what you are introducing into your homes. Thus, bond cleaners on the Gold Coast recommend using organic cleaning solutions that list all their ingredients for homemade cleaners, like baking soda and cornstarch, that are natural.

8. Prevents The Spread Of Antibacterial Products

Antibacterial soaps and products end up causing more harm than good because most of these solutions contain triclosan which is known to affect your hormones and thyroid functions. Also, antibacterial cleaners can produce a new variety of bacteria that is resistant to chemicals and, thus, more dangerous for your health. Therefore, it is better to use green cleaning products that contain essential oils like tea tree and eucalyptus, which have natural antibacterial properties.

9. Will Protect Your Furniture And Household Goods

Chemical solutions provide immediate results but, in the long run, will end up causing more harm to your furniture and household goods. This is because these chemicals will eat away and damage the finish of your furniture and clothing. Thus, when you use natural cleaning solutions on your furniture, like baking soda, you make these items last longer and keep them in good shape.

10. Green Cleaners Can Be Used For Multiple Purposes

You can reduce the number of cleaning solutions in your home by using green cleaners like vinegar, baking soda and lemon. These natural cleaners can be used for multiple purposes around your home, like wiping your surfaces and cleaning your floors. For instance, bond cleaning experts on the Gold Coast use vinegar and water to clean windows, remove stains from grills, and deep clean ovens.

11. Are Inexpensive And Cost-Effective Solutions

When you buy store-bought cleaning solutions, they are mostly expensive as you have to pay for the chemical ingredients, the manufacturing and packaging. It is better to save money and use ingredients from your pantry, like baking soda and vinegar, and make your own natural cleaning solutions.

12. Do Not Have Any Foul Stench Or Smell

When you sniff your chemical cleaners, you will be overwhelmed by the strong, pungent smell, immediately giving you a headache. Spreading this around your home can create a foul odour that is harmful to inhale. Instead, using green cleaners like baking soda and lemon juice will keep your indoor air smelling fresh and odour-free. Bond cleaners on the Gold Coast recommend that if you want to add a pleasant smell to your home, you can add a few drops of essential oils like lavender and tea tree oil to your green cleaners.


Thus, using green cleaning solutions in your home is better for your health and indoor air quality. These natural cleaners can be made with ingredients you can find right in your pantry, like vinegar and baking soda, that will also help protect the ecosystem.