3 Simple Tips To Get Your Bond Back In Gold Coast

3 Simple Tips To Get Your Bond Back In Gold Coast

By : Mikaela Perrin
Before you take a property on lease in Gold Coast, Queensland make sure you know your renting rights. The thought of losing a significant amount of bond can be scary for you. Being a tenant, it important  to follow the right procedures, maintain the cleanliness aspect of the property throughout your lease period. According to a recent study, most of the tenants in Gold Coast are unaware of existing tenancy rules and their bond rights and hence lose their entire security deposits at the end of their tenancy period. If you don’t want to catch up in disputes with your property owner or landlord, then it is good to hire a credible and experienced team of the end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast. Since moving out is a complicated process, and losing a part of a security deposit could lead you towards unnecessary financial stress, ensure you consider the following simple tricks that will help you get your 100 % bond money back after the final inspection of the leased property.

What is Rental Bond?

The rental bond is ‘Tenant’s Security Deposits’ or the sum of money that tenants have to pay to the property owners or landlords while signing their lease agreement. The bond amount is taken as a part of financial protection for the property. If you don’t pay the rent, breach the agreement or damage the property, then the landlord has the right to hold back your bond money at the end of your tenancy. Here are the 3 Simple Tips that can help you get your bond back when you exit a rental property in Gold Coast:

1. Adhere to Right Legal Procedures

This is one of the important tips that you can’t skip while signing your rental agreement. When you pay your security deposits/ bond to the property manager or landlord, they must lodge it within 10 days with your state’s bond authority. Once the bond has been concocted, you will receive a notification from the bond authority. Make sure you contact the authority if you haven’t received any notification. Also, know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant in Gold Coast to avoid any disputes later. Tip: If you are leaving your rental property, make sure you transfer your bond to the new tenants (In case, you arranged a tenant to take over your lease). All you need to do is to call the bond authority and transfer it within a week of new tenants moving in.

2. Pay Rent Regularly/ Pay All Your Outstanding Dues

If there is an outstanding amount which is a part of your rent, then your landlord won’t refund your bond money. If you want to secure your 100 % bond money, make sure you pay all your outstanding rents before your final exit. In fact, unpaid rent comes under the breach of the tenancy agreement. So, make sure you regularly pay your rent and try to pay down your outstanding rents at the end of your lease period.

3. Outsource Professional End of Lease Cleaning

Once your lease period ends, the landlord will come to scrutinise the property. The inspection is done to ensure that the property is in the same condition as it was at the starting of the lease. This stage will determine whether you will get your security deposits back or not. If the property manager or landlord finds anything damaged or dirty within the property, then he has the right to hold a part of your bond money (which has been given as financial protection for the property). Even, they can claim the damages and request you to pay for the repairs, and your bond amount will be deducted accordingly. In order to secure your bond money, make sure you hire professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast. They have the right tools and techniques to spruce up the property thoroughly. From floors to windows, exhaust fans to carpets and rugs, kitchen to bathrooms, laundry to the garage, they cover every area that needs deep cleaning before the final exit.

When Landlord is Satisfied With the Clean

If you pass the inspection test and property manager agrees on returning your entire bond amount, then provide your bank details for the amount to be transferred in it. Don’t forget to check the amount received in your bank account. It should be the same mentioned on the bond claim form.


Renting residential properties is common in Gold Coast, Queensland. With the increasing number of tenants in the city, the property owners have taken their property on lease. In fact, most of the tenants are living in the leased property. In case you are running at the end of your tenancy, then make sure you get a property cleaned by hiring experienced end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast. Do thorough research and find a cleaning company that can give you bond cleaning with 100 % bond return guarantee.