5 Tips To Prepare And Clean Your Office Before A Move

5 Tips To Prepare And Clean Your Office Before A Move

By : Mikaela Perrin
Business owners have to make big decisions at every stage, and relocating the office is one such decision that can end up affecting the company’ business if not made tactfully. It’s natural for owners to feel overwhelmed by the many complexities that an office move demands. Moving your workspace is the most challenging task, and it is usual to be stressed out of the impact a feebly executed move can have on your business. The key to smooth office relocation lies in careful and early preparation that will significantly decrease the risk of error. There are many vital tasks such as packing, choosing an ideal location, setting up the budget, planning the interior and exterior, decluttering etc. on an office move checklist. But cleaning the office before you move is the most crucial one. The commercial property agents are quite stern about the end of tenancy cleaning, and hence it is imperative that you take proper care of cleaning the office so that you don’t have to lose the bond money. It is best advised to hire professional cleaners for Office Cleaning in Gold Coast so that your office space receives a well-regulated and comprehensive cleaning and you may not face any hassles in getting your bond money back. By following these 5 important tips to prepare your office for a move, you can make your office relocation smooth and seamless:

1. Create a Master Plan

The key to a successful office move is to start as early as possible. A good thumb rule is to start planning the process two to three months before the moving date. It is essential to have enough time to plan every detail and make sure that all the specifics have been attended. Planning about all the details is important so that you don’t have to face any hurdles during the move. Make some important decisions early such as: finalising the new location, office accommodation requirements, when does the lease of your current property will end, what is your budget, what are the essential features that you need to consider for a new office space etc. Create a timeline that will allow for all the necessary stages of your move. You can set a fixed amount of time for completing different tasks so that the move doesn’t get delayed.

2. Hire a Good Removalist

Hiring a good removalist in Gold Coast is necessary for an office move as a professional removalist have the right skills, strength and equipment to complete the relocation process quickly. Hiring a removalist will help you in preserving the energy so that you can focus on getting settled in your new office. Professional removalist will guide you through every stage of the move which will be stress-free and most importantly it will also save money in the long run. Hiring the moving company in time is also vital. Waiting too long can be risky as you may not get a good deal at short notice. Make sure you get the complete estimate for everything included in the move before you make the final agreement. Also, ensure that the company you are hiring is well experienced in the business and is reliable. Go through some light research and find a good moving company for your office move.

3. Clean the Office before you Move

This is one critical point to remember before you move your office to a new location. Make sure that you take care of the end of tenancy cleaning for your office that so that you don’t risk losing your bond money. Here are some important points to make sure your office is adequately cleaned: Declutter- If you feel any of the ancient office furniture has been used a lot, sell it out. Donate any old computers or equipment you no longer need. Don’t take any old paper documents that have been converted digitally. There are many unnecessary things like coffee cups, calendars, and magnet business cards etc. that are kept in the office. Not all the files that are kept in your office are important. Throw all the stuff during the cleaning which has been cluttering your office space. Cleaning the desk– Make sure all the desks are appropriately wiped as it tends to get dirty most of all. It will help in removing the unnecessary stuff from the counter. Arrange all the documents on your desk. Throw out reports that you no longer need. Remove all the loose pens, markers, useless notepads, paper clips, and other small objects from the desks. Empty your drawers- Clean all the desk drawers as these are places which tend to have most of the clutter. The drawers are usually stuffed with many unnecessary items, such as binder clips, staplers etc. Throw out all the clutter that has been collected in your drawers. Clean the conference rooms– Clean the conference rooms thoroughly and keep all chairs well organised. Printer stations- The printers get cluttered with all the daily activities performed there. Clean it properly. Garbage bins– Make sure to empty all the garbage bins and remove all the trash. Restrooms- The restrooms should be well cleaned and sanitised.

4. Engage the Employees

Share the workload with the employees and assign different tasks to all them for the relocation. Discuss the process of relocation with your team. Engaging your employees in planning and executing your office move will help in reducing the stress. You can ask their opinions and consider their suggestions. Ask them to give suggestions about the new office designs and layouts. They will share helpful ideas over the new office colour, themes, interior and exterior of the office space, how to place the furniture etc. Moreover, it will reduce the workload as there is a lot to be done with the office relocation that one person cannot handle it alone.

5. Communicate

Communicate well with your employees, clients and customers about the relocation. Make sure they are well informed about the new address so that they don’t face any difficulty while reaching the new office. Make sure they are up to date with the new phone numbers, fax numbers, and other contact information. Do not forget to notify the suppliers and vendors as well such as the telephone, gas, electricity suppliers, cleaning staff, post office, coffee service etc. about your move so that the services can be continued on schedule after your move.


Moving an office to a new location can be a daunting task for businesses and feeling stressed out about it is natural. By keeping in mind these essential tips, you can get through it without any error. However, cleaning your office before you move to a new location is very important to ensure the refund of your bond money. And for this task taking professional assistance is better. If you are looking for expert cleaners for Office Cleaning, then get in touch with Bond Cleaning Gold Coast today. They are well-experienced in cleaning commercial spaces with their advanced cleaning equipment and green cleaning techniques. They are affordable and have the best quality services.