6 Simple Cleaning Tips To Pass Your Property Inspection In Gold Coast

beautiful young woman wiping kitchen drawers

6 Simple Cleaning Tips To Pass Your Property Inspection In Gold Coast

By : Mikaela Perrin
When you have bought the house of your dreams in the stunning city of Gold Coast, you want to move in as soon as possible. However, the mere thought of packing and shifting, and cleaning of the current rented place can leave you in cold sweat. Further adding to your worries is the risk of losing your bond money if you get stuck with a fussy real estate agent. If you too are facing such a situation, then it is time to lose that frown as we have got a few cleaning tips for you to pass the property inspection test without fail. Here’s what you should do:

1.  Thorough Cleaning Of The House

Start off with a meticulous cleaning plan that includes every inch of the property such as the floors, tiles, window sills, doors, cupboards, drawers, racks, stairs, ceilings etc. This would mean that you have to be on your knees for next few days to get all the dust, cobwebs, stains, and grunge wiped off. Besides these, clean all the walls, patio furniture and all the appliances like oven and BBQ. You can consider hiring professionals for Bond Cleaning Gold Coast to make the job easier and effortless. These skilled cleaners are proficient in transforming a dirty space into a sparkling new one at an affordable price. They even offer a bond back guarantee.

2.  Carpets Should Come First

When you are getting into the cleaning mode, you must understand that carpets are one of those home accessories that are abused the most. They have to bear the brunt of accidental spills, wear and tear, dust, and mites every day. Regular vacuuming and scrubbing of the stains instantly with environment friendly products can keep the carpets in good condition for a long time. Again, professionals can do a better job at this. They would be able to bring the shine back and breathe life into your worn out carpets with their tools and special skills.

3.  Take Note of the Wear And Tear

You would be aware of the repair work required in the house that can get instantly pointed out at the time of the inspection. It is a good idea to get all the broken things repaired and all the loose hinges tightened to avoid any money related altercation at the end moment. Many people make a checklist of the condition of the house when they move in and review it along with the agent at the time of moving out to avoid any confusion. If you have not done this, it would be better to get the repair work done because even a leaking tap could cost you dearly.

4.   Always Keep The Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is one place that soaks up all the smoke, oil, food spills, grime, dust and more. It is a common mistake to miss out on the range hood and ovens while cleaning this space. So make sure that all the corners are wiped clean and do not have any signs of greasy stains or dust. All cabinets should be cleaned from inside and outside, while maintaining the standards of hygiene.

5.  Don’t Forget The Fixtures

In our rush of vacate cleaning, we usually tend to forget the light fittings and fixtures that might attract a close look from the agent. Make sure to check that all the lights are in proper working condition and safely remove them to wipe them clean with a fresh cloth. Also, the taps and shower heads should be wiped with some non-caustic cleansers to get rid of the stains from water or rust. The doorknobs and handles are another essential part of the house which might need your special attention.

6.  Bathrooms Should Be A Priority

Much like the kitchen, the bathrooms should be spick-and-span. Remove all the hair and debris clogging the plugholes, sanitise the toilet, sink and tub, remove the grout from the floor tiles, wash the walls to get rid of any moulds, clean the mirrors, wipe the exhaust fan from both inside and outside, check the ceiling for cobwebs etc. A hygienic and clean bathroom is going to make your agent truly happy.
Incorporate these tips into your cleaning procedure, and you would be able to pass the inspection with flying colours. As mentioned above, if you are not ready for this tiring session in the midst of moving your belongings, you can always rely on the best in the business. Give a call to Bond Cleaning in Gold Coast and head to your new home with peace of mind and bond money.