6 Quick And Easy Ways To Deal With Musty Smells In Your House

beautiful woman getting irritated from musty smell

6 Quick And Easy Ways To Deal With Musty Smells In Your House

By : Mikaela Perrin
Do you often experience a stinky smell when you pull your should-be-fresh clothes out of the dryer after a couple of days, or when entering the kitchen after the weekend party? The stale and damp smell is also pretty typical in the bedroom, living room and bathroom. These types of unpleasant smell are commonly described as a ‘musty’ odour. It can not only make you uncomfortable in your own house, but it can also be an embarrassment in front of the guests. And that would be the last thing anybody wants! Such odour is caused by the presence of mildew or mould – a type of fungi that grows in the presence of moisture and inadequate cleaning. So, to ensure comprehensive cleaning, you should either contact experienced bond cleaners in Gold Coast or perform the cleaning yourself. Here is a list of quick and easy ideas to deal with such smells. Take a look:

1. Identify the Source

Is it a specific room or does the entire house smell musty? First, you need to identify the area and then the reason behind that smell. If the smell is coming from a specific room, it might be easier to treat the smell and cause. If you search carefully, you might get the real cause of the odour. It can be a piece of food that unintentionally fell behind the sofa; a wet towel stuck behind a piece of furniture, the carpets that is overload with pet hair or anything else. Also, look for places like beneath sinks and behind toilets to check if the extra moister is responsible for the nasty musty smell.

2. Allow the Fresh Air

The simplest way to get rid of the musty smells is by opening the windows of your home! Allowing the fresh air and sun rays in your room can do a world of good as it kills the bacteria that makes the inside air stinky. Most of the houses in Gold Coast are smartly designed according to the climatic conditions and thus provide adequate ventilation. You can make some extra efforts by opening all the cupboards, interior doors, cabinets, as well as closets to make sure that they can also get some fresh air. This method can be beneficial when there is a musty smell in the entire home. Sometimes, fresh air is all you need to eliminate the stinky smell.

3. Deep Cleaning

Another great way to eliminate the bad smell is by cleaning the home comprehensively. A thorough cleaning will not only clean every corner of the house, but it will also improve the condition of the air. So, make sure you vacuum the carpets, sweep and mop the hard floors. People often overlook the significance of cleaning them, but they are potential smell sources. Carpets get dirty quickly and always full of dust and pet hair. Thus, if you want complete cleaning, then you should look for a bond cleaning company in Gold Coast. They have experienced professionals with all the modern cleaning tools and latest techniques. The proficient touch of the cleaners removes the musty odour, and thus, it makes the carpet look fresh.

4. Turn on the Ventilation

To further improve the airflow and eliminate the stinky smell, turn on the ventilation fans in your home – like in the kitchen, bathrooms, etc. if any of the rooms of the house doesn’t have any windows, you can always bring in some electric fans and let them improve the airflow in the room. It is essential to understand that the musty smells are most likely to develop in an area that is warm, dark, or damp. Thus, you need a fan in such area to keep air moving! You should frequently use the ventilation fans in your bathroom and kitchen to discourage stinky smells from developing.

5. Bring in Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are excellent when it comes to at filtering impurity out of the air like dust, pollen, smoke, etc. And thus they help to improve the overall quality of the air. If you have an Air purifier, keep it at those rooms that are dark, warm, or damp. It will absorb the stinky air in the room and release the fresh air. This will help to minimise the bad smell in your home.

6. Give special Attention to Kitchen and bathroom

These are the places that we often use but do not clean as frequently as it should be. Thus, the high moisture level and inappropriate cleaning standard lead to the musty smell in the entire room. Cleaning these places can be a challenging task at it requires some specific tools and knowledge. That is why people often contact the professional bond cleaners in Gold Coast. They are aware of all the latest methods and equipped with modern cleaning tools.
Removing musty Smells in your House doesn’t need to be a challenging job. All you need is a little patience and adequate knowledge. Professional bond cleaners in Gold Coast is the ideal option to get rid of such smells, but you can also do it yourself by following the ways mentioned above.