7 Dirtiest Spots In Your Kitchen To Clean And Sanitise Daily

Women standing in the kitchen

7 Dirtiest Spots In Your Kitchen To Clean And Sanitise Daily

By : Mikaela Perrin
The kitchen is considered the heart of the home because the room is used to prepare food. As a result, it gets dirtier than in many other places in the house. People often overlook its cleaning, but it is a mistake.A dirty kitchen can promote the growth of germs and bacteria that can lead to bacterial infections and other diseases. So this area of the house should be the cleanest. As cleaning the cooking area is an unpleasant task, people often try to finish it in a hurry. In doing so, they overlook several important spots. If you want to save your time and get a sparkling clean kitchen, hire professionals. Contact a company that offers the best end of lease cleaning Gold Coast. Such companies offer additional services, including a thorough cleaning of the entire house. To maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the house, you need to make efforts. So make a cleaning checklist and include all the spots that need regular cleaning. Here are the seven dirtiest spots in your kitchen to clean and sanitise daily.

1. Kitchen Countertops

Wiping down a surface will not kill any bacteria from your countertop, so you also need to disinfect it. Professionals who specialise in deep residential cleanings counts on a gentle, chemical-free solution of 25 per cent white vinegar and 75 per cent water in the cooking area. The acid present in the vinegar is excellent for disinfecting while following green cleaning. However, if your countertop is made of natural stone, using vinegar or any acidic products would be a mistake. It can damage the surface of the stone. In that case, clean the surface with warm soapy water and disinfect with rubbing alcohol.

2. Stovetop

Wipe off the stove after each use to get rid of any grease or food spills. Cooking and then washing the pans is a common practice, but people usually postpone cleaning the stovetop. The spot accumulates grease that acts as a magnet for dust and other particles in the air. Daily maintenance of the stovetop will also help you avoid vigorous cleaning when you clean your kitchen once a week. To save your time and get the best result, hire seasoned end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast. If you are opting for professionals, then make sure you know how to find the best end of lease cleaners.

3. Chopping Board

The chopping board is considered as the kitchen’s workhorse, but it could also be the source of foodborne diseases. Raw meat is obviously a cause for concern, but fruits and vegetables also contain harmful bacteria that can be transferred to cutting boards and thus to other surfaces. Therefore, you need to make sure that you wash and sanitise the boards between usages. Disinfect the surface with hydrogen peroxide regularly.

4. Sponges and Kitchen Towels

According to surveys and research, around 30% of kitchen sponges and towels that appeared clean have germs and bacteria. So, regularly disinfect sponges by soaking them in a microwave-safe dish of water, microwaving them, and then air-drying them. When it comes to kitchen towels, set aside one towel for drying clean dishes and another rag for wiping down surfaces; toss both in the laundry every day.

5. Sink and Faucets

A moist kitchen sink is the breeding ground for the bacteria. So make sure that you wipe off the sink, faucet, and sprayer regularly with the help of a Using a disinfectant wipe. Also, give the drain a deep cleaning by pouring hydrogen peroxide or ant other disinfecting cleaning solvents. To clean the sink sprayer, soak it for 30 minutes in a microwave-safe glass bowl filled with vinegar and water after heating in the microwave. Then gently brush the nozzle clean with a toothbrush. If you want to make your task easier, follow the ultimate bathroom deep cleaning checklist.

6. Kitchen Handles

Considering the fact how often your family clutches, grabs and pulls them each day, every handle in the kitchen should be cleaned and sanitised. The spots include the handle of the cabinets, appliances, or even the light switch. These spots have a lot of germs and bacteria. Wipe down the handles with a disposable disinfecting cleaning cloth. If you hire a genuine end of lease cleaning company in Gold Coast, you will find that they pay special attention to these spots.

7. Refrigerator Shelves

Refrigerator shelves are not cleaned as thoroughly as they should be. That’s why there are so many old food spills and stains. To clean the appliance properly, pull out the shelves and drawers, and thoroughly scrubbing and sanitising it is critical. You must incorporate the task into your everyday duties to preserve cleanliness. If you spill something, clean it up as soon as possible and disinfect the area to prevent dirt from accumulating.


If you want to maintain the hygiene of your kitchen, then it is vital that you clean and sanitise the aforementioned dirtiest spots daily. Prepare a checklist to ensure to do not skip any spot. If you want to reduce the stress and hassles of caning, contact a company that offers reliable end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast. They will make sure the cooking area is free from dirt and germs.