7 Habits To Keep Your Work Space Clean & Organised

young woman working on a laptop in her office

7 Habits To Keep Your Work Space Clean & Organised

By : Mikaela Perrin
Maintaining hygiene at your workspace is crucial for good physical and mental health. However, it is often neglected because you are busy working or lack the motivation to keep your desk neat and tidy. Dirty tables, keyboards, cabinets, and other areas can accumulate illness-causing germs leading to various health problems.As per Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, skin infections at work happen due to lack of workplace cleanliness, causing the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi etc. Additionally, unkempt and cluttered spaces can hamper productivity and increase stress. Therefore, it is essential to keep your workspace orderly and clean. Business owners hiring specialists for office cleaning services in Gold Coast is a practical solution. Besides requesting professional help to maintain hygiene in the office, here are seven cleaning and organising habits which you should start practising.

1. Reduce Paper Clutter

One of the main culprits behind desks and drawers looking unkempt and cluttered is paper waste. Thus, the first habit to instil in yourself is to declutter envelopes, newspapers, torn pages, wraps, sticky notes, etc., that are not useful. These items should be responsibly disposed of in the trash can. Not only will this habit make it stress-free to keep your workplace neater but will also make the office cleaning professional’s job more comfortable as well.

2. Clean and Disinfect

Keep a cleaner and a disinfectant solution in spray bottles in a drawer of your desk to clean and disinfect whenever required. Also, keep paper towels, disposable wipes and washable microfiber cloths on-hand to remove dust, spills, spots, etc. While sanitising your work surfaces, clean the area first to get rid of contaminants and then disinfect to kill the germs. Perform the activities in the correct order to get optimum results.

3. Organise Your Desk

Keep your desk neat and tidy by storing pens, notepads, staplers, and other items in drawers after you are done using them. This way, your desk will look clean, and the risk of stationary getting lost or damaged will be lower. In addition, before leaving work for the day, place visible things on your desk parallel and perpendicular to the wall and each other. It will help make your desk look organised and ready for work the following day.

4. Discard Trash Responsibly

Make sure you discard used paper cups, food wrappers, shredded paper, tissues, and other waste responsibly. Develop the habit of throwing them in the dustbin under your desk or the ones placed in common areas. Don’t leave trash on your desk for the office cleaning staff to pick, and make sure you don’t litter around the trash cans accidentally.

5. Spot-Clean Whenever Necessary

Most times work surfaces get spots from food spillage, ink, stickers, glue, markers etc. It is necessary to clean them immediately after you see them to prevent stubborn stains from forming. You can clean spots using store-bought wipes or a cleaning solution easily when they are fresh. In addition, adopt a spot-clean as you spill policy to avoid your desk from becoming grimy and smelly.

6. Manage Wires & Cords

To prevent clutter due to wires and cords, you can use wireless keyboards, monitors, mouse, and other hardware with Bluetooth technology. If using wireless accessories is not feasible, use clips or holders to neatly bunch wires or cords. In addition, get products designed to keep the wires safe and hide them from your sight. Make sure the wires & cords remain untangled and away from pathways to prevent injuries due to tripping.

7. Clean Top to Bottom

Whether you are sanitising your workspace or decluttering, using the top to bottom technique helps save time. While wiping the items and desk surfaces start from the highest spot and make your way down to prevent recontamination of cleaned areas. This technique is how office cleaning professionals in the Gold Coast get things done effectively and efficiently. Hence using it, you can clean like a pro.

When to Take Assistance of Professionals?

Having a clean and sanitary workplace is crucial for remaining healthy and increasing productivity. As a business owner, you need to keep your office free of clutter, contaminants, and odours to make it a suitable space to work. Therefore, it is essential to take the assistance of office cleaning professionals in Gold Coast to sanitise your office regularly. Professional cleaners have experience and the right equipment to clean different types of workspaces swiftly and smoothly. You can book office cleaning experts in Gold Coast via a reputed company to spruce your workspace daily or weekly as per requirement. Not only does hiring professionals help you save time, but it is also beneficial as your office remains presentable at all times for employees, clients, stakeholders, and other visitors.

Wrapping Up

Workplace cleanliness is important for the mental and physical well-being of business owners and working professionals. Offices can become sanitary and clean with the help of office cleaning experts in Gold Coast and by practising the seven habits mentioned above. Thus, ensure you adopt these habits and make it easy to work in a safe and healthy environment.