7 Mistakes People Make While Cleaning Windows

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7 Mistakes People Make While Cleaning Windows

By : Mikaela Perrin
Window cleaning for a long time has been overlooked until recently with the advancement of cleaning services which have now taken a professional line from the former traditional methods. In realization of this under-performance, there is need to get rid of poor window cleaning habits. Here are the seven most common mistakes made in window .

1.Use of Waded papers and newspapers

Cleaning newspapers have been commonly used since old age and seen to bring out the best cleaning experience. However, recent developments by professional cleaners show that newspapers are not the most suited for window cleaning because they contain chemicals especially in their ink which causes smudges on the window frames. Such chemicals have a long-term harm to the window and should be done away with. In place of newspapers, a soft fiber cloth can be used.

2.Neglecting window cleaning tools

There are appropriate equipment for window cleaning as opposed to the traditional use of rags and waded papers. It is important to familiarise yourself with them to obtain the best cleaning experience. Some basic tools that should be availed during window cleaning are buckets, squeegee, mops and a scrapper. A scraper is used in cleaning permanent dirt marks on the window. A mop is used to lightly scrub the window while a squeegee to collect the water after scrubbing is complete. Tools such as the window scrapper need careful maintenance to ensure their good condition. The scraper has a blade that may become rusty when used for over a long period of time. Like every tool the window cleaning tools should be well stored and appropriately maintained.

3.Wrong cleaning procedures

For you to obtain a good cleaning experience window cleaning should be done step by step. Assemble all your required tools which include your window cleaning solution, a wet mop, scrapper and a squeegee and a dry soft fiber cloth. The appropriate procedure should be applied as follows; apply the window cleaning solution on the window surfaces and allow it to settle. Scrub gently with your wet mob after which you use your scraper to remove any permanent dirt surfaces. The scraper should be used with light force to avoid scratching the window. Pull a squeegee vertically and horizontally making sure you collect all the water on the surface and finally with your dry cloth dry the window frames. This is the correct formulae in window cleaning.

4.Disregarding the interior of the window

Another misconception common to us is that the exterior part of the window is more prone to dirt than the interior thus neglecting to clean the interior of the window. A close examination reveals that the interior of the window is dirtier than the exterior. Since it is touched and leaned upon every now and then making it accumulate more dirt. So the next time you clean your window do not be biased but do an equal amount of cleaning on both the interior and exterior. Also, inspect the sill and frames for cobwebs and traces of dirt and dust.

5.Cleaning on a sunny day

Anyone will probably tell you that cleaning is best suited for a sunny day. This is true except for window cleaning. Professional cleaners highly discourage window cleaning on a sunny day rather they recommend a cloudy day. This is because direct sun causes the window cleaning solution to dry up quickly when applied to the window. This then leaves behind permanent smudges that make the window appear dirty.

6.Safety measures

For storied buildings lots of caution should be taken. Extra safety equipment can be acquired such as ladder pads. To avoid accidents when cleaning high windows a ladder is crucial and should be firmly fixed to the ground. The cleaner should wear appropriate footwear and can be assisted by another individual in holding the ladder steady.
7.Use of chemical window cleaning products
Chemical solutions may seem to be doing a good job in the short run but are causing a greater damage in the long-term. The chemicals damage the frame and sill of the windows and lower its durability. Homemade window cleaning solutions should be strictly done under the advice of a professional. Clean homes need to have clean windows. It is not only a matter of freshness but a hygienic measure. This is because the window may harbor dust particles which eventually when inhaled will cause allergies coughing running nose or worse. The next time you will be cleaning a window refrain from such mistakes and practice the appropriate guidelines or why not hire the best cleaners in gold coast to get the job done for you at affordable price? We at Bondcleaningingoldcoast are offering professional spring cleaning services in gold coast that includes window cleaning as well!