7 New Year Resolutions For A Cleaner House In 2021

young woman holding a bucket full of chemical bottles and cloth wipes

7 New Year Resolutions For A Cleaner House In 2021

By : Mikaela Perrin
New Year resolutions are excellent for inculcating good habits. Everyone resolves to eat healthily, exercise more, travel places, and do various other things. Rarely are resolves made for cleaning the house and improving. But considering the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had in 2020, the need of the hour is to have more sanitation and cleaning- centric New Year resolutions. Keeping your abode clean and disinfected should be among your main goals this year. You can hire professional cleaners offering deep cleaning and end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast to make your house neat and tidy. In addition, here are seven New Year resolutions to have for a cleaner house in 2021. Have a look.

1. Maintain a Daily Cleaning Routine

Streamline your cleaning activities by creating a routine for sanitising your home every day. Depending on the availability of time, you can have 10-30 minutes cleaning routine. Here are some tasks that should be a part of your daily cleaning routine.
  • Make your bed
  • Wash a load of laundry
  • Dust or vacuum household areas
  • Wash dirty dishes after every meal
  • Declutter the kitchen, bathroom, and living room
  • Clean frequently-used slabs, countertops, and tables

2. Get High-performance Cleaning Equipment

Having high-performance cleaning equipment is necessary for sanitising your home effectively and efficiently. They help reduce the time, energy, and effort you have to invest while cleaning. Professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast also use modern cleaning equipment to speed up their work and get excellent results. Listed below are some machines you should invest in for keeping your house neat and germ-free
  • A multipurpose vacuum cleaner
  • Steam cleaner with various attachments
  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Pressure washing machine

3. Sweep and Mop Floors Daily

A majority of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other illness-causing germs settle on floors. In addition, floors have dirt, dust mites, scuff marks, spills, and other stains/debris that make them dirty. To maintain your household hygiene, it is imperative you sweep and mop the floors every day. First, tidy the floors to collect pollutants and then mop with a cleaning/disinfecting solution. While performing these activities, make sure all the rooms are well-ventilated, and the floor doesn’t remain wet.

4. Adopt the Clean as You Spill Policy

The best way to keep your household surfaces and items clean and prevent stubborn stains is to adopt the clean as you spill policy. Whenever there are boil overs, spillage or splatters, make sure to wipe and clean the surface or object immediately using a multipurpose cleaning solution and microfiber cloths. Adopting this policy will help you keep your house hygienic and sanitary at all times. You can ask all household members to follow this rule and tell them where the cleaning supplies are to clean whenever necessary.

5. Disinfect High Touch Areas/Objects Regularly

Often, germs are transmitted from one household member to another via high touch areas/objects. Thus, it is important to resolve to disinfect these spots and items regularly. Use a multipurpose disinfecting solution to sanitise the following surfaces and things.
  • Remote controls, keyboards, phones, laptops, and other gadgets
  • Doors, windows, countertops, slabs, and commonly-used furniture
  • Switches, knobs, handles, buttons, faucets, appliance controls, etc.
  • Things in the bathroom such as toilet, shower glass, holders, bidets, etc.
Keep disinfecting wipes or a solution in a spray bottle to sanitise these places and things whenever necessary. Please make sure these supplies are within reach of every household member to enable them to disinfect at any time.

6. Make Cleaning a Family Activity

This New Year, resolve to involve every family member and make cleaning the house a family activity. Often making the home neat and tidy is the responsibility of one or two people. But, to ensure your home is clean and sanitary at all times, every household member must contribute. Create a timetable outlining the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks. Have a family meeting to chart these tasks and give a deadline and ownership to each task. Ensure all household members follow this timetable to clean and do their tasks in time. Encourage everyone to make cleaning a family activity and have a reward system to let each person know their work is appreciated.

7. Take Assistance of Professionals

Hiring professional cleaners is advantageous for various reasons, and a major one is they help you save time, energy, and effort. Most people think professionals should be called when they need end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast. However, you can book cleaners for deep cleaning your house, carpets, ovens, etc. any time of the year. Thus, this year resolve to take the assistance of professionals who offer deep cleaning and end of lease cleaning solutions in Gold Coast. Hiring cleaning experts may seem expensive, but you can get a free quote and judge the affordability yourself.

The Bottom Line

2021 is a harbinger of hope, as 2020 was marred by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the outbreak, more people have become aware of the need to keep their surroundings neat and sanitary. Therefore, it is the best time to have any of the resolutions mentioned above for cleaning this year. Take your pick or keep them all, to make your home a better, safer, and healthier place to live.