8 Simple Commercial Cleaning Tips

beautiful young woman happily wiping office table with sponge

8 Simple Commercial Cleaning Tips

By : Mikaela Perrin

An office is like a second home to many people. Just as they like to keep their homes clean, they want their workplace to be spick and span. Nobody likes a dirty and unkempt workplace, whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur. A buys office can get messy easily and quickly.

Dirty work environment not only is bad for health but it also hampers the overall productivity of the organisation. It also gives terrible impressions on your customers and clients. Being a business owner, it becomes your duty to provide healthy and hygienic surroundings to your employees and create a positive environment for them.

Sanitising the workplace is imperative for the productivity of the business. But sometimes business owners do not focus on it. The bustling activity in an office space also makes it difficult to clean each area regularly. In such a case you should engage the services of a reliable, budget-friendly and experienced company like Bond Cleaning in Gold Coast for commercial cleaning in Gold Coast. They will help in maintaining the professional appearance of the office. Your office will look new and bright again.

In case you want to have some commercial cleaning tips and employ them, we are here to help you keep your office clean with 8 simple tips:

1. Assign a place for everything

The Key to make your office clean easily is to put everything in its rightful place. If a specific place is assigned to keep everything, your office will not look overloaded. It will automatically start looking neat and clean. Assign a place for all the things and label them so that you don’t have to search the whole office to find a particular file or documents.

You need to ask your employees to make it a habit to keep all the things in the assigned place only. Also, keep a few empty shelves and drawers for new files to come in.

2. Document organising

One of the biggest problems in offices is heaps of paper. These papers are present everywhere- on your shelves, on your desk and ultimately on the floor. And you cannot ignore it as official tasks involve a lot of paperwork. Hence, it’s important to organise all the paper. Manage all the documents fittingly. Set document cases or file folders. Label them appropriately and ask everyone to use them according to the labels only.

3. Computer and keyboards clean your electronics

These are the common dirt gathering components of a workplace. Whether it is food or anything else, your keyboard collects a lot of dirt and since you use it the most, cleaning it regularly becomes essential. People sometimes eat at their desks and food gets spattered on the monitor and keyboard.

However, there is a simple fix for this problem. Take some wipes purposely made for electronics from a general office store. Make it a habit of wiping down your monitor, keyboard and other electronics daily using these wipes.

4. Cleaning the desk

A clean desk guarantees more productivity at the workplace. Everything is put on your desk, and it tends to get dirty most of all. Hence the solution is to smear it daily without a miss. It will help in removing the unnecessary stuff from the desk and will only keep work essentials in and around your desk.

5. Don’t eat at your desk

Eating at your desk in the office is unhealthy. It will not only make you desk unclean but will spread germs around. Psychologists suggest that changing the space for the lunch break in your office is important for your well being and positive psychology in the work place. It not only affects your physical but your mental being as well. Therefore to keep both your mind and desk clear, eat only at the eating area.

6. Keep removing the junk

Not all the files that are kept in your office are important. You need to remove junk time to time. It will clear a lot of space and will help in cleaning. Many things are available which you don’t feel like throwing away. Things like coffee cups, calendars, magnet business cards etc. are kept in offices even if are unusable. But if you want to have a clean office you have to throw all the stuff which is cluttering your space.

7. Garbage bins

During work in theoffice, many people eat and keep the wrappers at their desks or inside the drawers. This collects a lot of filth here and there. Make a habit to keep all the unnecessary stuff in garbage bins. This is a helpful tip to keep the office clean all the time.

To prevent these garbage bins from stinking, also keep emptying them. Food begins to rot immediately so if you don’t clear your bins on a daily basis it can spread germs in the surroundings. Making separate bins for food and other junk will help from preventing them to stink.

8. Task to employees

Being the business owner, you can only initiate the cleaning process. But if all your employees won’t work towards it, it cannot run longer. Ask your employees to take cleaning as a task; anyway, it’s about everyone who has to work at the place. Ask your employees to step into the office through the eyes of your customer. Give them the task to walk through other departments. This will give a good chance to the employees to participate in the cleaning your office.


Nobody wants to hamper their business because of an untidy environment. A large company or a busy schedule is not a reason for not keeping your office unclean. It is time to hire a professional company like Bond Cleaning in Gold Coast. They have the best commercial cleaners and are well equipped with latest equipment and cleaning techniques. They will help you in maintaining a clean workspace and thus make your office a better place to work with increased productivity.