8 Simple House Cleaning Tips

beautiful young woman happily wiping kitchen counter with sponge

8 Simple House Cleaning Tips

By : Mikaela Perrin

Regular house cleaning is a must for anyone who wants to live in a healthy and hygienic environment. A clean house is free of dirt, dust and grime and full of positive energy. Deep cleansing your home not only helps remove germs, allergens, toxins, bacteria and mould from your environment but also improves the air quality and seems inviting for both family and visitors alike.

But how many of us love to clean our house daily? Due to hectic schedules and busy lifestyle, people in Gold Coast find these cleaning chores very time consuming and challenging. Thus, they prefer to hire professional house cleaners in Gold Coast for the job.

However, if you are one of those who likes to clean and clear your home on your own, here are some simple house cleaning tips for you to make it easy as cleaning doesn’t have to be an all-day chore.

1. Keep your supplies ready

The first rule for cleaning your home should be to keep all your cleaning supplies prepared well in advance. The motivation and enthusiasm for cleaning fades away when you have to hunt for your cleaning supplies and equipment. Check all the tools accurately and if you find anything missing make appropriate arrangements in time, before commencing the job.

Consider keeping all your stuff in a caddy or a basket which is easy to handle and can be carried all around the house in Gold Coast with convenience. Even after you finish the cleaning chores, keep everything in one place, where you can find it easily for the next time.

2. Make a cleaning strategy

It is imperative to follow a strategy while cleaning your house in Gold Coast. There are two types of plans you can follow First one is to start from the least favourite room of your home, which may be the one with most of the clutter or with tough cleaning areas. Addressing such regions, while you are the most motivated, makes it easy for you to clean rest of the house later.

The Second strategy will allow you to clean all the rooms equally by selecting a task like dusting or mopping and perform the same function in every room of your house in Gold Coast. In this way, you will be able to clean the house in uniformity instead of just exhausting yourself in cleaning one room thoroughly.

3. Change the plan according to need

You may have made a cleaning plan for the whole week, but you don’t need to follow it blindly. Focus on the areas that need actual dusting and cleaning, than wasting your time on the things which don’t need it. For example, if your plan says to clean a cupboard in the kitchen, which is still spick and span, then why bother about cleaning it. Instead, identify trouble causing area and focus on it.

4. Use appropriate quantity of cleaners

It is in the best interest of your family to use cleaners in a proper volume for the cleaning tasks. Sometimes in a hurry, you may use a lot of disinfectants to get your home clean. You should understand the fact that any soap needs some time to work and penetrate inside the dust and grime.

So, instead of applying layers of any cleaning product, wait for some time and then wipe it off to get the desired results. Moreover, by overusing the cleaners, you not only damage the surfaces in your home but also compromise with the health of your family.

5. Work from top to bottom

Always start cleaning from the top of any surface and work your way down. This type of action will ensure that no space is left out and the dust doesn’t fall on already cleaned places or items. Also, when you are using wet cleaners, they are bound to drip; by cleaning on the top first will ensure that you don’t have to redo your work.

6. Dry cleaning first

It is the best strategy to dust everything first and then go for the wet cleaning. Use a microfiber cloth to clean everything as dust will affix to it quickly, and you will be able to clean better and faster. Try to clean some ignored places like underneath the shelves, tops of the furniture, handrails, picture frames etc.

Use a long stick and tie a cloth to it and reach the places like the top of the door, ventilation windows or cobwebs on the walls. You can also use it for the blinds but don’t try to clean both sides of the shades simultaneously; instead clean them on one side first and then turn them to other hand and clean thoroughly.

The more you manage with dry cleaning, the better it is. When you apply a wet cloth to any place with dust particles, it will help the dirt to stick in one place and will require a lot of effort to clean it. In case of lampshades or doors, wet cleaning is a strict no. So, wet cleaning should only be done when there are some stubborn stains. Clean the place first with a dry cloth and then apply a homemade cleaner to it and wipe off with a damp cloth.

7. Maintain cleaning habits

If we maintain certain cleaning habits and follow them in our daily routine, cleaning won’t be an arduous task anymore. Whenever you see a mess, clear it up. Wipe off any spills and splatters immediately, without giving them a chance to dry up and become stains. It also includes cleaning dishes shortly after use, to prevent substantial scrubbing later.

In this way, by cleaning the dirt on the go you can protect your house from harmful bacteria and insects which get attracted to such dirty areas. Moreover, your house will always smell fresh and new without any bad odour or smell.

8. Clean all the supplies

You should make it a habit of washing and cleaning all your supplies at the end of any cleaning task. If you fail to do so, your cleaning tools will only become a house for germs and bacteria and thus cause diseases. Moreover, for the long life of any cleaning equipment, you should clean it properly and keep them together in one place so that you can find them easily next time.

Wrapping Up

By following the tips mentioned above, you can quickly clean your house but if you need a deep cleaning, hire the services of professional cleaning company like Bond Cleaning in Gold Coast. They are trained and experienced people and follow the right strategies to give your house a perfectly clean look.