8 Surprising Uses Of Your Vacuum Cleaner That You Didn’t Know

A girl is cleaning a carpet with a vacuum cleaner

8 Surprising Uses Of Your Vacuum Cleaner That You Didn’t Know

By : Mikaela Perrin
In 1860, the first predecessor of the vacuum cleaner was introduced. However, the first vacuum device, which could be operated without aid and inspired the later models, was invented years later in 1905. All the earlier models were primarily manufactured for carpet cleaning. However, with the advancement and modernisation of technology, these equipments became the versatile power-suction machines used nowadays for cleaning the carpets, upholsteries, floors, and other surfaces. Today, you have numerous brands producing a variety of vacuum cleaner models due to the increasing demand in the market. People use them for everyday cleaning, which is why you can find these equipments with different specifications such as suction power, watts, amps, airflow etc. Even expert end of lease cleaners in the Gold Coast swear by them and carry the latest models for their jobs. Professionals know how to utilise a vacuum cleaner optimally. However, as a non-specialist, you may not be aware of the different ways you can use the machines besides standard sweeping and suctioning operations. Therefore, to help you explore the full potential of your machine, here is a list of 8 surprising uses of your vacuum cleaner suggested by the expert end of lease cleaners in the Gold Coast.

1. Clean Allergens from Windows & Doors

Vacuums are excellent at sucking dirt & spills. What people usually overlook is that vacuums are great for cleaning allergens in the house. According to reputed end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast, you can use the machines to clean window & door tracks, window blinds, curtains etc. These places can accumulate pollens, bacteria, black dirt, and other allergens, as air regularly passes through them. To keep your home healthy and allergen-free, you can vacuum these places with the varied attachments that come with the machine. Since most modern vacuum equipments have HEPA filters, the chances of allergens disappearing are higher.

2. Clean Air Vents Grills

The air vents grills in your house can get extremely dirty due to continuous flow of air. The grills can accumulate dirt, pollens, webs, dead skin cells and other debris. They can also become breeding grounds for illness causing germs which can permeate the air you and your family members breathe. Therefore, it is essential to clean air vent grills frequently. You can use the brush nozzle to clean effectively.

3. Clean Lint Traps and Filters

Expert end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast suggest using your vacuum machine to clean lint in the dryer and filters in air conditioner, cooler, or air purifier. Dyer lint fires are a serious concern, and you can avoid them by regular cleaning. You can start by cleaning the lint filter with water & drying it. Next, attach the crevice tool to the vacuum and suck any lint that may remain in the trap and surrounding area. For cleaning air conditioner, cooler, or air purifier filters, take them out and vacuum them. Ensure the suction speed is low or medium to avoid damaging the filter.

4. Fix Carpet Dents

It is common for carpets to dent when heavy furniture is placed over them. These indentations can become visible when you rearrange your furniture. But you can fluff up the flattened carpet fibres by using ice and the vacuum cleaner. Take ice cubes and place then over the dent lines. Make sure the dents are completely covered with ice. Let the ice melt for a few hours. Now the fibres will be compliant, and you can straighten by vacuuming the area. You can use this method to remove indentations from small and large carpets in any area of the house.

5. Pick Up Small Items from Hard-to-Reach Areas

Dropped your ring between the wall and the bed? Recover it by tying a mesh over the vacuum hose with a rubber band. Then, slither it in the tight space, where your hand won’t go. Start the machine, and the ring will get drawn towards the source of the suction. The mesh will protect it from getting inside the dust bag. You can use this method to recover a variety of small items like jewellery, coins, pins, screws etc. It is a fantastic way to get things behind or underneath heavy objects such as refrigerator, bed, couch, etc.

6. Get Rid of Smells

Vacuums are great for freshening carpets, rugs, upholsteries, and beddings. These things can smell stale, dusty, or mouldy. If you have pets, then you can get pet odours in carpets and rugs. All you need to do is sprinkle baking soda generously over the item you wish to clean, let it rest for an hour or two, and vacuum until you can’t see any residue of the baking soda. You’ll be surprised to see how much cleaner the item is and the smell will be gone as well. This method is extensively used by  the cleaning companies who offers end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast because baking soda loosens dirt, hair, or any other debris in carpets, upholsteries, and beddings. When you vacuum, the machine can pick up the loosened debris and clean more effectively.
7. Inflate Bedding
Surprise guests coming over? You can ready inflatable mattresses & pillows for them by using a vacuum cleaner in case the air pump is broken. To do this, you will need to plug the hose of the vacuum to the valve of the mattress or pillow you wish to inflate. Next, reverse the suction on your vacuum machine. This step will make the machine blow out air instead of sucking it in. Turn on the machine, and your mattress or pillow will start inflating. Note: Inflating bedding with a vacuum is an option, but it is best to use an air pump. Vacuums can overheat if they are used for inflating several mattresses.
8. Grooming Your Pet
Most people know they can vacuum pet hair from upholstery, carpets, floors, curtains and other areas. However, you can use the machine to sweep the hair from the source, i.e. your pet. You can get the attachment designed for grooming. Top vacuum cleaner brands sell these grooming attachments. Also, their vacuum machine has inbuilt pet hair turbine tool to help avoid clogging the equipment. Regular use of vacuums for grooming pets aids in end of lease cleaning as well because you have less hair to remove from carpets, upholster, drains, and other areas of the house. Note: Make sure to get your pet comfortable with loud noise and brushing.
Vacuum cleaners are versatile. They are used by the reputed end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast and home-keepers. These equipments are available in different models with a variety of attachments. Besides the standard cleaning practices advertised by brands, vacuums can be used in surprising ways, as illustrated above. Start incorporating these ways to make your life easier and to use your vacuuming equipment to its full potential.