Best Way To Clean An Oven: End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

Young Man wearing protective gloves scrubbing the oven

Best Way To Clean An Oven: End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

By : Mikaela Perrin

Both property owners and tenants understand the importance of bond cleaning. For property owners, it will simplify the process of finding potential renters and getting them to move quickly. For tenants, a thorough end of lease cleaning can help them in getting their full bond back.

The most important task at the end of the lease cleaning process which can’t be overlooked is oven cleaning. If you are a tenant and want to secure your full bond amount, then deep-clean your oven to bring back its original shine. No matter how big your property is, make sure to clean all nooks and crannies of the house along with the oven.

It is an obligation to leave the oven sparkling clean to get the security deposits back, and that’s why hiring reliable professionals for bond cleaning in Gold Coast become an ideal way. A professional cleaning company spruce up the premises from top to bottom and also clean oven inside and out to give you peace of mind along with your bond money.

In case, your budget is not allowing you to hire fully-trained cleaners in Gold Coast; you can opt for a DIY oven cleaning process. There are some fantastic ways to remove dust, food residues, grease and germs from your oven in a few minutes.
Let’s get started!

1. Remove Excess Dust And Food Residue

It is often difficult to manage an entire end of lease cleaning process, especially when it comes to cleaning a stove top or a grimy and greasy oven. You have to schedule your oven cleaning chore to better organise things.

You can begin the process by removing oven racks so that you can easily clean them without any hindrance. Get rid of burnt food and dust mites from the surface of your oven using paper towel or microfiber cloth.

Wiping down the little bits from the oven is your first step so make sure you do it property using best techniques and cleaning equipment. Make sure your oven is cool before moving to the next step.

2. Clean The Racks

Have you ever used washing powder to clean the filthy oven? Yes, this is a secret tip that will work wonder for you. All you need to do is to pour a ½ cup of washing powder in very hot water and put the oven racks into it. Keep them soaked overnight and rinse them in clean water.

This will remove all the grime when you scrub out in the morning. You can also scrub them using dishwashing soap – this will give you sparkling clean results.

3.  Use Lemon to Clean Messy Oven

Removing stubborn stains and grease from an oven can be a challenging chore. You need effective cleaning solutions to get it cleaned properly. Instead of using harsh chemicals, you can use natural cleaning ingredient i.e lemon. It work wonders in removing grease and grime. All you’ll need is two lemons, a baking dish, 2 cups of water and a scrubber.

First, squeeze the lemons into a baking dish and pour 2 cups of water. Also include the remaining lemon casings in the same disk. Heat it for half an hour. As the water and lemon heat up, the vapours will start clinging to the grease and letting it loose when you wipe off the surface.

Remove the stubborn stains and grease using a scouring pad. You can also use a spatula to get rid of clumpier chunks. Lemons will make it super easy for you to clean the greasy and messy oven during your end of lease cleaning process.

4. Use Vinegar As an Oven Cleaner

White vinegar is used as a household cleaning agent to remove stubborn stains, grime, food residues, etc. from different surfaces. You can also use it to clean the leftover dust and stains inside your oven.

You just need to spread the vinegar over the surface and let it react with the Baking Soda paste. This will make your work effortless while scrubbing off the affected areas. This is one of the best tricks to get rid of leftover residue.

If you don’t have time and want to return the property to your landlord within an hour, then you can simply pour the bowl of water along with lemon drops and white vinegar and let it heat for 5 minutes. This will produce steam, which in turn, loosen up the dirt without giving you a hint of stress.

5. Eliminate Stains from Oven Window

Use the solution of baking soda and water that you have already used and apply it to the inside of your oven window. Leave it for half an hour and wipe it using a damp cloth. Repeat the process if the stain still persists.

6. Leave the glass oven door shiny

Cleaning a glass oven door during the end of the lease cleaning process can be done easily. All you need to do is to add a little bit of water to baking soda and mix to create a thick paste.

Once you are done with this, you can open the door and apply the paste across the sides. Let it sit for half an hour, then wipe it off using a damp sponge. Use the paper towel to buff the windows. This trick will leave your oven neat and sparkling clean.


Scrubbing off stains from oven during the end of the lease cleaning process can be done without any burden. All you need to do is to follow the best oven cleaning tricks. You can also hire a trusted bond cleaning company in Gold Coast which can offer you a comprehensive range of services including the oven cleaning at the most reasonable price. Such companies provide the highest quality of cleaning and are always adhere to strict cleaning standards.