Cleaning Tips To Reopen Commercial Spaces Amidst COVID-19

group of professionals sprucing up a commercial space

Cleaning Tips To Reopen Commercial Spaces Amidst COVID-19

By : Mikaela Perrin
The lockdown restrictions have started to loosen its grip and people are getting used to the presence COVID-19. In this situation, many businesses are considering reopening their office spaces. If you are also an owner or manager of commercial space, then you can also prepare to resume your business.However, to reopen the office, you need to make sure that it is perfectly clean and sanitised all the time. This global pandemic has changed everything for working professionals – how they commute, enter and exit the workplaces, interact with colleagues, and so on. To ensure the safety of your commercial space, contact reliable office cleaners in Gold Coast. They thoroughly clean the commercial properties as per the requirement of the client. The experts clean and disinfect every corner of the office space to make sure the place is entirely free from all kinds of germs and virus. There are many more guidelines that you should follow to maintain the hygiene of the place. Read on to know more about the cleaning tips to reopen commercial spaces amidst COVID-19.

Increase frequency of Cleaning

To control the spread of coronavirus in your commercial space, it is imperative that you increase the frequency of cleaning. In fact, the frequency should be double of what it was in the past. It means, any spots which used to get cleaned only once a week, should now get thorough dusting twice or even thrice every week. So, make sure that your in-house professionals are following it properly. It is a preventive measure that will remove the germs and virus straightaway from a spot before it can infect any other person.

Follow a Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning a commercial space is a time-consuming task. So it is possible that your in-house cleaners may get confused at times at skip a few places. It can ruin all their efforts and the purpose of the task. To make things easier for your cleaners, you should provide them with a standard checklist and make your commercial space dirt-free and germ-free. All professional cleaning company provide their cleaner such a list. You can either prepare a list on your own or get it directly from a website.

Pay Attention to the Toilet and Pantry

A toilet is itself is a spot that is full of dirt and germs. So you can imagine the amount of dirt and germs a toilet in an office space can accumulate. A dirty toilet can significantly increase the chance of spreading the virus to other employees. So, the toilet must be clean and get disinfected several times a day. Apart from the toilet, the pantry is another place where employees share the same spot. So, it can allow the deadly virus to spread. So, the cleaners must clean every seat and table in the pantry appropriately.

Properly Vacuum the Carpets

If you want to clean your office space thoroughly, it is essential to focus on the carpets. This particular surface accumulates a lot of dust, dirt, allergens and other things that can allow the germs and bacteria to flourish. Thus, you should vacuum the carpets regularly. Ideally, you should hire a professional office cleaning company in Gold Coast because such a company provide excellent carpet cleaning service. A clean carpet always looks great but more importantly, it minimises the chance of the virus spread.

Disinfect the High Touch Points

If you want to reopen commercial spaces amidst COVID-19 and want to keep your employees safe, then you must disinfect the high touchpoints. These spots include the door handles, glass surface of a door, light switches, keyboard and mouse, toilet flush lever, faucets in the washroom and other similar points. Ask your cleaners to disinfect such spots using disinfectant wipes. You can also use rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to get the job done. However, you need to make sure that before sanitising a spot, it should be cleaned appropriately.

Improve Ventilation

When a person, who has COVID-19, sneeze or coughs, tiny droplets of infected fluid come out of the nose and mouth and fall on nearby surfaces. Thus, it is essential to clean and disinfect spots like desks, telephones, etc. However, the virus also stays in the air and makes it contaminated. Therefore you need to improve the ventilation. So open the windows and allow the fresh air to come in. Also, install the air purifiers at different places to keep the quality of the air clean.

Professionally Clean the Commercial Space

To clean and sanitise your office space in the best possible manner, you must hire experienced office cleaners in Gold Coast. They have expertise in cleaning all types and all kinds of office spaces. The experts use powerful vacuum cleaners to clean the carpets. From windows to table and chairs to floors, they cover every single corner as they follow a standard cleaning checklist.

Promote Personal Hygiene among Staff

Apart from cleaning the commercial space and maintaining its hygiene level, you also need to promote personal hygiene among staff. All the employees should wear a mask all the time, maintain distance from each other and wash their hands from time to time. You also need to follow the guidelines of the Queensland government regarding the reopening of the office spaces. All these measures will further protect the employees of the organisation.


At the moment, safety of the employee should be the topmost priority of every organisation. Thus, the reopening of commercial spaces has to be planned very carefully. To make sure that the employees can focus on productivity, you need to follow all the guidelines of the Australian government and consider the cleaning tips mentioned above.