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Are you looking for useful, effective yet easy DIY cleaning tips? We bring you this section where you can find all the latest tips & hacks about bond cleaning, house cleaning, office cleaning, removing stubborn stains, sanitising and disinfecting tips to make your job easier. Learn how professionals deal with cleaning chores.

The Ultimate House Cleaning Checklist

  • Emily Smith
  • 12 November 2019

You probably clean your entire house at least once a week or so, but do you feel satisfied after cleaning it? Chances are high that...

How to Clean Vinyl Flooring Naturally?

  • Emily Smith
  • 23 October 2019

Vinyl floors are an epitome of elegance and class. They make your homes look extravagant and stylish. Recently, they have been experiencing a massive demand...

Cleaning Tips for Anyone with Allergies

  • Emily Smith
  • 18 September 2019

It is always a good thing to keep your home spick and span. But if you have any allergies, a clean home becomes a necessity....

8 Cleaning Tasks Best Left To Professionals

  • Emily Smith
  • 12 September 2019

It is a good habit to clean your house regularly. It helps you stay physically active, keeps your home germ-free and makes it more appealing....

10 Simple Office Cleaning Tips for Your Gold Coast property

  • Emily Smith
  • 26 August 2019

Maintaining a clean and organised workplace means a hygienic environment for employees and a visually-appealing establishment for clients and customers. No matter how big or...

Stained Bathtub? 4 Easy Ways To Clean The Bath

  • Emily Smith
  • 7 August 2019

After a tiring day at work, a warm bath in your bathtub can be pure bliss, but it can also be equally frustrating and annoying...