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Are you looking for useful, effective yet easy DIY cleaning tips? We bring you this section where you can find all the latest tips & hacks about bond cleaning, house cleaning, office cleaning, removing stubborn stains, sanitising and disinfecting tips to make your job easier. Learn how professionals deal with cleaning chores.

10 Germy Things in Your House You're Forgetting to Clean

  • Emily Smith
  • 3 April 2020

Cleaning your home is an essential task. It allows you to remove not only the dirt and dust, but also the germs and bacteria that...

Effective Ways to Keep Your Workplace Clean During Coronavirus

  • Emily Smith
  • 25 March 2020

Coronavirus has become a life-threatening issue not only in Australia but the entire world. The scientists are yet to find an effective vaccine for the...

What are the Benefits of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services?

  • Emily Smith
  • 9 March 2020

A common factor among successful companies is their offices are pristine, and hygiene is maintained at all times. It is because if regular office cleaning...

Your Ultimate Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist

  • Emily Smith
  • 5 March 2020

A clean, sanitised, and stink-free restroom promotes a healthy and hygienic environment and reduces the spread of diseases and infection. No matter how big or...

End of Tenancy Cleaning - Rights and Duties of a Tenant

  • Emily Smith
  • 24 February 2020

Tenants always want to stay in a well-maintained property and keep a healthy relationship with the landlord. However, at the end of tenancy or during...

The Ultimate Guide to Eco-friendly Living

  • Emily Smith
  • 7 February 2020

The beautiful beaches, sunny climate, surfing and swimming activities play a vital role in shaping a vibrant culture in Australia. Almost every Aussie is connected...