Do You Have To Get Your Carpet Cleaned To Get Your Bond Back?

Do You Have To Get Your Carpet Cleaned To Get Your Bond Back?

By : Mikaela Perrin
Being a tenant is stressful because most people are always on-edge about maintaining and returning the property in the same condition it was at the start of tenancy minus the fair wear/tear.Therefore, end of lease cleaning is performed before moving out of the property. A tenant cannot secure the bond money without passing the final inspection, which doesn’t happen unless the lessee cleans the property. Many tenants hire professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast to reduce the stress and get the job done properly. While hiring professionals a pressing question most tenants have is do they have to get the carpets cleaned to acquire the bond money. If you are a tenant and planning to move to a new home, you may want the answer to this question. Here is a guide by professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast, providing insights about whether cleaning the carpet is necessary for a smooth exit and can the landlord/realtor make you pay for the services.

Are You Legally Bound to Get the Carpets Cleaned?

According to the Residential Tenancy Authority renters have to return the property in the same condition it was occupied. Thus, the lessee should keep pictures of the property when they acquired it and compare the state of the carpets. If they are dirty and require sprucing to restore them to their original condition, then the renter has to clean them personally or get professionals to help. As per the RTA below are things your landlord/property cannot require you to do when it comes to carpet cleaning.
  • A landlord/property owner cannot expect the carpets to be returned in a better condition than they were when the tenancy started.
  • Purchase services or goods, which mean your landlord/realtor cannot force you to buy carpet cleaning service
  • Force you to hire a specific end of lease cleaning company in Gold Coast
  • Make you pay a set fee for getting the carpets cleaned
Tenants should understand that if the carpets are unclean and not in the same condition, they were when the landlord gave the keys for the property, then deductions can be made from the bond deposit. To secure the entire bond money, cleaning the carpets may or may not be necessary depending on their condition.

When do You Have to Get the Carpets Steam Cleaned or Shampooed?

In case the carpets get heavily soiled and dirty during your tenancy, you may have to avail the additional service of getting the carpets steam cleaned or shampooed along with the end of lease cleaning services. Cleaning the carpets with steam or shampoo requires high-grade equipment and a dedicated resource which is why most cleaning companies quote the rates for these services separately. Usually in end of lease cleaning packages vacuuming of carpets is included. However, after the vacuuming, if the carpets still don’t look the same as they were at the start of the tenancy, then you may opt for the additional services. Please note: If the carpets were steam cleaned or shampooed before occupancy your landlord/property owner may require you to avail these services for the end of lease cleaning. However, during the tenancy, you don’t have to get carpet cleaning done even if the landlord/property owner requests.

Is Carpet Cleaning Required if You Have Pets?

It is common for landlords/property owners to add a clause about getting the carpets cleaned at the end of the lease when the tenant has pets. Understandably, pet hair, dander, and smell can embed in the fibres. Therefore, it would be wise for tenants with pets to get the carpets professionally assesses and purged. You can try to clean the carpets without expert help, but in most cases, fur, smells, and residues remain. It can prompt the landlord/property owner to deduct money from your bond or ask you to get the carpets professionally cleaned to get back the security deposit.

How to Surely Get Your Bond Back?

Hiring a reputed end of lease cleaning company in Gold Coast is prudent if you want to get your bond back surely. Most reckoned cleaning companies provide carpet vacuuming in the end of lease cleaning package. The cleaners thoroughly purge the property and let their clients know before starting the job if the carpets are heavily soiled. Then, you can decide to take the advanced cleaning services for the carpets to restore them to an acceptable condition. According to the regulations of Queensland, if the carpets were professionally vacuumed, steam cleaned or shampooed before the start of the tenancy, the lessee is required to get the carpets professionally cleaned in the same manner.

The Bottom Line

This guide will help you make an informed decision if there is ambiguity about getting the carpets cleaned to get your bond back. They have to be in the same condition they were when the property was occupied. In case the carpets have become heavily soiled during the stay, professionals can help you get your bond back by providing vacuuming, steam cleaning, or shampooing services.