Effective Ways To Keep Your Workplace Clean During Coronavirus

A woman is cleaning a office desk

Effective Ways To Keep Your Workplace Clean During Coronavirus

By : Mikaela Perrin
Coronavirus has become a life-threatening issue not only in Australia but the entire world. The scientists are yet to find an effective vaccine for the virus, but people have already started to take essential measure to battle this problem. Three best ways to tackle this virus is to keep yourself clean, keep your surroundings clean and avoid mass gathering. The government and health experts are requesting people to stay at home and work from there. However, it is not possible for some segments. If it is also essential for you to visit your workplace, make sure that it has been cleaned by professionals who carry out end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast. Here are some other ways to keep your workplace clean during coronavirus. Have a look!

Clean your work station

If you want to keep your workplace clean during coronavirus, you must make proper plans and executive them perfectly. Your chair and table should be clean and free from the deadly virus. The best ways to clean your workplace is by using disinfectant wipes. These wipes are easily available at any nearby stores in Gold Coast. Use the disinfectant to wipe off the table, your system and the handle of the chair. If there is any plug point near you, also clean the switches. You also need to ensure that there is not clutter on your desk like chocolate and biscuit wrappers, papers, etc.

Don’t allow anyone to use your system

One of the best ways to battle with the coronavirus is to stop spreading it. And one of the best ways to prevent its spreading is by not sitting on someone’s system and also not allowing anyone to work on your system. When people work on your system, even for a few minutes, they touch your mouse and use your keyboard. These two places can be an ideal spot for the coronavirus to spread. Thus you need to clean them and stop allowing people to use your system. Many companies have started hiring professionals who offer end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast. They clean your workplace perfectly.

Avoid handshakes

Avoiding handshakes with the office colleagues may look a little rude, but it can be very effective to prevent the spreading of coronavirus and keep your workplace clean. Instead of shaking hands, prefer to say ‘hello’ without touching each other. Maintain a distance from those people who travel frequently and meet different people from new places. Studies have found that the hands are the most important medium for coronavirus to spread. Thus you must avoid handshaking because you never know who is infected. This is the best ways to keep the workplace clean. You should also advise your colleagues to avoid handshakes and opt for verbal greetings.

Wash your hands frequently

Perhaps the best way to keep your workplace clean during coronavirus is by washing your hands. To kill the virus, you must wash your hands frequently using soap and water. Properly rub your hands for at least 20 seconds before washing them properly. And do not forget to dry them using paper towels. When we are at the workplace, we touch numerous things, including light switches, keyboard, mouse, coffee machine and door handle. Any of these spots can have coronavirus. So, you must wash them frequently to avoid its spreading from one place to other. Never touch your eyes, nose and mouth without washing your hands properly. The best way to clean the workplace properly is to hire professionals who perform high-quality end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast.

Sanitise when soap isn’t available

You won’t find soap and water everywhere, but for those situations, you can carry your own hand sanitiser. The market of Gold Coast is flooded with different brands of sanitisers, but you must purchase and use the right one. While buying the product, you might be focusing on the label that says it “kills 99.99% of germs.” But that doesn’t mean that it will protect you against the coronavirus. Health experts believe that when you are not in a position to wash your hands, you need a hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol. So, sanitise your hands and keep your workplace clean.

Clean your smartphone

People often ignore the cleaning of their smartphone, but it is perhaps the most crucial medium that allows the virus to spread. According to a study, the smartphone of an average person has more germs and bacteria than a toilet. Thus, it is always important to keep your phones clean and free from virus. To clean them, use disinfectant wipes avoid placing them carelessly. You never know which spots at your workplace have the virus.

Demand for professional cleaning

The ultimate way to keep your workplace clean during coronavirus is by contacting a company that offer end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast. Thus, you should talk to your serious and demand for professional cleaning. The professional cleaners have the experience, technical knowledge and advanced tools to clean your workplace thoroughly. They not only clean your entire workplace but also disinfect the important spots like door handles, mouse, keyboards, coffee machines, and so on. In-house, cleaners can also clean, but they are not as good as the professionals.


Whether it is your residence or workplace, it is important to keep your surroundings clean during coronavirus. This will prevent the spread of this deadly virus, and more people would stay healthy. So, the next time you visit your office, consider the ways as mentioned above to keep your workplace clean and everyone safe.