End of Lease Cleaning: What Tenants Need to Know

End of Lease Cleaning: What Tenants Need to Know

By : Mikaela Perrin
Whether you are ending a tenancy for the first time or done it multiple times before, end of lease cleaning is always challenging. It gives renters many sleepless nights because unlike regular house cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting your rental property for the final inspection is a time-consuming task. It requires proper planning, outlining of tasks and performance of these tasks up to a professional standard. Without adequate end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast, you cannot get your bond back in full. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that many renters prefer to hire professionals for deep cleaning their rental homes at the end of a lease agreement.

End of Lease Cleaning Vs. Regular Cleaning

End of lease cleaning is different from regular cleaning because it is only performed to end a tenancy and get your bond back in full. Regular cleaning is necessary for maintaining general household hygiene, but bond cleaning is crucial to return the rental property in a reasonably clean condition. What’s more, regular cleaning is possible with limited supplies, but for bond cleaning, you need quality products and high-performance equipment like a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, pressure washer etc.

Rental Property Should Be Empty Before Bond Cleaning

While you can clean your home generally without moving property contents, end of lease cleaning is only possible when the rental property is empty. Professional cleaners who offer budget bond cleaning Gold Coast can refuse a booking if the tenant cannot guarantee the property will be empty on the job date. Therefore, set the arrival date of the cleaners after you or your hired removalists in Gold Coast have removed the property contents. It is the final clean done before the property owner or manager comes for inspection that determines whether your rental bond is refunded completely or with deductions.

DIY Cleaning Is An Option

It is not legal for a landlord to force tenants to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast to deep clean the rental property. You can do it yourself if you have the time, energy and discipline to manage the tiring task. However, if the landlord or previous tenant had hired professional cleaners to clean the rental property and carpets, you are obligated to do the same. Hiring a professional is the practical solution to get your bond back in full since you have to return the house/unit in the same condition it was in at the start of the tenancy. Ask your landlord to share a copy of the bill receipt to confirm professionals had cleaned your rental property before you rented it.

Following A Cleaning Checklist is a Must

You have to manage several tasks to bond clean, which is why to streamline them, you need to use an end of lease cleaning checklist. It will help you prioritise your work according to importance and urgency. You can download a checklist online or create one using mobile applications. Using an app will allow you to distribute tasks among household members and get them done in time. If you hire professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast from a reputed company, they follow a cleaning checklist approved by experts. It helps them clean rental properties as per industry standards and decreases the need for re-cleaning.

Book Cleaners Early

Make sure you don’t put off booking professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast until the last few weeks. It will create a lot of hassle because it is difficult to book cleaners from reputed companies at short notice as they are always booked in advance. Thus, if you are ending a tenancy, make sure you start looking for cleaners as soon as possible and book them before it is too late. Upon hiring professional cleaners early, you can focus on completing other moving-related tasks and reduce stress. What’s more, you can get free quotes from multiple companies, negotiate the rates and hire affordable cleaners.

Inquire About Additional Services

Besides getting your rental property cleaned by professionals, you may have to get other things done as well to get your bond back in full. For example, if there are pests in your house due to inadequate sanitation resulting from your negligence, you need to use pest control. Thus, inspect your rental property and talk with your landlord to decide whether you need to hire professionals for bond cleaning only or take their assistance for upholstery cleaning, wall-washing, blinds cleaning and other additional services.

Wrapping Up

End of lease cleaning is one of the most important moving tasks renters must perform to get their bonds back in full thus, if you are ending a tenancy soon, it is essential you follow this guide to know important information about end of lease cleaning.