Essential Cleaning Supplies Every Homeowner Should Have

Essential Cleaning Supplies Every Homeowner Should Have

By : Mikaela Perrin
If you have just shifted into your new space and want to ensure it remains neat, you must clean it regularly using the right tools. Cleaning a home without the proper tools wastes time and energy, as you cannot remove dust and grime effectively. Thus, it is important to arrange and gather your cleaning supplies and tools before you start deep-cleaning your home to keep it free from germs and bacteria. Here are some of the most essential cleaning supplies you must keep in your home to get rid of tough stains, dirt and dust. Bond cleaning in Gold Coast professionals recommend using these cleaning supplies.

1. Microfiber Cloths: Traps And Removes Dust Particles

The first cleaning item you must stock up on is a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloth differs from lint and cotton cloths as it does not contain any chemicals and is made from materials thinner than human hair. These cloths can easily trap and remove dust as they have a positive charge that attracts negatively charged dirt and dust. The best part is that you can use it without any cleaning solutions to wipe off dust from almost every surface in your home. For added effectiveness, you can wet it a little with water and use it to wipe your glasses, windows and mirrors. These microfiber cloths are also easy to wash and reuse and thus are sustainable. Tip Read this article to understand why microfiber cloths are the best cleaning tools.

2. Broom & A Dustpan: Perfect For Reaching Corners And Crevices

Next, bond cleaning Gold Coast professionals recommend using a broom and a dustpan to sweep up dust from your home. These brooms can effectively reach corners and crevices that vacuums cannot and can remove dust and grime from your home so that your indoor air quality is free from pollutants. You should also pair this with a dustpan that has a rubber lid so it can grip the floor while you sweep the dust and dirt onto it easily.

3. Vacuum With A HEPA Filter: Quick And Has Multiples Uses

Even if you have a broom and a dustpan, you must keep a vacuum in your cleaning closet. These vacuums are perfect for when you need to quickly spruce up your home before a guest arrives and can get rid of crumbs, dust particles, dirt and grime from your floors and carpets. Many modern-day vacuums also come with attachments for cleaning upholstery, edges and corners of your room and for deep cleaning carpets and window tracks. The best vacuum you must invest in is one with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter that removes at least 99% of pollen and allergens from your home and helps prevent harmful bacterial infections.

4. Stiff Bristled Brush: Scrubs Grout On Your Bathroom Floors

Another cleaning tool that professional bond cleaners on the Gold Coast recommend is a stiff bristled brush, perfect for removing tough grime and grout on your bathroom floors. These hard brushes also come with bendable and rotating heads to clean underneath your cabinets and furniture and deep-clean the corners of your home effectively.

5. Squeegee: Cleans Windows Without Leaving Any Streaks

A squeegee is most effective at removing streaks from your windows and making them glisten and shine. But you can also use a squeegee to remove soap scum from your shower glass, clean your tiled walls and wipe away water from your floors. You must ensure you wipe down the rubber lid of the squeegee so that you are not just spreading dirt and muck around.

6. Multipurpose Cleaning Solutions: Make Your DIY Solutions

Along with cleaning tools, you must also have the right cleaning solutions to effectively treat tough stains, dirt and greasy marks from your home. You can use store-bought multipurpose cleaners that are effective on all surfaces, appliances and bathroom fixtures, or you can make your own DIY cleaners. To make your DIY cleaners, you need natural solutions in your pantry, like white vinegar, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, baking soda, borax and more. These solutions are effective on multiple surfaces and will not leave any toxic residues in your home. Tip Here are 5 hidden toxins in your cleaning chemicals and why you should use the above natural solutions instead.

Additional Tips

  • Use glass bottles to store your DIY cleaning solutions and label them carefully to avoid mishaps.
  • After using them, you must clean all your tools to make them last longer.
  • Ensure you keep your cleaning tools and solutions away from your floors so your toddlers and pets do not find them.
  • You should also store your cleaning solutions in a dry and temperature-controlled environment.
  • Lastly, never mix two different cleaning chemicals as they can react and release poisonous gases in your home.

  • Tip Here are some quick and DIY cleaning hacks you can use for your home.


    Thus, you must stock up on the above cleaning tools and solutions to keep your home free from dirt and allergens. It is also important to maintain these tools well so they last longer and function more effectively to clean your home. Lastly, you can keep these tools in accessible areas o your home so you can find and use them easily.