First Time Tenants/Owners Tips For End of Lease Cleaning

First Time Tenants/Owners Tips For End of Lease Cleaning

By : Mikaela Perrin
Queensland has a total population of 4,703,000+ people, and around 29 per cent of its residents live in rental properties. There is no denying that Gold Coast is one of the most happening places to live, study, and raise a family. Apart from being a tourism destination, the city offers endless housing options, employment opportunities and great infrastructural facilities. The median price for houses in the city is $599,000, while the rent is $500 per week. This reason is enough to convey that the demand for residential rental properties has increased in metropolitan cities. If you are moving out from a property for the first time as a tenant or an owner, make sure you remember that end of lease cleaning Gold Coast is the most important thing. Tenants will get their bond money back without any dispute, while owners will get new tenants easily if the property is clean. Here is a complete end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast guide to make things easy for you:

1. Begin the Exit Inspection

End of lease or move-out cleaning is one of the crucial phases of the renting process. This is the only time for renters to make the right decisions and stand strong against false claims. Make sure you double-check the initial condition report. Apart from this, make sure:
  • You return all keys and duplicates to the landlord
  • Pay outstanding bills and rents
  • Give move-out notice to your landlord on time.
  • Do not breach your rental agreement

  • So, it is important to inspect every nook and cranny, make necessary repairs and deep clean the premises. Hire professionals to remove mould from your house.

    2. Focus on Top-to-Bottom Cleaning

    Professionally-trained end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast always follow a proven strategy while sprucing up a property. It is always good to start from the top, which is a ceiling fan. Clean the blades to remove dust and grime. Afterwards, make your way towards walls, windows, blinds, doors, carpets and floors. This is the correct way as it will prevent the dust from falling on clean surfaces- saving you a lot of time and energy.

    3. Pay Special Attention to Your Kitchen

    This is one of the germ-laden areas of any house. Make sure you deep clean before the rental inspection
  • De-clutter the cupboards, shelves and drawers before eliminating food crumbs and stains.
  • Clean the walls, countertops, a sink and faucets.
  • Use white vinegar, mild dishwashing liquid and warm water to remove stains, grease and food splatters from your bathroom surfaces.
  • Deep clean your refrigerator inside and out
  • Sweep and mop the floors.

  • 4. Deep Clean your Oven and Microwave

    Do not overlook your much-loved kitchen appliances, i.e an oven and microwave. Make sure you remove built-up grease, oil splatters, stains and bad odours from the racks, interiors and other parts of your oven and microwave. You can spray white vinegar and a soapy water to break down grease and grime. Leave it for a few minutes before applying baking soda paste. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth to achieve sparkling results.

    5. Spruce Up Bathrooms

    If you are sprucing up a rental property for the first time, make sure you deep clean and disinfect your bathroom surfaces using the proper tools. Start with your exhaust fan and filters. Also, clean the shower screen, head, glass doors, curtains, tile grouts, toilet, bathtubs, mirrors and other areas. It is good to get rid of stains on painted walls using eco-friendly products and non-abrasive tools. Don’t forget to check the plug holes and drains to ensure they are unclogged. It is also important to disinfect germ-laden areas and treat soap scum from everywhere. So, focus more on faucets, sinks, towel rails, toilet seats, and floors.

    6. Windows and Blinds

    The landlord in Queensland has the right to hold back a part of your deposited security if the property is in a dirty condition. Windows are the most common area tenants overlook while performing a thorough end of lease cleaning Gold Coast. Make sure you clean the window sills, frames and edges inside and outside (if they are reachable). Prepare a solution of white vinegar and warm soapy water and spray it on your dirty walls. Now, take a damp cloth and remove the stains. Using a brush, get into the nooks and crannies and run a squeegee on the window glass to trap excess water and vinegar solution. Also, vacuum your blinds from top to bottom and make them look new again.

    7. Carpets and Rugs

    Your carpet witnesses daily wear and tear, from pet hair to coffee spills and splatters. It is important to vacuum it thoroughly before the final inspection. Use a heavy-duty vacuum machine with a HEPA filter to fetch dust particles, pollen, and other loose debris. You can also hire professional carpet cleaners in Gold Coast for steam cleaning. This technique will remove mould, embedded dust, grease, stubborn stains and odours without causing any harm to the fibres. They use safe and sound methods that won’t leave carbon footprints in the environment.


    These are some important first-time tenants/owners tips to help you clean a property like a pro. Make sure you follow a pre-approved checklist or hire professionals for a detailed end of lease cleaning Gold Coast. Also, keep these tips in mind and get your full bond back without rental disputes or disruptions. Deep cleaning of the property also help landlords to find potential tenants with ease.