8 Simple House Cleaning Tips for your Property

beautiful young woman wiping kitchen slab and holding spray bottle in hand

8 Simple House Cleaning Tips for your Property

By : Mikaela Perrin

Everyone has one of those days in every month where they have to involve in annoying house cleaning process, from floors to carpets, bathrooms to the kitchen, balcony to a backyard – every corner of a house should be cleaned thoroughly. You have to manage everything very carefully otherwise you could make a huge mess.

Whether you are living in a luxury apartment or a 2 unit house, you can’t skip a thorough house cleaning. It not only enhances the entire look and feel of a property but also keeps harmful bacteria and diseases away from you and your family. Therefore, it is essential to carry out thorough cleaning technique.

Below in this blog post, we have compiled 8 simple yet effective house cleaning tips that will help you to de-clutter your property in a matter of few hours.

So, without a further adieu let’s get on with the first cleaning tip!

1. Create a list of all cleaning tools and products

Before getting into a house cleaning process, make sure you make a list of all the equipment and cleaning tools that will be required for better and deep cleaning.

You can keep all the tools such as dusting cloth, wiper, broom, duster, scrubber, microfiber cloth, vacuum cleaner, biodegradable cleaning solutions and a lot more at a handy place to save your precious time and effort.

Usually, people forget about these small things and make their cleaning task more complicated and time-consuming. If you don’t want to fall into this trap, you should assemble these tools ahead of time.

2. Begin from the top

It really doesn’t matter what room you are cleaning, try to start from the top and then go down to clean the floor.

If you clean the floor first and then remove dust from higher surfaces, you will have to clean the lower surface again. This is very annoying and dallying process that would leave you nowhere. Thus, it is better to clean the cobwebs, ceiling fans and then go down to clean windows, furniture and floor.

3. Sweep & vacuum the floors

Undoubtedly, a neat, clean and shiny floor completes the entire look of a room. It immediately makes your house look much cleaner. So, while scrubbing sinks, windows and counters, you can also vacuum and sweep the floors of your house.

In fact, most of the people engage in house cleaning in Gold Coast, clean their floors once or twice in a week. So, make sure you remove the dry dust from the floors using vacuum cleaners and then sweep it with a mob to give it a nicer and shiner look.

4. Remove dust with feather duster

If you want to clean blinds, nooks, shelves and wall arts in a quick time, use feather dusters. They work great because they grasp the dust immediately and give your surface a neat and shiny look. Feather dusters are available in the market at different sizes and prices. You can buy a one and include in your routine dusting toolkit.

5. Sanitising kitchen

The kitchen is one of the dirtiest areas of a house and if you want to clean it thoroughly, you have to use the cleaning techniques seriously. You can remove the dust, grime and mould from cupboards and drawers using an eco-friendly cleaning product.

If you are annoyed because of tough water stains, then use lemon juice. Sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice on the stain and rub it properly. You can also add a pinch of salt to the lemon juice if it is a tough one.

When it comes to sanitising, make sure you use the right sanitizer that can kill the breed of harmful chemicals from the sink, counterparts, oven/BBQ, stove, dishwasher and fridge. Don’t forget to wipe off windows, bug screens and door frames.

6. Use mineral oil for shiny stainless-steel

This is one of the simplest house cleaning tricks that will make your stainless-steel look shinier and cleaner. With the help of mineral oil, you can clean the watermarks, smudges and fingerprints from the sinks and other stainless-steel surfaces.

All you need to do is to pour some mineral oil on a cloth and wipe it off on the surface once or twice in a week. The mineral oil repeals the water and gives you a shiny stainless-steel surface in a matter of few minutes.

7. Disinfect your bathroom

Don’t forget to clean and disinfect your bathroom, especially, washbasin, toilet seat (inside and out), shower, door knobs, and wall tiles. This will hardly take 10 minutes to sweep and sanitise the entire bathroom. Just make sure you use right cleaning tools that can make your work easier.

8. Engage in professional cleaning

If you are finding difficulties in cleaning your residential property or some areas of your house, you can hire professional cleaners. Though there are many professional cleaning companies available in Gold Coast, make sure you choose a reliable and experience one.

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