How to Clean a Hot Tub and Pipes?

How to Clean a Hot Tub and Pipes?

By : Mikaela Perrin
A soothing soak in the hot tub is refreshing and relaxing after a tiring day. It is also fun when you have people over for a pool party. However, your hot tub and its pipes must function well to heat water properly, run jets smoothly and remain energy-efficient. Without regular cleaning, its plumbing clogs, rendering your tub nothing but a huge container with hot water and 70 or more useless jets. Clogged pipes are a significant issue because it disrupts the continuous plumbing loop of removing, filtering and returning water. Additionally, a dirty hot tub has hard water deposits and becomes a hot spot for disease-causing pathogens. Since pool maintenance and safety `3laws in Queensland hold tenants responsible for everyday care of the pool or a spa, failing to clean your hot tub and pipes can cost you bond money. You can hire professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast to deep clean the rental property and hot tub if the lease agreement includes its maintenance. However, if it doesn’t or you don’t need professional help, here is your complete guide for cleaning a hot tub and pipes like a pro.

Signs Your Hot Tub & its Pipes Need Cleaning

There are several tell-tale signs of a dirty and clogged hot tub. Here are some of them according to expert cleaners.
  • Musty odour coming from the water. It is a sign of mould development.
  • Slimy water or walls of the tub.
  • Green, yellow, black or orange build-up near the jets or the tub surface.
  • Skin rashes after using the hot tub.
  • Poorly working jets & clogged pipes

Follow the Manufacturer’s or Landlord’s Instructions

The landlord should provide maintenance instructions for cleaning pools and spas, and if yours does, follow them to clean and maintain the hot tub optimally. Alternatively, you can use the manufacturer’s instructions to manage the task correctly and avoid nulling the tub’s warranty by using the wrong products or methods for cleaning. Note: The decision to maintain the tub or pool should be mutual between the lessor & lessee. Your landlord cannot require you to enter a maintenance contract or ask to hire cleaners who offer bond cleaning Gold Coast for maintenance services.

Gather the Necessary Supplies

Keep the products, tools and equipment on hand while cleaning the hot tub and pipes to reduce stress and complete the task quickly. Listed below are things you will need.
  • A hot tub cleaner
  • A plumbing cleaner
  • A hot tub filter cleaner
  • Sponge and brush for scrubbing
  • Shop vacuum
  • A hose to wash the tub

Clean the Pipes

The hot tub and its pipes gather biofilm to which bacteria, algae and other illness-causing microbes. They proliferate on it, making the film more dangerous and slippery the longer it remains undisturbed. Thus, you must add the plumbing cleaner to the water and let the jets run for 30 minutes or an hour. It will remove the biofilm preventing mould growth and accumulation of other pathogens. Also, remove the dirty foam with the shop vacuum until the foam turns white. Drain the tub afterwards to clean the tub.

Clean the Filter

The hot tub water filter is an essential component that must function properly to catch debris and keep the water clean. Take it out before cleaning the tub and check its condition. Clean the filter by hosing it with water if it’s not too dirty. However, replace the filter if it is extremely dirty and cannot work effectively after a thorough cleaning.

Drain the Tub

Cut the water and electricity supply to the tub to make it safe & easier to clean. Next, attach the drain connection with a hose to remove water from the tub and open the drain. After the water stops, remove the remaining water, which the drain cannot remove with a wet shop vacuum machine. Ensure the draining water goes where you want, but avoid storm drains to prevent environmental impact.

Clean the Tub

Apply the hot tub cleaner generously on the surface of the fixtures and let it dwell as per usage instructions on the label. Most cleaners take 10-15 minutes to work effectively, after which you can scrub and wash the hot tub. Pay close attention to the jet openings, drain, retainer rings and other openings. Don’t apply the cleaner on the control panel, as it can damage the buttons or cause a short circuit. Note: Choose professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast to deep clean the tub if you don’t have the expertise, equipment or experience to do it.


Cleaning the hot tub and its pipes is crucial to enjoying hot baths without worrying about skin rashes, itching and serious infections. You can do it every few months or as per requirement, following these tips for cleaning a hot tub and pipes. But when ending a tenancy, let your hired end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast handle the task & help get your bond back in full without stress.