How to Clean Air Ventilation Ducts Yourself?

Man trying to fix air ventilation duct in a house

How to Clean Air Ventilation Ducts Yourself?

By : Mikaela Perrin
There are several advantages of keeping the air ventilation ducts clean. It not only minimises the chances of allergies but also improves the efficiency of the HVAC system and eliminates unpleasant smells. Despite that, most of the people overlook the cleaning of the ducts because they are not aware of the right procedure to clean it. That is why many people prefer to hire experts who perform end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast. It is the right thing to do so because professionals use modern tools and advanced methods to clean the ducts. However, if you want to do it on your own, you need some guidance. Here is a step by step process to clean air ventilation ducts yourself. Let’s have a look!

Step by Step Process to Clean Air Ventilation Ducts

If you want to clean your air ventilation ducts in the best possible manner, Hire specialists who carry out end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast. To perform the cleaning on your own and without any confusion, follow the steps mentioned below. Step 1: Cover the openings in the rooms The first thing you need to do is to cover the supply registers with the help of a paper towel or a piece of cloth. It will prevent the dust and dirt from entering the room during the cleaning process. To do that all you need to do that is to lift the register and wrap the piece of cloth or paper towel over the top of it. Then place the register at its place. Step 2: Turn on the fan After covering the supply registers, you should turn on the fan. It is essential because when the fan runs, it will automatically remove the stubborn layer of dust and dirt that is going to loosen when you clean the inner surface with a brush. You need to set the thermostat to ‘fan on’ setting and turn off the hot or cool mode. If you do not have ‘fan only’ setting, then you can run the heat. Step 3: Loosen the dust build-up inside the duct The inner side of the duct can accumulate several kinds of allergies a lot of dust, dirt etc. To clean the duct thoroughly, first, you need to loosen the build-up as much as possible. You can easily do it with the help of your brush. Use the handle of the brush and gently tap on any reachable area of the duct. It will help to break up any dust and dirt build-up that may have stuck to the inner surface of the duct. Step 4: Clean the ducts thoroughly Now, you need to use the vacuum cleaner to clean the ducts as much as possible. The standard vacuum cleaner that is generally used for household cleaning is not powerful enough to such all the accumulated dirt and dust from the crevices of the ducts. Therefore, it is advisable to rent a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner for cleaning ducts. The vacuum you rent should have an extended hose so that you do not struggle to reach deep into the air ducts. If the ducts haven’t been cleaned for a long time, then there could be mould and mildew inside ducts, which can be difficult to clean. To get flawless cleaning of the ducts from inside hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast. Step 5: Clean the openings in the rooms After cleaning the ducts from inside, it is time to clean the supply registers or duct opening in the rooms. As the end of the vacuum cleaner hose is near the register and the machine is on, lift the register. Then use the hose to remove all the accumulated and loosen dust and dirt that the fan has pushed out. Also, clean the piping of the register with the hose as far as you can reach. You can scrub any dust built up in the register with the help of a brush. Step 6: Pay attention to return air registers After cleaning the supply registers, pay attention to return air registers because they gather more dust in comparison to the supply registers. Return air registers are generally fixed to the wall with a screw. Use your tools to open it and then clean the cavity or piping of the return air registers as deep as you can. The entire cleaning process of air ventilation ducts can be time-consuming, challenging and require some technical skills. So you should opt for experts who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast. They know how to clean it quickly and perfectly. Step 7: Remove dust from blower compartment and return air boot Now you need to remove the dust from blower compartment as well as return air boot. So turn off the power and remove the panels from the furnace and easily access the spots. The blower compartment and return air boot accumulate a lot of dust, so use the vacuum cleaners to clean all the dust built up. When you are cleaning these spots, also remove dust from the furnace fan.

Cleaning Air Ventilation Ducts is not a DIY job

Cleaning air ventilation ducts is not as easy as you think it is. To deep clean the ducts you need an advanced vacuum cleaner, special rotary brushes and many more tools that you are least likely to have. Apart from skills, the cleaning also requires experience and some set of skills. A professional, who performs end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast, has everything that is required to accomplish such a complicated task in a perfect and hassle-free manner.

The Bottom Line

Although you can follow the step by step process mentioned above, you should know that cleaning the air ventilation ducts on your own can be a daunting task. Despite your time and efforts, you are least likely to get a flawless cleaning. If you are moving out of the rental property, then hire professionals to clean the ducts perfectly and get the bond money back.