How to Clean Dirty Windows?

How to Clean Dirty Windows?

By : Mikaela Perrin
Neglecting to clean your windows can lead to a buildup of dirt specks, insect droppings, pests, stains, and dusty frames and sills. This is not only an eyesore that hampers your curb appeal but can also affect indoor air quality and harm your health. Therefore, it is necessary to dust your windows at least once a week and deep clean them every two to three months. If you have large outdoor windows that are at a height, you can always hire professional bond cleaning Gold Coast services to clean these windows thoroughly. Here are some reasons why cleaning your windows is important and tips on how you can go about the process:

Why You Need To Clean Your Windows

It is important to keep your windows clean as the dirt, bacteria and germs that build up on the glass can get airborne and hamper your indoor air quality. This thick buildup of dirt and dust can also eventually wear out the frame and structure of your windows and weaken them over time, resulting in costly repairs. Last but not least, your window glass needs to be clean so that the glazing can conduct or trap heat from the sun and reduce the need for energy consumption in your home. Now that you understand why it is necessary to keep your windows glistening, here are some useful tips to help you clean them:

1. Gather Your Window Cleaning Supplies

Bond cleaners on Gold Coast recommend arranging your window cleaning tools and supplies to have everything you need in one place. Here are some essential window supplies that you will need for the job:
  • Squeegee
  • Microfiber cloths
  • White vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • Warm water
  • Bucket
  • Glass bottle
  • Toothbrush
  • Vacuum with crevice cleaning attachment

  • Tip You can use a ladder to clean high-storey windows or leave this cleaning task to a professional.

    2. Dry Dust Your Windows From Top To Bottom

    You must remove the loose dust and debris before you clean stains and smudges from your windows. This is important before damp cleaning your windows so there are no dirt streaks. Bond cleaners on Gold Coast recommend using a microfiber cloth for this purpose, as it is lint-free and will not scratch the glass panels. Also, a microfiber cloth can trap tiny dirt particles and remove them easily. You should always move from top to bottom and left to right when dusting your windows so that you cover each area. Tip Place newspaper or old sheets below your windows so the dust and cleaning solution do not dirty your floors.

    3. Make A Cleaning Solution With White Vinegar

    Once you have removed the loose dust, make a window-cleaning solution using white vinegar or dish soap and warm water. Add two to three cups of white vinegar to one gallon of water and mix it in a glass spray bottle or bucket. Next, spray this on a microfiber cloth and wipe your windows with this solution in a Z motion. You can dip a squeegee in this solution, wring out the excess liquid and wipe your windows. Now you must leave this on your windows for 10-15 minutes so the acetic acid in vinegar can loosen insect droppings, hard stains, greasy and grimy smudges and stubborn dirt. Tip Here are some useful tips on how to clean your windows like a pro.

    4. Use A Squeegee To Remove The Cleaning Solution

    Next, you can use a clean squeegee to remove the vinegar solution and prevent streaks on your windows. You should line the squeegee with the top corner of your window and then move it horizontally. Next, wipe your squeegee after each stroke to prevent buildup, and remove all the vinegar solution. Bond cleaners on the Gold Coast suggest that while cleaning your windows, you use horizontal motions on one side of your glass pane and vertical strokes on the other. This will help you see which side the streaks are on and wipe them off easily. You should also use a lint-free cloth to remove any excess water that may have dripped down to your window sills so that it does not get damp and attract mould. Tip You should clean your windows on a cloudy day so the cleaning solution and water do not dry quickly and leave streaks.

    5. Dry Your Windows With A Lint-Free Cloth

    Next, use a lint-free cloth to wipe your windows and remove any excess liquid and solution. Lastly, use a toothbrush or vacuum with a crevice attachment to clean your window tracks so that no there is no dirt or dust lodged there.

    Some Additional Tips

  • Do not use scratch pads or harsh steel wool on your windows, as it can scratch or damage the glass.
  • If your windows are too high, it is best to call a professional bond cleaner on Gold Coast with specialised tools and years of expertise.
  • If you have window screens or blinds, remove them before cleaning your windows and hose them down.
  • You can use the same vinegar solution to scrub these window blinds and then let them dry before placing them back. You can also clean hard-to-reach areas like your window blinds using these hacks.

  • Conclusion

    Cleaning your dirty windows is important not only to trap and reflect sunlight so that you can reduce your energy costs but also to keep your indoor air quality clean. You should dust and wipe your windows at least once a week or more, depending on whether you have a pet, if you smoke and if construction is happening near your home. Lastly, a clean window will also enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase its sale value.