How to Clean Painted Walls?

a beautiful young woman wiping painted walls with a cloth rag

How to Clean Painted Walls?

By : Mikaela Perrin
When people notice that their painted walls have started to look dull, they immediately decide to add a fresh coat of paint. However, experts believe that you can remove the dullness and regain the lustre by merely cleaning the wall thoroughly.Your walls accumulate dust, grime, spills and smeared with knocks, scuffs, dirty fingerprints, etc. Thus it is essential to clean them from time to time, but the cleaning needs to be done carefully. A little bit of negligence can remove the finish. Thus many prefer to hire experts who perform reliable end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast. However, with some guidance, you can also execute the cleaning.  Here is detailed information on how to clean painted walls. Let’s have a look.

Prepare to clean painted walls

Before you start cleaning your painted walls, you must do the preparations properly. Otherwise, it will take a lot of time, and you won’t be able to clean the walls properly.
  • The first thing you need to do is to understand the type of paint. Whether it is flat, eggshell, satin finishes or glossy and semi-gloss finishes. Knowing the type of paint will help you to select the best cleaning method.
  • To clean the walls, you need more space. Thus, remove all the paintings, lamps, wall clock and other similar objects hanging on the wall you want to clean. If there is any furniture, move them out of the way so you can get plenty of room.
  • Next, you need to dust the walls! The surface of the wall accumulates dust over time. So, if you don’t get rid of the dust, you won’t be able to clean the walls thoroughly.

Clean Walls with Satin, Flat and Eggshell Paint Finishes

Satin, flat and eggshell paint finishes are less durable and are most likely to rub off if it is vigorously scrubbed or cleaned using an abrasive cleaner. Also, try not to use any harsh chemicals. Follow the step mentioned here. Prepare a homemade cleaning solution You can prepare a solution at home. Mix a few drops of dish detergent in 1900 ml warm water. You can also use vinegar in place of dish detergent. Avoid any harsh chemicals. Clean the wall Soak a sponge into the solution and wring it properly to remove excess water. Now clean the wall top to bottom, then move to the right and again clean vertically. Remoisten it when needed! Repeat the process if it is required. Allow it to air dry Once you are done with cleaning, open the windows, door and turn on fans to air dry the walls. Avoid using towels to dry the walls.

Clean Walls with Gloss and Semi-gloss Paint Finishes

People often opt for gloss, and semi-gloss paint finishes on kitchen walls. It is because such paint finishes are durable enough to tolerate degreasing cleaners, but they are vulnerable to scratches. Follow the steps to clean such painted walls. Use a mild degreaser for kitchen If your kitchen wall has this type of paint finish and the area around your stove is covered with food splatter and grease, opt for a mild degreaser. If you find it difficult, hire experts who carry out end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast. Prepare a cleaning solution For any other place, you need to prepare a cleaning solution. Combine warm water (950 ml), dish detergent (1 teaspoon), and white vinegar (0.25 teaspoons) properly. After mixing, wait for a few minutes before you start cleaning. Clean the walls Dip a sponge into the cleaning solution and squeeze it properly. Then, clean the wall vertically, move to the right side and again clean it from top to bottom. Repeat one more round if needed. Allow it to air dry When the cleaning is complete, allow the walls to air dry. Open windows and turn on the fan so that it can dry quickly.

Remove stains from Painted Walls

No matter what kind of paint finishes you have on your walls, spills and stains are a common issue. You can either clean such stains with the help of professionals who offer end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast or by following the tips mentioned below. Use water and a soft sponge A lot of stains can be removed with the help of only water and sponge. So, always try this option first before opting for other solutions. Use mild cleanser Wall paint can get damaged pretty easily. So, you should always use the mildest possible cleansing option if there is a requirement. Also, make sure that you also do a spot test. Use water and mild detergent Add 1 to 2 drops of dish detergent in 950 ml of warm water and mix it well. Then dip and squeeze a soft sponge and use it remove the stain. Use Magic Eraser It is easily available at any nearby store in Gold Coast. It is beneficial when you want to remove the crayon, pencil and pen marks. Many cleaning companies offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast. So, you can contact a reputed company and get the job done.


Cleaning painted walls is not as difficult as it seems, but you need to carry out the cleaning procedure with utmost care. First, know about the type of paint used on the wall. Then follow the step mentioned above to accomplish the task in the best possible manner. You can also take help from professionals.