How To Clean These Hard-To-Reach Areas In Your Home?

smiling young woman using a long handle brush to clear dust from window

How To Clean These Hard-To-Reach Areas In Your Home?

By : Mikaela Perrin
Cleaning a home on a daily basis means overlooking hard-to-reach areas. Your house cleaning schedule may take you to the corners of your rooms, but most of the people often forget to clean those areas that are out of their sight or difficult-to-reach. Removing dust and grimes from these places becomes imperative, especially if you are running at the end of your lease period. As a tenant, it is your responsibility to get the entire property cleaned to secure your bond money. You can hire the professionals for best bond cleaning Gold Coast and to get the security deposits back from the landlord or real estate agent. While many people opt for professional cleaners for hard-to-reach places, you can also do it yourself if you have the right cleaning tactics. From ceiling fans to window blinds, getting rid of dust from these areas can be difficult for you if you don’t have the appropriate tools or equipment. Here in this blog post, you can learn how to clean those hard-to-reach areas in your home without any professional assistance. You can do it yourself and make your home free from allergies and bacteria.

1. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans not only gather the dust particles but also spread them all around the room. If you want a germ-free home, make sure you clean your ceiling fans and light fixtures once in a week. You can do this using a disposable duster that has an extendable handle. This tool works wonders in collecting and removing cobwebs, dust mites and other allergens in your home. Make sure you use disposable duster because it can cling the dust without letting them scatter around the floor. You can also arrange a ladder to get your ceiling fans and light fixtures appropriately cleaned. Take help from your partner while bracing the ladder – this will protect you from injuries.

2. Cleaning Air Vents

Most of the people living on the Gold Coast don’t get enough time to spruce up their entire home daily because of their tight schedules. That’s why they arrange their cleaning chores on weekends. From cleaning carpets to the kitchen sink, floors to the toilet seat, they clean everything. During this cleaning process, most of us often overlook air vents. These are the direct sources of dust and germs inside your home that can lead to harmful diseases. Of course, cleaning air vents is a difficult job, but with the help you a vacuum cleaner you can do it in a breeze. All you need to do is to vacuum your air vents to get rid of loose dust. Once you are done with this, wrap a clean microfiber cloth around the butter knife to remove dirt that stuck between the openings of the ducts. Isn’t it simple?

3. Cabinet Tops

You can use the same an extendable handle duster to remove dust from the top of your cabinets and tall furniture. Don’t forget to re-adjust the angle to reach to the top of the cabinets. If you want to remove tough stains from cabinets in your kitchen, use a stool and clean using a microfiber cloth soaked in white vinegar and baking soda solution. Wipe down the dust and grease and rinse with a clean cloth.

4. Window and sliding door tracks

Cleaning windows, shower door and sliding door tracks can be a daunting task because of the narrow spaces. Since these areas quickly attract dust and dirt particles in small amounts, make sure you clean it thoroughly using the right tool. You can start by removing the screens so that you can vacuum the dust with ease. Use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of loose dirt. Once you are done with the vacuuming, take a solution of dishwashing liquid, water and one teaspoon of household ammonia and mix them in an empty spray bottle. To clean those tight spaces, you can dip the bristled brush and scrub the tracks. This is a super-easy method that can give you sparkling results in minutes and ensure that you get your bond money back easily.

5. Window Blinds

Dusting window blinds are one of the most overlooked chores when it comes to house cleaning. It is easy to ignore such areas because they are not a part of the regular house cleaning process and thus they remain untouched for months. To get window blinds clean, you can use a static duster and make sure you close them and clean one side and then reverse the direction to spruce up the other side. Use kitchen tongs and tie the microfiber cloth around it and secure it with a rubber band. This will also make your job easier without giving you a hint of stress.

6. Beneath the rim of your toilet seat

This is the most overlooked areas when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms. The area beneath the rim of your toilet bowl is the dirtiest spots for all kinds of germs and bacteria. If you really want to clean this hard-to-reach area, then sock some paper towels in a solution of water and white vinegar. Stick them up under the rim and leave it for half an hour. After that, discard the towels and scrub the remaining gunk using your toilet brush. This is a wonderful trick that can give you instant results without any elbow grease.
These are some of the key areas that are hard to reach. You can include them into your checklist and keep them sparkling clean. They should be kept clean if you want to return your property to your landlord. You can also hire a reliable bond cleaning company in Gold Coast to get the best cleaning results along with your bond money. They can leave your entire house, including the difficult-to-reach areas spotless using high-quality equipment and cleaning tools.