How to Clean Vinyl Flooring Naturally?

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How to Clean Vinyl Flooring Naturally?

By : Mikaela Perrin

Vinyl floors are an epitome of elegance and class. They make your homes look extravagant and stylish. Recently, they have been experiencing a massive demand in the market because of their value for money factor.

These floors not only enhance the appearance of your homes but are also very easy to clean and maintain. They are comfortable for the feet and lessen the noise. Their most significant advantage is that individual pieces can be replaced when they get damaged.

However, it is essential to keep them clean. Otherwise, accumulated dirt and stains can make the house look very unattractive. Many people contact professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast every fortnight to maintain the floors. They use tested and advanced techniques to remove stains and dirt from such surfaces.

It is also possible to keep it clean with regular dusting and moping. All you need is a little guidance. Here is a detailed procedure to do its basic as well as deep cleaning. Also, avoid the mistakes mentioned here. Have a look:

Basic Cleaning and Maintenance of Vinyl flooring

Dusting your vinyl flooring daily or at least a couple of times in a week will help you to keep it clean and free from stains. Usually, people contact professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast as they have the technical knowledge and the right tools to do the job. However, you can follow these simple tips to keep it spick and span.

  • The substances and dirt that come into your home along with your shoes can damage the surface of the vinyl flooring. The tiny pits of gravel and the soil can change the colour of the flooring over time and also lead to scratches. To avoid them, place a doormat at the entrance so that everyone can wipe their shoes on it before entering the house.
  • It is essential that you sweep the floor every day so that the dirt, dust and other particles do not get a chance to settle down. You can also use a vacuum cleaner or a dry mop to remove the dust and debris. While using a vacuum cleaner, make sure that you use the soft attachments. Do not forget to clean along the baseboards, under the cabinets and furniture.
  • If you spill something on the floor, clean it immediately. The spills of any sugary drinks like orange juice can be challenging to remove once they have dried. Even if it is a cup of water, do not delay the cleaning. This way, you can keep it clean, and it will save your time and effort later. If you talk to the experienced end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast, they will also advise you to clean such spills immediately.
  • Vinegar is an affordable, safe and effective cleaner for vinyl flooring. Simply mix it in hot water and use it to mop the surface daily. This will help you to clean the dirt and destroy the germs. Always try to use the mildest cleanser to clean such flooring.

How to Deep Clean Vinyl Flooring Naturally

Your vinyl floor can accumulate dirt and different types of stains over time, so it is crucial to deep clean it frequently. There are many commercial cleaners in the market, but they have harmful chemicals. So opt for an eco-friendly approach and use household products.

  • Apple cider vinegar solution is a fantastic option to clean these types of floors. But for deeper cleansing, you can add a tablespoon of dish soap in it. The soap will remove the dirt and dust that are embedded in the vinyl Also, choose a mop that has nylon scrub bristles.
  • People often notice a problem that the vinyl flooring gets scuffed. However, there is an easy way to get rid of such scuffs. Pour some jojoba oil on a soft cloth, and then rub it gently on the scuff marks. If the marks are on the uppermost surface of the floor, they will get removed quickly.
  • Baking soda is one of the excellent options to clean the floors. Mix it with enough water to make a thick paste. Then take some paste on a piece of cloth and rub it gently over food and drink stains including berry juice or wine. As the baking soda is marginally abrasive, it should remove the stains quickly without causing any damage to the surface.
  • There could be some stubborn stains that won’t come out with a piece of soft cloth. To remove such stains, you need to scrub the spot with a soft nylon brush. This way, the stains will be removed without leaving any scratches on the floor. If you use a stiff-bristled brush, it can damage your floor. If you don’t want to take any chances, take help from the experienced end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast.
  • Stains from your makeup and other pigmented stuff can be challenging to remove. But rubbing alcohol can help you to remove them correctly. Take a piece of cloth and rub it over the stains. It will get the job done, without causing any problem to the floor. If you want to get rid of fingernail polish, use acetone-free fingernail polish remover. This is because acetone can be harmful for your vinyl floor.
  • Once you have removed all the stains, wash the floor properly so that the residue doesn’t get a chance to settle down in the spot. Moreover, soap and other cleaners that build up on the surface can damage it in the long run.

Mistakes People Usually Make

While cleaning this type of flooring, people often make the following mistakes. This not only damages the floor but also makes things complicated.

  • One of the biggest mistakes people make is to use a stiff-bristled brush. They also scrub the surface too hard, and that reduces the natural shine of the floor gradually. Always use the softest possible material to eliminate the dirt or stains.
  • Do not use too much water to clean the floor. This is because excess water can get inside the floor and damage the glue that holds all the tiles together with the floor. If you hire end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast, you will see that they use water but immediately clean it with a dry cloth.
  • Do not pick any random cleaner and use it to clean such floors. Most of the commercial products have strong cleaning chemicals that can damage the surface. So, always go for vinegar as it is entirely safe and effective.


Vinyl flooring is perfect for your homes. It is durable, looks beautiful and stands up exceptionally well to heavy foot traffic. All you need to do is keep it clean. The methods mentioned here will help you to maintain its natural shine. If you want to save some time and effort, hire budget end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast.