How To Clean Windows Like A Pro: End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

happy young woman wiping a window with a squeegee

How To Clean Windows Like A Pro: End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

By : Mikaela Perrin

Are you delaying the cleaning of your windows because you don’t know the right way to do it? Well, that is what most people do! In the absence of proper guidance and knowledge, they postpone the cleaning of windows until it becomes messy.

But when you are at the end of tenancy, it becomes imperative to clean every nook and corner of the house, including the windows. And if your window cleaning task has lingered for long, it is wise to call professionals for bond cleaning in Gold Coast and ensure the return of your deposit money.

However, the cleaning procedure doesn’t need to be that challenging. Here, we offer you a quick, no-fuss, comprehensive and easy to follow guide that will help you keep your windows sparkling clean with minimum effort.

Things to Remember Before You Start Cleaning

Do not start cleaning until you are sure about the following things:

If it is a sunny day, don’t go for the cleaning task. Instead, wait for a cloudy morning. Although it is a lot easier to see the smears on a bright and sunny day, the heat of the sun dries the glass too quickly, which is usually the main factor behind any streaks.

Make sure that you have brushed, swept and vacuumed them before cleaning. If the windows are free of dust, it becomes a lot easier to wash them. So, you should vacuum the frames, sills and sash first. This will also ensure that there is no soupy and muddy mess on the floor after the cleaning process. Also, remember to check for mould and mildew on the walls and treat them before you commence the cleaning process.

It is crucial that you remove the window dressings. This is not something that you must do, but if you are doing a cleaning after a long time, it makes sense. You should remove it because it can come in the way or get easily dirty by drips and splashes. This can also be a great chance to clean the curtains and blinds.

Get some newspaper handy! If you have only got a few pieces of microfiber cloth, arrange some paper. This is because after using cloths for cleaning, a newspaper can give you the result you want. Clean and dry the glass with crumpled newspaper and get a streak-free and sparkling finish.

How to Clean Windows like a Pro?

Cleaning a window largely depends on its condition. So, first, you need to understand how much scrubbing it will require and only then we will be able to find the right method.

For Fairly Clean Windows

If you clean your windows from time to time and they are not very dirty, you don’t need to make a lot of efforts to clean it. Use a wet microfibre cloth to wipe them, and a couple of dry cloth to dry them off and accomplish a streak-free finish.

The advantage of using these cloths is that you can easily clean them in the washing machine, so they are ready for use next time and thus reduce waste in your bin.

This makes them an eco-friendly way of cleaning your windows. Moreover, if you use a squeegee before you use the microfibre cloth to dry off the windows, you can reduce the number of clothes and complete the job even faster.

What not to do?

Do not replace your microfibre cloths with kitchen roll because most of the kitchen rolls will disintegrate if they get wet. And this will leave lint deposits on the panes of the window.

To Remove Medium-Grade Dirt

If you don’t get the desired results by using microfiber cloth, you need to look for some other solution. Maybe, the dust is not that stubborn, but it is indeed copious. In such a scenario, you are most likely to require a solution made of warm water and washing up liquid.

Start cleaning the window by wiping it using the soapy water and a scratchy sponge. Once you are done with that, rinse the window with clean water. You can use a squeegee to remove any further soapy deposits. At last, use the microfiber cloth to get a streak-free finish.

What not to do?

People often make water too bubbly, and that is a mistake. The soapy suds can leave a lot of see-through streaks on your windows.

To Remove Stubborn Dirt

People are using vinegar for years to clean their house, windows in particular. And it is still seen as a valid option to eliminate the stubborn dirt. Moreover, it is non-toxic and anti-bacterial thus, it is useful and at the same time, an eco-friendly solution.

You can easily make your vinegar-based solution to clean the windows. Take a small bucket of warm water and then add only two tablespoons of vinegar in it. Put the vinegar solution in a spray bottle and spray on the areas that have stubborn dirt.

Let the solution settle for a couple of minutes and then use soapy water and sponge to clean the window. Make sure that you are wearing rubber gloves. In such a scenario, people usually opt for bond cleaning in Gold Coast because they have modern equipment and have knowledge about different cleaning techniques.

What not to do? Do not use a vinegar solution on windows that are matt-painted or have undercoated-only frames. This is because you might find stains on the chassis. Moreover, the odour of the vinegar can be pretty intense.

Other Cleaning Methods

Apart from the ways mentioned above, they are also two methods to clean a window. Let’s have a look.

Clean dirty glass clean with a window Vacuum

If your house has lots of large windows and it is located at a place where the windows can quickly get dirty, a window vacuum can be beneficial as the window cleaning job can be done promptly and you are most likely to get good results. You don’t need to do a lot of research to pick a vacuum cleaner. Go for a cordless model that has decent battery life.

Try professional cleaning fluid

If you are not happy with the effectiveness of vinegar and want to use a commercial window cleaner, you better consult with the people who have adequate knowledge or contact a bond cleaning company.

If you are selecting one, try to go for a product that does not contain methylated spirits or ammonia but fulfills with all other requirements. The product should not damage the paint, plastic or varnish. To get the best results, follow the instructions from the manufacturer.


We always make a lot of efforts trying to get the exterior of the windows clean, but they just never looked crystal clear. The professional bond cleaner is the best option, but you can also do it on your own. Follow the ways mentioned above to get the best result in minimum time.