How To Clean Your House The Feng Shui Way?

Use Feng Shui to Clear Your Home

How To Clean Your House The Feng Shui Way?

By : Mikaela Perrin
Feng Shui is the oldest practice that was introduced more than 3,000 years ago in China. It is a perfect amalgamation of science and art which allows you to discover the ways to balance the energy in a home. Feng means ‘wind while Shui is known as ‘water’ and both are considered as the yin and yang of good fortune and good health.This practice enables you to create a balance of positive energy in your living space that can bring good fortune and keep your family healthy. It is also believed that cleaning a house in the Feng Shui way can generate Chi energy or life energy, which is usually blocked by dust, dirt and clutter around your house.  There is no denying the fact that cleaning is one of the imperative aspects that can promote the healthy and hygienic indoor environment. That’s the reason why tenants prefer hiring experts for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast for the safe retrieval of bond money. With their professional assistance, you can return the rental property in its pristine condition. The importance of deep cleaning practices remains the same, even if you are living in your own house. Since our homes reflect our personality, make sure you keep it clean, clutter-free and sparkling to let the positive energy come in using Feng Shui cleaning hacks. Below are some simple tips that can help you remove dust, dirt, pollens, stains, grease and germs from your beautiful home in the Feng Shi way.

1. Clear Up the Mess

Keeping a home clean and clutter-free is one of the best ways to create a flow of positive energy. Cluttered homes only attract negative energy which can make you feel unhappy or depressed. It is important to clear all the mess around your rooms before removing dust, dirt and other grime from different surfaces. Piles of dirty clothes on a couch or toys on the floor will not only make your house look dirty, but they will also block the energy and make you feel less productive. To bring a balance of energy in your house through the Feng Shui practise, keep the following de-cluttering tips in mind:
  • Throw out broken, ripped, stained and outdated items, such as old craft supplies, broken appliances and other unnecessary stuff.
  • Pile all important documents in a folder because managing paper clutter is one of the hardest jobs.
  • Sort your belongings into groups while de-cluttering your rooms.
  • Check all rooms and put belongings on their designated place.
  • Donate items that are in good condition.

2. Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Organised

A shiny and clean kitchen has the potential to attract money. When you follow the feng shui principle while sprucing up your kitchen, especially refrigerator, cupboards and pantry, you will actually feel the flow of positive vibes. Make sure you clean the kitchen countertops, stovetop, backsplashes, sink and kitchen appliances using white vinegar and water solution. Apart from this, get rid of expired food and organise your pantry on a regular basis. It is good to clean every nook and cranny of your kitchen using a safe and sound cleaning product. Tip: Consider hiring trained end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast if you are at the end of your tenancy and want to pass your property inspection without any conflict. They clean the entire rental premises, including your kitchen.

3. Clean the Windows

According to the feng shui principle, it is imperative to keep your windows dust-free because they are your eyes to the world. A clean window boosts clarity and allows the sunlight to enter the house. This brings positivity and keeps you feel happy and productive throughout the day. Plus, it gives the first impression to the people who are passing by it. So, it is good to keep your windows clean using a natural cleaning agent. First, remove loose dust particles, pollens and other debris using a clean microfiber cloth. After that, apply glass cleaner or white vinegar solution on the window glass, window sills and frames. Wipe it off using a squeegee to get rid of tough stains and excess water. Tip: Never clean your windows on a sunny day if you want to avoid nasty streaks.

4. Clean Your Bedroom

Feng Shui suggests de-cluttering a bedroom can generate positive energy. You should deep-clean your bedroom- from top to bottom using best products. Also, create a balance and symmetry by arranging your bed so that you can see the door. Keep the lamps on both the sides of your bed.

5. Target Hidden Areas

Believe it or not! Negative energy lies in messy closets and other hidden areas of a house because they are covered with dirt and bacteria.  You should remove dust and grime from hidden places using a microfiber cloth or an extendable duster. This will help you reach high areas such as the top of the cabinets, cupboards, shelves, under the heavy kitchen appliances, etc.


Tidying up an entire house from top to bottom produces positive energy. Feng shui also suggest removing clutter, dust, dirt, and bacteria to generate the flow of life energy in the home. These tips will help you clean the house the Feng Shui way. If you are moving out of rental premises, consider hiring professionals for the best end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast. They carry out the cleaning jobs according to the pre-approved cleaning checklist to help you get your full bond back with ease.