How To Create A Cleaning Schedule That Works For You?

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How To Create A Cleaning Schedule That Works For You?

By : Mikaela Perrin
Cleaning is among essential tasks to perform at home for maintaining hygiene, improving indoor air quality, and getting rid of illness-causing germs. It is vital for general maintenance of the property too; especially if you are a tenant because if the areas are heavily soiled, performing the end of lease cleaning will be backbreaking even for professionals in Gold Coast. Having a cleaning schedule for your home is wise, and for optimum results, it is best to create a customised timetable. Each household is different with the members having varied schedules – considering this necessary daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning chores should be defined to eliminate the confusion of what to do and where to start. How to create a cleaning schedule that works for you? Here are useful tips by expert cleaners in the Gold Coast.

Make a Master List

Dusting is a daily chore, whereas cleaning the oven is a monthly activity. For you to make a schedule, the first step is to identify the tasks and decide if they need to be completed daily, weekly, or monthly. For people with children vacuuming the carpets needs to be done every day. However, for a working couple, the carpets can be vacuumed weekly. Also, the list will be different for those who are moving because their tasks will be related to end of tenancy cleaning. According to the structure of your life -deciding what task needs to be done and when is your call. For example, people who do laundry in the morning every day and fold the clothes at night should put these tasks on the master list and categorise them as ‘daily’.

Decide a Format for your Cleaning Schedule

Once you have the master list with all the chore written down and categorised deciding the format for your schedule will be easy. The best way to look at different templates would be to search online where there are hundreds of printable layouts. Be as flexible as possible while creating your cleaning schedule. For instance, if there are two selected templates, then take all the elements of liking and merge them to form a customised timetable. According to preference, the schedule can have a start-end time tab, area-wise categorisation, chores coloured differently based on priority, etc.

Where to Make the Cleaning Schedule?

The cleaning schedule can be created on a variety of digital platforms or traditional mediums depending on preference. People who are knowledgeable of software can make their timetables on MS Excel, Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc. Those who like physically write down things can use binders, chart papers, colours, cardboards, blackboards, chalks, and markers, among other stationery. There are many android and iOS applications that you can download on your mobile devices to create or customised cleaning schedules such as Tody, Clean My House, Home Routines, Our Home, etc. By using apps, you can share tasks with members of the household, put reminders, make edits and do many other things with ease.

Involve Everyone in the House

Whether you live with your partner, family, or roommates, it is necessary everyone in the household makes their list. Conduct a meeting with all the members once each list is complete, and then a master cleaning timetable for the house can be created. Making this schedule is essential because it will help involve everyone and tasks will be assigned according to their comfort plus availability. Make sure to categorise the chores and assign deadlines for timely completion. What’s more, there can be rewards for completion of tasks. Adopting a reward system is fruitful when you are moving house and have to motivate everyone in the household to contribute to the end of lease cleaning. Note: People in some households may have extremely busy schedules and zero bandwidth. Under such circumstances, the best option would be to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast.

Why is Making a Cleaning Schedule Important?

Having a cleaning schedule is ideal for people who find it difficult to motivate themselves to perform daily/weekly/monthly sanitation tasks and streamline chores. Understandably, many people find cleaning tiring, time-confusing, and challenging. By creating a timetable chores can be categorised, assigned deadlines, ranked according to priorities, etc. Furthermore, you can reduce the stress by sharing responsibilities, and clean more efficiently as there is a plan to work. In addition, it helps keep your home sanitary with excellent indoor air quality at all times. If your tenancy is about to get over and you plan on performing the end of lease cleaning yourself then creating a schedule is ideal to complete tasks on-time because even professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast stick to a cleaning checklist to finish jobs.

Wrapping Up

If you are some who procrastinates when it comes to sanitising your home, then creating a schedule is the best way to help you do chores. By following the tips mentioned above, make a customised cleaning timetable that works for you. This way, it will be easier to keep your home welcoming, fresh, and liveable always.