How to De-clutter a Home using KonMari Method?

Women de-cluttering home

How to De-clutter a Home using KonMari Method?

By : Mikaela Perrin
When it comes to organising your house and getting rid of your excess belongings, the KonMari method can be very effective. Marie Kondo, who is a famous organising consultant from Japan, introduced this method that has become very popular across the globe. Studies have found that dirt and clutter present inside the house can negatively impact mental health and wellbeing. Therefore, it is essential to remove the dirt and clear the clutter from your living space as well. Hiring professionals who offer reliable end of lease cleaning Gold Coast is the best way to clean your home perfectly. However, you also need to make some efforts to clear the clutter and maintain cleanliness. That is where the KonMari method becomes so relevant. Before you follow this method to de-clutter your home, it is important to know the guidelines you need to follow. Read on to know about how to de-clutter a home using the KonMari method.

Commit to the Chore Entirely

The first rule of the KonMari Method is that you must commit to entirely cleaning your home. The commitment will test your patience level, but you should not give up halfway. Otherwise, you won’t get the desired result! Dusting and scrubbing the entire property is time-consuming, so do not get discouraged if the cleaning takes a few days or a few weeks.

Visualise the Kind of Home and Lifestyle you want

If you want to make your home more organised, clutter-free, and sparkling clean, start visualising it. You may think that visualising might not be helpful, but this approach can be beneficial in the long run. It is because your house will accumulate clutter now and then, which can discourage you. When you visualise an organised home, you will realise why you want to live there. That will give you the much-needed motivation and help you accomplish the organising and cleaning task perfectly. It is one of the smart cleaning hacks to make your lives simpler. If you want to take the help of professionals, hire certified end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast.

Get Rid Of The Unwanted Things

Before you begin organising your belongings, you must get rid of anything that you do not use anymore. De-cluttering will help you to remove a large number of items, making the task of organising your home much easier. Moreover, when you get rid of unnecessary items, you free up more room, which also makes cleaning easier. So, prepare a list of items in your closet, kitchen, storeroom, garage, etc. You can either sell the items in a garage sale or donate to some near NGO. When you have clutter in your home, it promotes the growth of dust and dirt. So clear the clutter to minimise cobwebs, moulds, and other dirt from your home.

Organise As Per Category and Not the Location

People generally organise their stuff room by room, but this is a mistake, as per the KonMari approach. This strategy is incorrect because people believe they have completed the chore and organised the entire home. However, the truth is that the items are only distributed to different rooms and not sorted. This method will make it impossible for you to evaluate the amount of stuff you own. As a result, rather of performing the task by location, organise it by category.

Follow the correct order

When it comes to organising your stuff, the KonMari method says that you follow the correct category. The process can be made a lot easier if you follow a particular order. So, start with the clothes and work your way down to books, papers and documents, miscellaneous stuff, and finally, sentimental items. It is one of the best tips to keep a house clean with little kids. Put everything in the middle of the room for each category. You will get an accurate idea of how much extra you have. It will also allow you to clean all of the cabinets, drawers, kitchen shelves, study tables, and other comparable areas in your closet.

Keep Items that Gives Your Happiness

Hold every item in your hand to see if it gives you happiness and you really want to have it. If it is not, then you must get rid of the items. Other cleaning methods claim that if you haven’t used anything in a year, you don’t need it. However, the KonMari approach emphasises the importance of feeling. So, only keep the things that give you a good feeling.

Hire professionals for cleaning

Declutter is already a stressful task to carry out on your own, so you don’t need the extra pressure of house cleaning. Contact a reputed end of lease cleaning company in Gold Coast and assign them the task of cleaning your home thoroughly. That is how you will be to minimise your stress and focus on decluttering your excess items in the best possible way. Following the KonMari method will make things a lot easier.

Final Thoughts

If you want to de-clutter your home but don’t know how to carry out the task perfectly, follow the KonMari method without any hesitation. It will help you to complete the task in a stress-free and hassle-free manner. To make the dusting and scrubbing task more effective and quick, hire professionals who offer the best end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast.