How to do a Proper Bond Cleaning

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How to do a Proper Bond Cleaning

By : Mikaela Perrin

Bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning is something which the property manager asks for when your lease ends and you are about to move out. Without a proper cleaning of your rented space whether it’s a house, or a commercial office, you will not receive your bond money back from the Real estate. Getting your bond back can be a really stressful especially if your property manager is quite picky, you have to make sure that the property is returned to the time it was like you moved in. Your property manager would want the property in the same condition as it was when you moved in, have you caused any damage to the property? Is it as clean as the day when you moved it? Experts acknowledges small wear and tear but if a place if not cleaned properly then getting your bond back will be a big hassle.

Before moving out of your rental property, it is highly important that you should get a bond cleaning done by a reputed company who have professional and experienced cleaners. A good bond cleaner will know exactly what the property manager is looking for in a bond clean. If you are from gold coast, then you can contact bond cleaning in gold coast who have over 7 years of experience in this field and a 100% bond return success rate. There are various bond cleaning requirements which should be taken into consideration before you start to plan your end of lease cleaning, some of them are listed below.

Bond cleaning/End of lease cleaning Requirements

One of the last things you would want is to leave the end of lease cleaning for your house for the end. It may sound easy at the beginning, but a bond cleaning requires a lot of work to be done correctly and should not be underestimated, it requires a lot of work to be completed perfectly as it will be judge by your real estate property manager. Hiring a bond cleaner will save you a lot of time and money and will actually make sure that you get your bond money back.

Sometimes you get to deal with Property managers from companies like Raywhite and PRD Nationwide in Southport considered as the most picky property managers when it comes to cleaning, you ask any bond cleaner on the coast and they will make a weird expression when you let them know that Raywhite will be coming for cleaning inspection. These 2 real estate companies are renowned in gold coast as the most troublesome people to deal with when it comes to an end of lease cleaning. They want perfection, so it’s best to not underestimate the hard work involved in a bond clean. Each and every professional cleaner know what exactly the requirements of a property manager are and their cleaning checklist can be 4 pages long.

Key Areas to Consider while Bond cleaning are listed Below


The most time taking part of the whole house, kitchen takes a lot of time to clean and therefore costs more. The first thing any experienced bond cleaning will check in the kitchen is Oven & range hoods. Why? Well because ovens are usually quite messy and they are the first thing that a property manager will check during a bond clean, and you would always want to start with a good impression. You have to make sure that your oven looks as good as new, sparkling as if it was recently bought! In an oven you have to remove the grills and clean them individually. Cleaning an oven is not easy and can be time taking, Many cleaners use highly toxic materials to clean the oven faster, these materials should be used under proper care as the liquid from oven cleaners are highly acidic and cause severe burns on your skin when comes in a direct contact.

After you are done with the oven make sure to clean the Range hoods properly as well, If there is too much oil residue in the range hood filters then simply dip them in hot water with some vinegar and baking soda for 30 mins, the best method to remove the oil stuck to the filter without much of an effort.

Once you have completed cleaning your oven & range hood, then the next part is to start cleaning all your cupboards inside out. This is where you have to be cautions, usually if you have stayed in the property for a long period of time then there is some wear and tear in the cupboards that causes certain stains which cannot be removed or were there in the property before you moved in. If they were there before you moved in and have been mentioned in your property contract then you are good to leave it as it is. As according to the experts, you are only allowed to return the property to the same condition in which you received it in.

Once the ovens are dealt with, next comes the sink and drain holes, your property manager will expect them to be sparkling clean, use some all-purpose cleaner with a Glass cleaner/Steel Shiner in order to leave a sparkling sink. Make sure to clean the walls, skirting boards and remove all cobwebs in the kitchen. If you have a dishwasher then clean it’s filter as well. One of the sayings which Raywhite goes with is “IF you think something would require a clean, then it probably does” you will find this in their end of lease requirements.


Cleaning a bathroom can be a really big hassle and time taking work if you don’t know what you are dealing with. You have to make sure that not even a single strand of hair is left anywhere in the bathroom, we have seen bond cleaning inspections rejected because of a single strand of hair in the sink, yes just for a single strand of hair in the sink by the infamous Raywhite in Upper Coomera.

The next big challenge will be to check shower screens for soap scums. You will find numerous cleaners who will mention saying that the soap scum from the shower screen cannot be removed as it is inside the glass or you would have to call a glass polisher. We at bond cleaning in gold coast know how to properly remove all the soap scum in your shower screen which others can’t, that’s the difference between an experienced cleaner and a novice.

Clean all the toilets and make sure that there are no streaks or lint left in the bathroom mirrors, that’s the first thing a property manager will inspect when they enter the bathroom. Whether the mirrors look perfect or not, make sure all the taps are left sparkling along with the sink. The rest are the general cleaning things like skirting boards, wall spots and cobwebs which you will have to do in all rooms and properly.


In bedroom, if your house has a carpet then your property manager will ask for a Licensed Carpet cleaner, at Bond cleaning in gold coast you can even get your house Steam cleaned saving you time and resources to contact two different people. You would have to clean all baseboard inside out, clean wall spots, skirtings, and check the room for cobwebs. Doors are often neglected by novice cleaners, you have to give it a special attention as well with the doorknob.

Walls usually take major time to clean in bedrooms if you had a toddler or a pet in the house. Cleaning walls is not an easy task, many cleaners use sugar soap which is not always enough. Although sugar soap removes major marks from the walls but it still doesn’t clean them perfectly. We have been complemented by our clients that their walls looked as if they were just painted. A Professional cleaner would know what items work and how to use them properly. If task is done effectively then it not only saves time but resources as well.

Make sure that all Tracks are cleaner in all the rooms where there are sliding doors, Many people don’t mention this but tracks are also important in a bond clean. You have to remove all the dead bugs and clean the tracks properly from inside out. They should be clean enough to not dirty a naked finger when swiped on the tracks and if they are made from steel then should be left shining. These are the basic requirements of a commercial Apartment cleaning.

Listed above are the major sections in a bond clean, this article covers all the major things which should always be double checked when getting your bond clean done or doing one yourself. There are still items like Cleaning your laundry, staircase, hallways, light fittings, veranda etc. which requires proper approach or will end up causing you more time and money.

That’s the reason why people prefer getting a bond cleaning done by professionals, as they have much better and important things to do. If you are really planning to do the bond cleaning of your house by yourself then you should be ready for one hell of a ride. It can be done, but it’s not going to be easy. If you want to keep yourself away from all this hassle and live in a Gold coast, Brisbane or Sunshine coast, then visit our service page to get a Free Quote or simply give us a call and we will make sure that your bond cleaning is handled by professional cleaners who actually know what they are doing.