How To Find The Best Bond Cleaners In Gold Coast?

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How To Find The Best Bond Cleaners In Gold Coast?

By : Mikaela Perrin
Moving into a new property is exciting as well as daunting. Furniture arrangements and deciding the wall colour are not the only things you need to manage; getting the bond back is also essential as it involves the challenging task of end-of-lease cleaning. Like others, you too can perform this task yourself, but hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast has several advantages. Most of the cleaning companies promise to get your deposit money back, but there is no such surety when you clean the property yourself. Hiring professional cleaners also helps you to focus on other essential aspects of relocation. However, when you doing it, you are most likely to get frustrated by the diverse responsibilities and limited time. This is why you need a team of reliable and professional team of end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast. However, the question is what are the parameters to judge an end of lease cleaning company? Here is a list of some useful tips to recognise the best end of lease cleaners.

Ask for End of Lease Cleaning Guarantee

The first thing you need to check is whether your end of lease cleaner is providing any guarantee for the cleaning service? If ‘yes’, then you are most likely dealing with a reliable service provider. Always remember that a reputable company is not afraid to re-arrange cleaning if the client or the inspection agent is not happy with the service. Professional bond cleaners are always confident about providing high-quality cleaning and also ask for client feedback to keep improving. A reputable bond cleaning company in Gold Coast covers the entire property and is ready to offer a re-clean if you are dissatisfied for the next few days. Inviting your property manager/landlord during this period gives you an advantage – if the person is satisfied with the cleaning standard, you are most likely to get your deposit back; otherwise, you can ask the bond cleaners to rectify the issues at no additional cost.

Find Out if the Company Follows Any Cleaning Checklist

End of lease cleaning service is about comprehensively cleaning a rental property when people relocate. Several service providers claim that they provide this type of cleaning job with the best possible quality, but fail to understand the specific requirements of the clients. As a result, they fail to provide the result that the client expects. This is why it is essential to ensure that the end of lease cleaners provide the clients with a checklist that explains the entire process of cleaning and the areas they will cover. You need to know all these things before you hire a company. Usually, a reliable bond cleaning company provides a detailed cleaning list that consists of all the crucial areas inside the property. When you know the cleaners will give a thorough cleaning service, you feel confident about clearing the final inspection and thus getting the bond money back.

Ask the Cleaners about Their Criteria for Pricing

People hire a professional end of lease cleaning company in Gold Coast to get the best possible cleaning quality. And this in only possible when the bond cleaners are committed to the quality cleaning and do not work on hourly basis. If a company charges on hourly basis, it means their only intention is to finish the cleaning task and is least bothered about the standard of cleaning. With such a company, you cannot expect to get the bond money back. A reputed company always offers a cleaning service as per the size of the property. They provide an upfront cost after understanding your requirements and ensure high-quality cleaning using environment friendly cleaning supplies.

Find out What is Include in the Final Quote

Before you commit to a professional end of lease cleaning company, you must ask them whether the cleaning supplies have been included in the price. The bond cleaners of Gold Coast must bring all the important cleaning equipment, products and tools to execute the cleaning task. Usually, people do not have to pay any additional charge for the consumables. Also, ask them if you have to pay taxes apart from the quoted price. Trustworthy companies provide an overall estimate in advance, and you don’t pay anything apart from the booking charge.

Find out if the Professionals Are Insured

It is crucial for you to know if the professional cleaners are police verified or not. Reliable companies always look for the safety of their clients thus makes sure that all the end of lease cleaners are police checked. If the company cannot assure you about the authenticity of the cleaners, do not deal with them. You better look for some other company.


If you are looking for a reliable end of lease cleaning company in Gold Coast, the tips mentioned above will help you to understand the difference between a professional company and an unprofessional one. Always remember that a good bond cleaning company can help you get the bond money back without any disputes with the landlord/ property manager. A cleaning company not only takes the pressure and hassles away from the moving process but also saves your precious time and energy.