How to Hire The Best End Of Lease Cleaners in Gold Coast?

How to Hire The Best End Of Lease Cleaners in Gold Coast?

By : Mikaela Perrin
When leaving a rented house or apartment, a tenant must ensure it is left in the best possible state. According to the residential rental laws in Queensland, a tenant is compelled to return the premises in their original condition as it was at the start of the tenancy. A lease agreement is signed after agreeing on all the norms.

A half-baked cleaning allows the landlord or property manager to hold back a part of the bond money. So, it is important to carry out a thorough bond cleaning Gold Coast with the help of professionals. They will deep clean the entire property according to the REIQ-approved cleaning checklist.

However, hiring the most reliable professionals is not as easy as it seems. Many companies in the market claim to be the best but don’t know the minutiae of end of lease cleaning. Some are even running a scam to plunder customers by offering very low-cost quotations or heavy discounts. You need to be smart and careful when searching for the best cleaning professionals in your city.

Here are some of the useful tips to consider and hire the best end-of-lease cleaners in Gold Coast:

1. Get Referrals & Recommendations

Are you hiring professional cleaners for the first time? Ask your friends, relatives, neighbours and colleagues to suggest reliable names. Contacts those who have recently used a bond cleaning service. This will give you a clear picture of the company’s professionalism, in-house team, workmanship guarantee and pricing policy.

The best part about getting referrals is that you will receive first-hand information and other key details you won’t discover when searching for professionals.

2. Consider the Experience

When getting recommendations, shortlist your options on the basis of experience. Choose the best companies or cleaners with at least five years of experience in the cleaning industry. They should have experience in cleaning all types and sizes of rental/leased properties. This will give you peace of mind at the end of your lease.

Note: Check their certificates and accreditations to ensure they have expertise in their field.

3. Read Customer Reviews

This is one of the crucial things that can help you pick out the most reliable company or end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast, QLD.

It is good to visit comparison websites and read online reviews of different companies. Reading genuine reviews from previous customers can help you know more about the company.

Be careful of sugar-coated reviews. Instead, focus on the ones that look genuine. Contact the previous customers of shortlisted companies to get a better idea.

4. Know the Pricing Criteria

Many cleaning companies charge on an hourly basis. If you want genuine pricing or a quotation, opt for the company that provides you with an estimated quote after evaluating the size and condition of the property.

The larger the property, the more you have to pay. Plus, extremely dirty premises require more time and effort to achieve sparkling results.  That’s why it is important to clean a house in a daily life and reduce the cleaning stress.

Well, it is good to hire a company that can consider these two factors when offering you an upfront pricing.

Also, ensure that they follow a transparent pricing policy. Such companies never ask you to pay hidden costs during the process.

5. Hire Fully-licensed, Bonded and Insured Cleaners

According to the Better Business Bureau, opting for a licensed, bonded and insured bond cleaning company on the Gold Coast, QLD is always good.

  • Licensed: It means the company has an “in effect” business license to operate within a geographical boundary.
  • Bonded: it is a form of insurance that protects the customer from criminal, spam and dishonest activities.
  • Insured: This includes workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance to protect you if professionals get hurt or cause any damage to the property during the cleaning process.
  • Keep these three aspects in mind and hire the best cleaning expert for a quality end of lease cleaning when vacating a rental property.  This can help you register a complaint against the company if you have a consumer problem.

    6. Know What’s Included & Excluded

    The inclusion and exclusion of a bond cleaning service may differ from company to company. So it is worth ask what is included in a bond clean service before making the final decision.

    Not all experts clean windows and carpets in a standard service. Some companies don’t include a microwave or oven and may charge extra. Some don’t clean upholstery or treat mould.

    When booking a professional bond clean service, make sure you ask for a breakdown of what they will do. Ask for the inclusion as well as exclusion list so that you can include important tasks to pass the rental inspection.

    For additional services, you need to pay extra. So, have clarity in your mind when asking questions.

    7. Ask Necessary Questions

    Don’t hesitate to ask the necessary questions before booking cleaning experts for your rented property. This will give you a sense of satisfaction and help you make the right decision. You can ask:

  • What are the working hours of your cleaning service?
  • Do cleaners bring their own supplies?
  • Are cleaners capable of tackling stubborn stains and grime?
  • How do you hire professional cleaners?
  • Do you provide a bond back guarantee?
  • Are other customers happy with your service?
  • Can I re-schedule the service?
  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • Do you clean bathroom surfaces?
  • These are some of the questions people may have asked the company. You can prepare a questionnaire depending on your needs and clear all your doubts.  You can also hire professional cleaners if you are selling a house.

    Wrapping Up

    Hiring the best end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You can keep these tips in mind, do proper research and know everything about the company before making the final decision.