How to Keep Your Office Carpet and Upholstery Spotlessly Clean

How to Keep Your Office Carpet and Upholstery Spotlessly Clean

By : Mikaela Perrin
Dirty carpets and upholstery are a recipe for disaster, as they compromise your office’s indoor air quality and members’ health. A single square inch of carpet can have 200,000 bacteria, and upholstery doesn’t fare well either. These surfaces are hotspots for many other pathogens and increase the risk of skin infections and respiratory ailments. Thus, you must thoroughly sanitise the carpets and upholstery to keep them germs and spot-less. It is also necessary to maintain their shelf life and aesthetic appeal. Dirty carpets and upholstery are never a good look for an office. You can schedule professional office cleaning for your workplace to keep the desks, pantry, carpets, furniture, and other things neat and tidy. Renters ending a commercial tenancy can book experts for office cleaning Gold Coast to get their deposit without hassle. However, take the following measures to keep your office carpets and upholstery spotlessly clean all year round. Have a look.

Choose Stain-resistant Materials

Whether you are getting carpets or upholstered furniture, ensure their materials are stain-resistant. Liquids, grime, dirt and other physical contaminants remain on the surface of these materials and are easy to wipe without elbow grease. You can also reinforce carpet & upholstery protection by spraying a quality sealant that prevents staining from water and oil-based spills. Many manufacturers make commercial-grade office decor items that guarantee resistance to everyday stains. However, read the manufacturer’s guide to ensure you don’t damage the fixtures by using a commercial product.

Schedule Routine Professional Cleaning

High-traffic areas have dirtier carpets and upholstery due to repeated dust, dirt and grime exposure. Therefore, they need routine cleaning with professional products and equipment. You can enter into a contract with a reputed company to perform carpet and upholstery cleaning every few weeks or months. After a complete analysis and assessment, the cleaners can decide to perform a steam clean, shampoo, dry clean, encapsulation or bonnet clean. These carpet and upholstery cleaning services achieve different results and have varying costs. Therefore, you must choose the right services for your carpets and upholstery.

Spot-Clean Immediately After Spills

Want to keep your office carpets and upholstery spotless? Don’t wait for stains to solidify and clean spills immediately after they happen. Dab the spot with a microfiber cloth or towel until the stain and moisture completely transfer to it. It’s a professional technique of end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast. Never rub the stain, as you risk smudging and spreading it more. Additionally, it will embed deeper into the carpet or upholstery fibres, making it harder to treat. Keep stain and spot removers for carpets/upholstery handy in case of stubborn messes.

Say No to Dirty Shoes

Carpets, particularly ones in reception and other high-traffic areas, get dirty due to frequent exposure to dirt and grime from shoes. Therefore, you must install mats and rugs at all entry points to encourage visitors and employees to clean their shoes before entering the office. During the rainy season, keep a shoe cover dispenser near the entrance that encapsulates the shoes in plastic covers. It is a practical solution to keep your office mud and grime free.

Encourage Good Eating Behaviour

Share memos across the office encouraging everyone to eat in the pantry or cafeteria. This way, you can reduce spills, stains and messes on your office couches, chairs, carpets and other fixtures. If anyone wishes to eat at their desk, politely ask them to be mindful of the carpets and upholstery. Good eating behaviour is essential to keep the workplace neat and tidy. Additionally, it reduces the risk of attracting pests and dirty common areas.

Ensure Air Filters are Clean

If the office carpets and upholstery constantly look dusty and smell musty, dirty air filters are the reason. Get them checked by professionals and schedule a deep clean with commercial-grade air duct cleaning tools and machines. Ensure the filter grates are mould and dust-free, in addition to the ducts and fan. If you are renting an office in a building or complex, ask the property owner or manager to inspect the vents and get them cleaned if necessary.

Get Area Rugs & Upholstery Covers for High Traffic Areas

Identify spaces in your office with high traffic and ensure they have area rugs and upholstery covers that you can get laundered weekly. By taking this measure, you can keep carpets and upholstery in these areas from getting heavily soiled and keep them spotless. If you rent an office, this step will allow you to keep the fixtures clean, ensure your hired end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast can sanitise them without difficulty and get your bond back in full.

The Bottom Line

Offices are common spaces, and their carpets/upholstery can get dirty quickly due to repeated exposure to dust, dirt and grime. You can hire professionals for end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast to end a tenancy successfully. However, use the tips above to keep your office carpets, and upholstery spotlessly clean all year round.