How To Stop Bathroom Germs From Spreading In Your Home?

How To Stop Bathroom Germs From Spreading In Your Home?

By : Mikaela Perrin
Did you know you come in contact with over 2 million bacteria when you go to the bathroom & wash your hands? While the bathroom doesn’t have more germs than the kitchen, it is still one of the germiest areas in your home. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that you can contract infectious diseases from germs that spread from the bathroom to other household areas. To mitigate this issue, clean and disinfect the bathroom daily and deep clean it weekly. However, it is easier said than done because most people have personal or work commitments. If you don’t have the time to sanitise your bathroom or other rooms to stop the spread of germs, hire a professional house cleaning service in Gold Coast. When ending a tenancy, book bond cleaners in Gold Coast to ensure you can get your bond back in full. However, you must take important measures to stop bathroom germs from spreading in your home. Thus, here are things to do and keep in mind for a healthier home.

Keep Bathroom Cleaning Tools Separate & Wash Them After Use

Never use the same tools you use in the bathroom for cleaning other areas of your house. This step can minimise the spread of germs significantly. To separate supplies, create a cleaning caddy for your bathroom and store it in a cabinet. Moreover, after using the brushes, sponges, squeegee and other tools, wash them with a mild detergent and disinfect them with bleach+water solution.

Keep Bathroom Towels and Cleaning Cloths Separate

Colour code your bathroom towels to ensure you don’t use them in the kitchen or elsewhere. Additionally, ensure every household member has separate towels for bathing and wiping their hands/faces. Keep these towels in different colours and prints for easy identification. If you have kids, get towels with their favourite characters, shapes or patterns. Additionally, keep any bathroom cloths for wiping the mirror, shower glass, fixtures etc., separate, as each bathroom surface also has varying amounts of germs.

Clean & Disinfect Common Points of Contact

Dirty common points of contact are the germiest spots in any area, and you must clean and then disinfect your home to avoid the spread of germs. Since the bathroom is a commonly and frequently used room, it has several high-touch spots brimming with bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Wipe the fixtures or surfaces with a cloth after spraying a cleaner to sanitise them well. Next, spray a disinfectant and wait for it dry. If the solution dries before 10 minutes, reapply to ensure all germs are killed. After the disinfectant has enough time to dwell, wipe it with a clean cloth.

Have Disposable Cleaning Wipes Handy

Messes in the bathroom need immediate treatment because they become hot spots for illness and odour-causing bacteria and viruses. Leaving these messes untreated increase the risk of viral and bacterial infections. Therefore, have disposable cleaning wipes handy to take care of spills, stains and spots as soon as they happen. Get regular wipes instead of anti-bacterial or anti-microbial kinds because they give rise to bacterial resistance.

Keep The Toilet Clean and Disinfected

Since the toilet is constantly exposed to faecal matter, hard water and contaminants, it has multiple strains of germs that cause infectious and communicable diseases. It is also a commonly used fixture, which is why it can spread germs in your home without proper sanitation. You must apply a good cleaner to remove grime, stains and spots on the toilet, seat, the lid and the tank. Additionally, apply the cleaner to the back of the toilet as it is a neglected area. After the cleaner has had enough dwell time (at least 10 minutes), scrub with a brush making circular motions. It is a professional method for cleaning bond cleaners in Gold Coast use to get good results. Next, wash the fixtures well with warm water, then spray a disinfecting solution of one part of bleach and ten parts of water.

Make Sanitising Countertops, Sink and Shower Area A Part of Your Daily Routine

These surfaces get dirty with soap scum, hard water, dirt, grime and dust, making them ideal areas for germs to grow. To hamper the development of illness-causing pathogens, you must wipe and disinfect these surfaces every day. Make cleaning these spots a part of your daily house cleaning routine to ensure they remain presentable and sanitary at all times. You can use a commercial cleaner, but make your own with white vinegar, water and dishwashing liquid for green cleaning.

Wrapping Up

You must plan to clean your bathroom like a professional to prevent the spread of germs. Cleaning the area without a plan leads to backtracking, which is extremely time-consuming and challenging. Thus, if you aren’t taking professional assistance, use this guide to sanitise your bathroom well and ensure your house remains healthy.