Know How To Get Your Full Bond Back In Gold Coast

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Know How To Get Your Full Bond Back In Gold Coast

By : Mikaela Perrin
Sunny beaches, exciting theme parks and gastronomic delights sum up the beauty of Gold Coast. The enchanting land mesmerises thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike and has been captivating the imagination of people from all walks of life. The fast-growing coastal city witnesses the inflow of a vast number of tourists and settlers. Naturally, rental property is in high demand in the city, and tenants keep relocating in search of better opportunities and neighbourhoods. While moving into a new house seems like a welcome change for tenants, the fear of losing the bond ensures to spoil the mood. The massive task of cleaning the whole house from top to bottom is not only tiring but also distressing as it leaves them with no time to pack and move their things. However, you cannot take chances with the cleaning as the property manager expects you to bring the property back to its original condition, barring the fair wear and tear. Thus, the best way to get your full bond back is to rely on professional bond cleaning in Gold Coast. The experts have the experience and skills to deliver the desired result and lend a helping hand to the tenants. If you too are approaching the end of your lease period and want to retrieve your deposit without any disputes, then here is a rundown on how to get it back.

Applying For A Bond Refund

Since the bond is held by the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA), you need to fill the refund form and submitted it to the RTA after the end of the lease. Before requesting the refund, you must discuss the payment plan of the bond with your landlord since both the parties need to sign the form. After the duly filled and signed form has been submitted, the money is refunded into your bank account within 2-3 days. However, if you and your landlord are not on the same page about the payment of the bond, then the RTA will send the notice of claim to the party which has not signed the refund form. They will have two weeks to respond to the notice,and the RTA will hold the disputed amount during this period. As the tenant, if you receive the notice, then you must send a dispute resolution request form to the RTA, which will help in the settlement. If you still cannot reach an agreement, then you will have to apply to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT). The Tribunal will conduct a tenancy hearing and examine the evidence presented by both the parties to give their final judgement on the refund. The RTA will then release the amount as per the order of the Tribunal. However, you can save yourself from all this hassle by hiring bond cleaners in Gold Coast who clean-up the space effectively. With their support, you can meet the cleaning expectations of the property manager and the landlord effortlessly and enjoy a stress-free relocation. Tips to Get Your Full Bond Back In Gold Coast

1. Be Thorough with The Initial Condition Report

The initial condition report is a crucial document that should be filled with sincerity and diligence. It can be leveraged by the tenant as evidence during the dispute resolution hearing. Thus, make sure that you inspect every part of the house and note down all the cracks, stains, smudges, and damaged areas clearly in the report. You must take pictures of these spots to be used later in case of a disagreement and send one copy of the report to the landlord. Take a look at the report before submitting the refund claim to the RTA, so that you know that you have cleaned and maintained the property as expected.

2. Get the Damaged Parts Replaced or Repaired

When you live in a house for a long time, it is bound to become dirty and will require upkeep and maintenance. Although fair wear and tear is not a matter of dispute, you need to be vigilant of any dents or cracks that appear during the tenancy. You must inform about them to the landlord and get the issue fixed before it escalates into a bigger problem. In some cases, the landlord might take the responsibility for the repair work and ask for the payment from the tenant. However, you must enquire whether the quote is reasonable or not.

3. Be Regular with Your Rental Payments

Payment of the agreed rent amount should be your priority, and you should not miss the deadlines. If you fail to make the monthly payment, then the landlord will deduct the same amount from the deposit. Thus, make sure that you are always on time so that you can get the full bond back.

4. Keep the House Clean and Hygienic

Although you are obligated to perform a bond clean in Gold Coast at the end of the tenancy, you should not forget about regular house cleaning. You may be busy with your work and your children. However, you should not forget to vacuum the carpets, clean the bathrooms and the kitchen every week, so that the house does not become utterly filthy. It is also necessary to ensure healthy living for the family members and makes sure that you do not have to break your back scrubbing and sanitising during bond cleaning.

5. Vacate Properly by the Due Date

Make sure that you do not stay beyond the last date and remove all your belongings from the property, including things that are to be discarded and any other garbage. You must make sure that the fixtures are appropriately cleaned and are back in their original condition, particularly the oven and the carpets. If you think that the carpet and the air conditioners need extra cleaning, then speak to your bond cleaning company in Gold Coast and get the additions done to your customised cleaning checklist. Also, do not forget to give the keys back to the landlord and attend the final inspection to discuss any issues that might surface from the landlord’s end.

6. Hire Professionals for Bond Cleaning

Moving encompasses a plethora of tasks that need to be completed within a specified time period. Decluttering, packing all the belongings, transporting them carefully to the destination and resetting everything in the new place. Besides these, you have to get the address changed at several places, get the kids enrolled in the new school, disconnect the utilities, and reconnect them at the new residence. Amidst all of this, getting down on your knees to scrub the floors is mentally and physically taxing. Plus, you may never accomplish the desired level of cleanliness. Thus, it makes more sense to hire bond cleaners in Gold Coast to get the house spruced up for the final inspection. The professionals are equipped with the required tools, technology, and cleaning products to offer a flawless makeover to the rented space.


Getting the full deposit back is the most significant need while you are relocating. Thus, utilise the tips mentioned above and rely on professional bond cleaning in Gold Coast to secure your bond.