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Office Cleaning Gold Coast

Bond Cleaning in gold coast provides you with office cleaning services that are on par with a bond cleaning. We prefer to do all our job perfectly, leaving each and every place sparkly clean. We provide you with affordable quality cleaning service saving you time and money. We have hands on extensive office cleaning experience, saving your time and resources. For your office cleaning, it is best to use experienced cleaners that can be trusted and know what they are doing in order to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all their clients. We provide unrivaled quality services by our experienced staff, we know the importance of a clean office space that will help you concentrate more on your daily task and will motivate your staff to work, increasing business productivity!

Our team is highly committed to the quality that we provide; our cleaning standards will astonish you with the result of your commercial building. An unclean workplace can accumulate dirt and germs which can infect your staff and cause them to take a sick leave. We know these days it is hard to afford the sick days and how much of an impact it causes in your business.

Office/Commercial Cleaning

  • Removing all the current rubbish and replacing the Bin Liners
  • Dust all the horizontal surface like desks, furniture, chairs, etc.
  • Damp wipe all furniture and disinfect them using all natural chemicals
  • Vacuum and mop all the hard floors, Cushion, etc.
  • Cleaning light switches, walls, removing marks and fingerprints
  • Removing cobwebs from entry and cornices
  • Perfectly Spot Clean Glass and windows without leaving a single streak mark
  • Polish all steel and brass items
  • Remove splash marks from walls and basins
  • Polishing taps and make them sparkling
  • Wipe down all cabinet covers and cupboards inside out

These are some of our main priorities while doing a proper office clean, if you wish to check our full checklist then please visit our Services page. We have worked with the hundreds of clients, and they are so much satisfied with our services that they always call us when they want to make their office look as good as new. That’s how good we are, and we back that up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All of our cleaners are covered by insurance and are police checked. We will always be on time if not before, we like what we do and spend extra time in order to make your office look amazing at no extra cost to you. Our office cleaning services will leave you with a smile on your face. So why wait? Use the professional office cleaning services of bond cleaning in gold coast and get the best quality services that you deserve.

Entrance/Reception/Office Area

  • Remove Rubbish and replace Bin Liners
  • Vacuum all carpets and Mate
  • Vacuum all hard floors
  • Vacuum under all Cushions
  • Dust all Horizontal Surfaces like chairs, desks, other furniture.
  • Damp wipe all furniture with Disinfectant
  • Mop and disinfect all hard floors
  • Remove marks and finger prints from all Light switches and walls
  • Remove cobwebs from entry and cornices
  • Clean automatic glass door inside & out
  • Spot clean all Glass
  • Polish all brass and bright work
  • Spot clean all walls and painted surface
  • Collect all rubbish, bottles etc. from the front entrance of the building
  • Ensure all the area is cleaned and arranged properly

Toilet & Bathroom Areas

  • Stock Toilet Tissue, hand towels, facial tissues and hand soap
  • Empty Rubbish bins and wipe if needed and replace bin liners as required
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Wipe hand towel cabinet covers/hand dryers
  • Wipe down door sills – remove all dust
  • Toilet and urinals to be cleaned and disinfected on both sides and disinfected/sanitised and wiped dry
  • Clean and sanitise all basins. Polish all bright work to basins
  • Dust Partitions, tops of mirrors and frames
  • Remove Splash marks from walls around basins
  • Mop clean restroom floor with disinfectant


  • Remove all Rubbish from all areas
  • Polish all brass and bright work
  • Vacuum all hard floors
  • Mop all hard floors with disinfectant
  • Spot clean internal glass in Lifts
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