Outdoor Cleaning: How To Keep Your Patio Clean

beautifully kept patio with flowers and swing

Outdoor Cleaning: How To Keep Your Patio Clean

By : Mikaela Perrin

A well-maintained patio is a perfect place to sit and relax with your friends and family while the kids can play. A clean patio not only improves the appearance of the house but also prevents any damage to the exterior part. It also protects your kids or pets from any threats like mould and mildew.

A little bit of cleaning and maintenance throughout the year keeps your patio beautiful and minimises the requirement for any major work. People often hire professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast for thorough cleaning of bathroom, kitchen, carpets, and so on but neglect the outdoor cleaning.

In this post, you will learn how to keep your patio clean. Let’s have a look.

Sweep Your Patio Daily to Avoid Stains

It is important to make a little effort every day so that you don’t have to feel the pressure of cleaning the entire place in a single go. So, whenever you see dust, dirt or a build-up of leaves, give the patio a good sweep using your yard brush.

Always keep in mind that decaying leaves and flowers can leave permanent marks on the concrete and paving. Not only that, but wet leaves can also be dangerous to walk on. Particularly after the autumn season, a leaf blower is a tool you will require to keep the patio clear.

Properly Clean Your Paving

The spring is considered as the ideal time to clean your patio because people don’t sit outside during winter in Gold Coast. But when the season ends, you must ensure that your patio is ready to use. A pressure washer or power washer is perhaps the best way to clean almost every type of paving.

Different paving manufacturer or suppliers in Gold Coast have different set of guidelines, so you must follow their instructions. Some low-cement and natural stone products require low-pressure cleaning and use of a regular brush and hose to avoid damage.

Tips for Pressure Washing of Patio Paving

If you have ignored the cleaning of your patio for an extended period, you may have to use an appropriate outdoor detergent to get rid of the stubborn stains. But make sure that you apply the detergent (or something similar) as per the instructions of the manufacturer or supplier.

Although pressure washing is an effective way to clean the area, it can roughen the surface. And that can encourage algae and moss growth over time, thus emitting a musty smell. But you can tackle this problem using a fungicide detergent that will  destroy the algae, moss and mildew.

It is quite possible that you accidentally remove the sand between the blocks while doing power washing. In that condition, you must fill the gaps with sand or patio joint filler. This will prevent the growth of weeds in the joints of the patio.

Make sure that large cracks are not forming in the paving, as they will allow water to get into the concrete and damage it. Stuff the cracks with a concrete patch product to avoid considerable repair work in the future.

You should select a pressure washer nozzle which can provide a powerful stream of water. But make sure you don’t point on a particular spot for too long as it can damage the surface. Also, you should wear safety goggles as small particles may bounce back towards the eyes.

Thoroughly Clean Your Patio Furniture

Do not forget that your patio furniture is placed outside the house, so it is likely to accumulate more dust and dirt. Thus, it becomes an essential task to clean your furniture and also repair it if you feel there is a requirement. Any crack or structural defect can be very risky for you and your guests.

If there is any damage that is beyond repair, replace it immediately. When it comes to cleaning, synthetic rattan and plastic furniture are much easier to clean in comparison to the wooden furniture. You can clean such furniture with a power washer.

However, for anything with wooden material, you should hire experienced end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast. They are well aware of the latest cleaning techniques and have modern tools. After deep cleaning and drying, this furniture requires a varnish or wood preservative.

Finishing Touches

  • Once you are done with cleaning of the area, give the following finishing touches to make it more attractive.
  • Get rid of most of the plants that you planted last year and refill the space with new flowers. This will give your patio a fresh look for spring and summer season.
  • Keep all your garden tools and equipment into the garden shed to make your patio and garden look clean and organised.
  • In case you have any fences, sheds or walls in your patio area, clean them properly and if required, paint them to give it a new look.


Your patio area is an ideal place where you can sit with your family and enjoy the beautiful mornings of Gold Coast and evenings during the spring season. However, an uncleaned patio is like an open invitation to mould and mildew that diminish the beauty of your surroundings. Thus, it is essential to keep it spick and span. The methods mentioned above will help you to clean the area and make it attractive.