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Oven Cleaning Gold Coast

We all know that cleaning an oven or a BBQ can be a daunting task for those who are not familiar with it and not skilled.

All of our cleaners have professional experience cleaning Ovens & BBQ and we make sure that your oven, range hoods, BBQ and back to near showroom conditions. We Offer really good competitive rates and provide the very best cleaning services.

We get rid of germs on ovens and BBQ, our cleaning services make sure that your Oven and BBQ is left to near new condition saving your money.

We are fast and efficient, always on time with 100% satisfaction guarantee, making sure that your ovens and BBQ last longer.

Bond Cleaning in Gold Coast provides top Quality Oven cleaning and BBQ cleaning Services! We have cleaned thousands of Ovens and BBQ, our friendly staff always makes sure that your Oven and BBQ look as good as new.

Our cleaning staff provides you with simple and effective methods for oven cleaning. We have the most experienced network of oven cleaners in gold coast. So you can just sit back and relax knowing your Oven and BBQ are in safe hands. We use non-toxic cleaning agents that are also environmental friendly, we always make sure that all of our customers are satisfied with the end results. If you book an Oven cleaning today then as a special offer we will clean your range hood as well for free!

Our cleaners make sure that they remove all the built up fat, grime and grease from your ovens. We always start with the racks and shelves, make sure that they are removed properly and then cleaned and polished!

Some of the cleaners claim to be professional but don’t clean the glass door of the oven, our cleaners will remove the glass from the oven and make sure that it is cleaned thoroughly inside out. Our oven cleaning checklist is listed below.

Oven Cleaning Gold Coast

  • Remove all shelves and racks
  • use non toxic cleaning agents that are environmental friendly
  • Clean the glass door in the oven
  • Clean the cook top, including the induction coil and solid hot plates etc.
  • Clean range hood filters
  • Give the Oven racks, shelves and rangehood filters a thorough wash with hot water.
  • All stainless steel Polished

BBQ Cleaning Gold Coast

  • We remove all moving parts to get full access to your BBQ
  • All parts are cleaned thoroughly first and then polished
  • We use Non-toxic cleaning agents to remove all the build up Grease, grime and carbon.
  • After cleaning your BBQ is Polished thoroughly making it look like as good as new
  • We give your BBQ a wash with Hot water in order to make it usable instantly after the cleaning is done

Want to make your Oven & BBQ look as good as new at affordable cost? Then give us a call at 0452 229 882 and get a Free quote! So why wait? Call us Today!


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