Should You Professionally Clean a House Before Selling It?

Should You Professionally Clean a House Before Selling It?

By : Mikaela Perrin
Since the boom in Gold Coast’s house prices in 2022, the prices are now retreating, prompting people to make home purchases. Selling a house when competition is fierce is challenging, and you must take measures to make your property stand out. Performing renovations and additions are a great way to improve your house and increase its worth. However, after these projects, your home can get fine dust, bric-a-brac, splatters and many other cleanliness issues. Additionally, the property can have old stains, mould spots and dirty carpets that need a thorough cleaning. If your home isn’t pristine when buyers come to visit, you will get a lower estimate. Therefore, deep cleaning your home is essential before putting your house on the market. You can do it yourself, but you must know whether taking professional assistance would be better before deciding. Thus, here is your complete guide to help you know if you should professionally clean your house before selling it. Have a look.

When to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service Before Selling House?

The average per-hour rate for house cleaning in Australia is about $50. Spending hundreds of dollars on domestic cleaning is not something everyone is comfortable doing. But selling your home is a time when you must spend on necessary things to increase the curb appeal of your property. However, if you are still confused, below are some circumstances when you should get your house professionally cleaned. 1. You have/had a Renter It’s common for rental providers to sell their property and put it on the market after their current renter moves out. While most renters must perform bond cleaning in Gold Coast to get their full bond back, it is a practical solution to get your property cleaned before open houses and individual buyer visits. You can hire professionals to deep clean your entire property and ensure it is pristine before staging. 2. Your House had Significant Additions or Renovations Although contractors clean after the construction projects are complete, they usually remove visible bric-a-brac and dust. Therefore, sawdust, construction material bits, and fine particles settled on walls, baseboards, shelves, and other household parts remain untouched. You can remove them yourself, but without professional products, tools and equipment, ridding the property of construction dust, stains, and spots are challenging. Since the cleaners have the expertise and training, they know how to uphold professional standards for cleaning a house after renovations or additions. 3. You have Pets Homes with pets often get hairs, pet stains and dander, which are difficult to remove from hard-to-reach or normally overlooked places. These homes also need deep cleaning routinely, which is why hiring a professional house cleaning service before selling the house is a good idea. Moreover, if your tenant has a pet, get professional bond cleaning in Gold Coast done to ensure the rented premises are pristine and free of pet odour. 4. Your Carpets, Curtains, Blinds & Other Fixtures are Dirty These fixtures automatically catch the eye of the buyers and make a bad impression when they are dusty, stained or worn. You can choose to replace them if they are heavily soiled, and even professional cleaning won’t salvage them. However, it is best to get them reviewed by professional cleaners first to be sure. Most reputed companies performing carpet cleaning, blinds cleaning, end of lease cleaning Gold Coast, etc., can review your house to give insights and suggestions for professional cleaning. Thus, if your property has fixtures that professionals can reasonably clean, then you must avail their services. 5. You Don’t have Time or Energy for House Cleaning Deep cleaning the entire house is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when you have to focus on other important things like buying a new home, changing your address, hiring removalists etc. Therefore, hiring a professional service for spring cleaning, carpet cleaning, bond cleaning in Gold Coast etc., can help you save time, energy and effort. Moreover, delegating tasks to professionals will reduce your stress and anxiety significantly.

How To Choose the Right Professional Cleaners?

Choosing the right cleaners for your property before selling is important. Therefore, use the following tips before booking.
  • Look for local cleaners to save money and hire reliable professionals you can easily verify.
  • Understand your requirement. For example, hire experienced cleaners performing bond cleaning in Gold Coast to clean your property after ending a tenancy.
  • Get quotes from multiple companies to choose the most affordable cleaners.
  • Inquire about cleaning services and choose a company offering multiple solutions.

Wrapping Up

Selling your house is time-consuming, challenging and stressful. To manage this task successfully, you must take certain measures, among which cleaning the property well is a major one. It is common for homeowners to contemplate hiring professionals for house cleaning. Therefore, if you plan to sell your home, use the insights above to decide whether you should professionally clean a house before selling it.