The 10 Most Overlooked Places To Clean In Your Home

The 10 Most Overlooked Places To Clean In Your Home

By : Mikaela Perrin
It takes a lot of effort and dedication to keep a house clean and fresh. Most people focus only on the basics, such as wiping counters, making the bed, cleaning the rugs, etc. Regardless of how often you clean your home, you will likely miss some spots. You may not be able to give appropriate attention to such places. This is because they may be hard to reach, blend with other home elements, or, in some cases, you might think that these spots are insignificant. However, each part of your home is important on its own, and that is why you must clean them all. Here are the 10 most overlooked places to clean in your home. Clean them regularly to maintain cleanliness and freshness.

1. Cleaning the Dishwasher is Important

To deep clean your dishwasher, professionals who do budget bond cleaning Gold Coast recommend starting with removing all the removable pieces and wiping them. Here is what to do next:
  • Remove the filter
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the filter
  • Use a wet sponge to wipe the walls
  • Scrub the gunk off the rubber seal using a toothbrush
Finally, return the removable pieces to their original place. Add a cup of baking soda to the empty dishwasher and run it.

2. Ensure the Washing Machine is Clean

It is common for most people to forget to clean their washing machine. Due to the volumes of water and dump clothes that regularly go through the machine, it becomes an ideal spot for mould and mildew. This makes it a necessity to clean this appliance as often as needed, especially if the clothes fail to smell as good as they should after a wash. So, it is best to add a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and run the washer on the hottest cycle.

3. Take Care of Door Frames

Door frames are considered a magnet for dust. Since you are not often at eye level with the frame’s top, you won’t be able to see it. However, the grime will be there and must be tackled every month. Dust and wipe them whenever needed to ensure they are clean. A bucket of warm water and soap will be good enough to get the job done, according to best bond cleaners Gold Coast.

4. Remove Dust from Light Switches

young woman trying to clean a light Just think about how frequently the light switches in your home are touched each day, and you will quickly realise how dirty this area will be. You might regularly wipe down the panels but most probably forget about the thin grooves near the switch. Dust and dirt are prone to build up around such spots. So, ensure you use a stiff-bristled toothbrush to remove the dust from the crevices every once in a while.

5. Do Not Forget Grout

The grout between kitchen and bathroom tiles needs to be scrubbed clean once each season, especially in the frequently used areas. Grout is considered a very porous material and is prone to stains. Because the discolouration happens so gradually, you will have a hard time realising it is dirty. Just use a soft-bristled brush, a DIY cleaner, and some elbow grease to deal with stains on your grout.

6. Clean Throw Pillows and Blankets

Since throw pillows and blankets can also reside on the couch sometimes instead of your bed, you might not remember that they need regular cleaning. But they do require cleaning, similar to your bedroom blankets and pillows. Establish a habit of throwing your laundry pillows/pillow covers and blankets into the washer frequently.

7. Do Not Ignore Lampshades

Lampshades are also considered a magnet for dust and dirt. Such particles can easily disturb the appearance and feel of the room the shade is in. It can negatively impact the amount of light you are getting along with the air quality. It is worth noting that the method you use for cleaning should be suitable for the specific material your lampshade has.

8. Dust the Ceiling Fans

Power off your ceiling fan for a moment and take a close look at it. It is more than likely that the blades will contain plenty of dirt and dust. The same will be true for the fan motor as well. To ensure your fans will work properly in the future, use a duster every few days to get rid of the harmful particles. Ceilings are often focused on during the professional bond cleaning Gold Coast because they have so much dirt.

9. Freshen Up the Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal can give off unpleasant odours quite quickly. Luckily, freshening it up is easy. Simply pour about half a cup of baking soda into the disposal. Next, add one cup of vinegar. Let the combination sit there for about 15 minutes. Now, turn on the disposal while still keeping the hot water running. It will help rinse out cleaning agents. Add some citrus rinds. Grind them up to add finishing touches.

10. Maintain a Hygienic Toothbrush Holder

This can be an unpleasant experience due to the dripping toothbrushes and the toothpaste residue. Soak the holder in a solution prepared using one part bleach to three parts water. Rinse it off. Air dry the holder upside down. Experts who do the best bond cleaning Gold Coast recommend using this method to maintain a hygienic toothbrush holder.

Here are the most overlooked places to clean in your home:

checklist to clean your entire house

Wrapping Up

Deep cleaning an entire home is not easy, but it is certainly rewarding. However, people often miss some spots that can make way for health issues. So, when cleaning your home, do not forget the spots mentioned in this article.