The Best Way To Clean A Hob In Record Time

cropped picture of a woman wiping the gas Hob with a cloth

The Best Way To Clean A Hob In Record Time

By : Mikaela Perrin
Cleaning the hob clean is a continuous and never-ending activity since it gets dirty each time you cook. Whether you have a cooking range with burners or induction top, sanitising it regularly is necessary to prevent greasy build-up and bacterial growth. Cooking on an unclean hob not only poses health risks but also increases the chances of a fire hazard. Therefore, you should know what the best way to clean a hob is. Cleaning the fixture effectively and efficiently should be the aim if you don’t want to spend a lot of time sanitising it. Here is your complete guide by professional cleaners in Gold Coast outlining how to clean your hob in record time, what are the required supplies, plus useful tips for maintaining its cleanliness and appearance. This guide is especially useful for sanitising the stove every day or when you have to perform end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast yourself.

Cleaning Supplies to Keep On-hand

To sanitise your hob regularly and within a few minutes, you will need to create a kit with cleaning supplies. Having the required products and tools handy is necessary to clean the fixture after each use or at any convenient time. Listed below are the things you will need to clean the stove swiftly.
  • Dishwashing liquid or Castile soap. You can use any other mild de-greasing cleaner of choice as well.
  • White vinegar
  • Sponge and a clean toothbrush
  • Spray bottles to store cleaning solutions
  • Microfiber cloths
  • A scrapper

Make a Multi-purpose Cleaner at Home

Often people spend dollars buying expensive commercial cleaners when for cleaning the hob, a DIY multi-purpose cleaner can be formulated using common household items. Here are the things you will need to make the cleaner.
  • Warm water
  • White Vinegar
  • Dishwashing liquid
In a spray bottle, add one part warm water, one part white vinegar, and one-two teaspoons of the dishwashing liquid. Shake the mixture well, and you can use this cleaner to sanitise ceramic, steel, glass-top, and other kinds of hobs. Pro Tip: If the hob is built-in and surrounded by a natural stone countertop, then use the cleaner carefully. White vinegar is corrosive and damages marbles, granites, or other natural and porous stone surfaces. You can use baking soda which is a potent cleaner and an excellent natural cleaner as an alternative.

The Best Way to Clean Different Types of Hobs Swiftly

Want to sanitise your cooking range like the end of lease cleaning experts in Gold Coast? Here is an efficient and effective method used by professionals to clean different types of hobs.
  • Remove the burner stands from the hob, wash in dishwashers or by hand, dry them.
  • Next, spray the DIY cleaner judiciously across the surface of the hob.
  • Let the cleaner loosen the grime, stains, and build up for a minutes or two
  • Scrub the stove with a sponge and remove gunk from nooks/crannies with the toothbrush.
  • Remove the stains, stubborn food carbons and dried build-up with the scraper.
  • Wipe all the residue with a wet microfiber cloth
  • Dry and buff the surfaces with a dry microfiber cloth and place the removable parts back.

Expert Tips for Hob Maintenance

Cleaning a heavily-soiled hob can take hours which is why it is best to be proactive. Here are expert tips by professional cleaners in the Gold Coast to help you maintain the appearance and cleanliness of hob in your kitchen. Additionally, implementing these tips will help improve the functionality of the fixtures, prevent fire hazard risks, and increase the shelf life of the hob.
  • Properly manage the flame of the burners to prevent boil-overs and splatters.
  • Wipe spillage, stops, and splatters as soon as possible to avoid grease and grime from becoming hard to remove
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals or tools to remove gunk from the hob. Instead, use a gentle cleaner like the professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast and give a product time to work scrubbing.
  • Using harsh cleaning products and tools can scratch and cause permanent damage to the surface of the stove.
  • Make sure to wash removable parts of the hob regularly as gunk, and food carbons can stick to them.
  • Don’t forget to wipe the surface underneath the hood as grime/grease falls downwards and gathers there.
  • Hire professional cleaners in Gold Coast if the hob is heavily soiled, and you wish to avoid the risk of damaging the stove.

Wrapping Up

Having a clean hob to cook delicious food is necessary to maintain hygiene, prevent fire hazards and increase the shelf-life of the fixture. Thus use this guide to use the right cleaning supplies and methods for sanitising the cooking range in your kitchen like the professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast. Additionally, use the tips mentioned above to maintain a hob to keep yours clean and safe to use.