Things To Check Before Hiring Bond Cleaners

Things To Check Before Hiring Bond Cleaners

By : Mikaela Perrin
Nothing can be more annoying than preparing the rental property for the final inspection when you have to pack your belongings and precious possessions. This can be a stressful situation for many tenants because their bond money is at stake. According to the lease agreement, renters have to return the leased property in its original state as they received it in the beginning. Fixing the normal wear and tear of the property and thorough cleaning are two important aspects to consider when you are at the end of your tenancy. Most landlords hold back the deposited security due to a lack of cleaning or a filthy rental property. To avoid rental disputes, you can book experts for a detailed end of lease cleaning Gold Coast. They will clean the premises according to your specific need and hand over it before the rental inspection to help you get the full bond back. However, with too many options available on the market, choosing the right and experienced one can be challenging. There are numerous factors to consider because most companies may trap you by offering heavy discounts or cheaper services. So, keep the following things in mind and hire the most trusted bond cleaners in Gold Coast for a dispute-free rental move-out.

1. Know their Market Reputation

It would be simple if you were to conduct a Google search of the bond cleaning company. Looking at their website and understanding how they present themselves can give you a good idea of what they’re capable of and if they want to work on your property. Be sure that if you do, go with the first bond cleaner who replies to your request. This will help you make the right decision. Checking the market reputation also gives you insight into the reliability of a shortlisted company. A good cleaning service provider always has a good reputation because of their quality and customised solutions. Quick Tip: Look for the companies that have been in the cleaning industry for more than 5 years.

2. Check Their Australian Business Number

This is a must if you are not sure whether you made the correct decision or not. Many companies are not registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. That’s why they are not obliged to register their business name or have an Australian Business Number. Such companies don’t know other regulatory laws, so tenants refrain from hiring them. If you want to hire trained bond cleaners in Gold Coast who will clean your premises lawfully and according to the approved checklist, make sure you hire them through an ASIC registered company. Such companies deep clean each and every corner of the property using quality products. They use a bathroom cleaning checklist to remove stubborn stains and grime with ease.

3. Verified and Licensed Cleaners

It is good to check whether the company has verified and licensed cleaners or not. This will give you peace of mind that your rental property is in safe hands. Trained and reliable professionals know how to spruce up the premises, and they will help you get the full bond money with ease. When booking the company, be sure you ask them about the background checks of their cleaners and other employees or not. Also, check the identification card and contact details of the cleaners. Do not book those who are making excuses from sharing their basic details.

4. Check their Quality of Service

Most companies claim they offer affordable end of lease cleaning Gold Coast with a bond-back guarantee. This can be a scam to trap customers. So, it is good to read online customer reviews to know the quality of services. Make sure the company deeply clean the premises from top to bottom according to the pre-approved checklist. They will spruce up the entire property and help you get the full bond money without stress.

5. Check their Customer Service

A good company always focus on providing a robust and quick customer support service. So, know whether the company resolves your query within 24 to 48 hours or not. You can directly ask this question and make the decision accordingly. This will give you a sense of satisfaction that they will assist you throughout the journey.

6. Adequate Training and Equipment

Do not forget to check their cleaning experience, training and equipment knowledge. Since cleaning is a tedious job, make sure you hire professionals who can remove stubborn stains, grime, accumulated dust and grime from almost all surfaces using high-end cleaning gadgets and tools. So, make sure they have proper knowledge of everything to complete the job effectively and efficiently. They bring all the necessary supplies and use methods to clean a BBQ, an Oven and a Microwave without giving you a hint of stress.

7. Transparent Pricing Policy

It is always good to hire a company that can give you an estimated quote and charge you a fee after evaluating the size and condition of the rental property. The best is that such companies won’t ask you to pay extra in the middle of the process.


These are important things to check before hiring trained and professional bond cleaners in Gold Coast. You can keep these tips in mind and secure your full bond money without any dispute.