Tips & Guide To Moving Out From A Leased Property In Gold Coast

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Tips & Guide To Moving Out From A Leased Property In Gold Coast

By : Mikaela Perrin
The end of the tenancy period is stressful and anxiety-inducing for every tenant, as you have to complete a host of tasks within a stipulated time. Moving out of a rental property in Gold Coast requires you to handle packing and moving, but the most important task is ensuring the property is clean and in the same condition (except for fair wear and tear) it was in at the start of the tenancy.

If not, you cannot claim a complete rental bond refund – a security amount equivalent to up to four weeks of rent if the weekly rent is $700 or less. Therefore, hire professionals performing end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast to make their leased property presentable & sanitary for the final inspection.

If you are ending a lease agreement soon, here are expert tips and guide to moving out from a rental property in Gold Coast. Have a look.

Re-Read Contract & Give Proper Notice

Re-read the lease agreement to refresh your memory & know the terms and conditions again to avoid confusion. Tenants must know their responsibilities and fulfil them completely to move out of a rental property without dispute.

After reading the lease agreement, discuss your plans to move with the landlord and serve them the notice to end the tenancy properly.

Streamline Tasks With Checklists

Checklists are one of the best ways to outline your tasks and sort them according to importance and urgency. Besides making checklists for moving, packing, changing address and other crucial tasks, make a complete end of lease cleaning checklist.

Bond cleaning is different from regular house cleaning, which is why it requires discipline, attention and quality tools/products. When performing DIY bond cleaning, the list comes in handy, but if you take the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast, they will use their own checklist.

Know When To Hire Professional Cleaners

A landlord cannot legally make you hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean the rental property before moving out. According to the Residential Tenancies Act, tenants should keep and leave the leased house/unit reasonably clean and return it as it was at the start of the lease agreement.

Thus, the landlord or previous tenant hired end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast to sanitise the property before your tenancy; you are obligated to do the same.

Ask your landlord to share the copy of the receipt shared by the cleaners that sanitised the property. This step is crucial for verification and knowing what tasks were performed to help you hire the right cleaners.

For example, if the previous tenant paid professionals for bond cleaning, pest control and carpet cleaning, then you have to hire end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast offering these services to get your bond back in full.

Empty Property Before Cleaning

Since you need to sanitise and disinfect every nook and cranny of the rental property during a bond clean, it is essential to move your belongings from it before starting the process.

If you plan to hire professional cleaners, this step is important because most reputed cleaners refuse to perform end of lease cleaning Gold Coast unless you guarantee the rental property will empty on the job date. You can also void the bond back guarantee if your belongings are on the premises when the cleaners.

Prefer Local Cleaners

Find end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast near you to choose reliable professionals with a good market reputation. Booking local cleaners is beneficial because the professionals know what landlords in the area expect from a bond clean, increasing your chances of getting a complete bond refund.

It is easier for you to visit their registered office, verify the cleaners, help a local business grow and get quality services at affordable prices. Additionally, local bond cleaning experts strive harder to maintain their business name, making them more credible and friendly.

Book Cleaner Early

Don’t wait until the last week to book an end of lease cleaning service in Gold Coast, especially during peak moving seasons. Since you need to get quotes from multiple companies and choose cleaners wisely, rushing the process is never ideal.

Therefore, start looking for bond cleaners at least six weeks before moving and book them as early as possible. This way, a significant task is taken care of, and you can focus on other important packing and moving-related chores.

The Bottom Line

You can have several sleepless nights due to the stress and pressure of house moving and ending a tenancy. To mitigate these issues, plan and prepare for everything and move out of a rental property without losing your bond or getting in dispute with your landlord.

Hire experienced end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast to lighten your burden. Additionally, follow the tips and insights shared above to vacate a leased property without hiccups.